Hello Marvine School Community,

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! We are all excited to have your children back at school and I am looking forward to being a part of the Marvine community! Although this school year is starting with many changes, we will continue to offer different opportunities for all of our families while focusing on your child’s education. Please help us in making this the best school year ever!

Thank you!

Hola, Comunidad de la Escuela Marvine.

     Bienvenidos al año escolar 2018-2019! Todos estamos ansiosos de tener a sus hijos(a) de regreso a la escuela y estoy muy contento de ser parte de la comunidad de la Escuela Marvine. A pesar de que este año escolar va a empezar con muchos cambios, continuaremos ofreciendo diferentes oportunidades para todas nuestras familias, mientras nos enfocamos en la educación de sus hijos(a). Por favor, ayúdenos a hacer de este año uno de los mejores.

Muchas gracias

Eric Fontanez

Principal, Marvine Elementary School

Wells Fargo volunteers came out to put up new playground equipment and picnic tables, paint our playground and outdoor walkway, and provide us with a new sound system. Thank you so much to our generous community partners!!!

Leadership Day brought parents, family, and community members together to share presentations, projects, and activities highlighting leadership qualities.

The Marvine Community Festival was a huge success!

Marvine students and teachers worked hard to present our latest drama production of “The Lion King.”

Marvine’s “Wax Museum” was a huge success! Fifth graders presented information from biographies they had read, while dressing as the subject of their biography. Each grade came to visit the museum, along with parents and family members.

Challenge 5: Strive for Less than Five
The Challenge 5 attendance initiative focuses on both community-based and school-based strategies to encourage all kids to strive for less than five absences – excused or unexcused – all year.  Challenge 5 provides both attendance incentives, as well as the unifying theme for agencies and community partners. To learn more about Challenge 5, visit United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley at   http://www.unitedwayglv.org/see-the-impact/education/attendance-awareness.