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2nd Quarter

Physical Education News Letter Mr. Lesser

Staying Active

I think it is very important as parents or Guardians that we play with our children to develop a good relationship.  And getting exercise while doing so is an added bonus.  So, if you are looking for a good activity to play, ask your kids about “Ice Cream Tag” and have a blast!


Health Tip

Eating healthy is so important for you and your children.  Eating healthy helps to build and strengthen bones, muscles, and tendons and also regulate body processes, such as blood pressure.  Eating healthy also can lower your risk of developing a range of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease etc.  So remember that you are making choices for you and your children and it will affect them for the rest of their lives.  

Balance your diet and try to get as many vegetables and fruits as you can.  Also, moderation is the key.  No need to stuff yourselves full.  


Second Quarter Preview

Primary:  We will continue learning how to work with each other, good teamwork and good sportsmanship while also learning all the different locomotor skills (i.e. running, jumping, etc.)


Intermediate: During the second quarter we will be learning the skills for bowling and Volleyball.  During those games we will be looking for good teamwork and sportsmanship.


Parent Reminder

Students are expected to dress appropriately (sneakers, comfortable clothes, no earrings that dangle past earlobes).  If a parent wants their child to wear earrings that do hang past the earlobe, then they just need to send a note in to me stating that they allow their child to wear those earrings.  If student is not prepared, it can effect their grade if it happens 3 or more times in a quarter.



Any time you would like to contact me about a concern, or if you have a question or just want to communicate…you can reach me at my work email at jlesser@basdschools.org.

Thanks so much