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We at JBES wish you and your family the most warm and
relaxing holiday season in 2017! We recognize that this can be
a highly stressful time for parents and grandparents too.
Society has placed demands upon us that sometimes we are not
able to deliver—demands on our time, demands on our money,
and the demand that we give our children the newest gadget.
As adults we realize that “things” make us happy as we are
wishing for them or anticipating them, but usually as soon
as they are in our grasp they lose their luster.
You are encouraged to take back your luster, your inner glow or
find it if you never grasped it. Relax your holiday agenda, put
down the list and have hot chocolate with the kids. Watch a
movie at home with gratitude—knowing that many in the world
do not have a movie or even a home. Then, really feel good by
doing good.
Find a special place to use your unique talents. Bake for senior
citizens, volunteer at a nursing home, or take flowers to
someone who is hospitalized. Get a dog and train him/her to be
a therapy dog. Shovel the block with your kids.
These are the reasons for our seasons.
Lori Skripek, school counselor