BASD Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools, Barbara Clymer, Honored with Gertrude E. Kopf Award of Recognition

Bethlehem Area School District Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools, Barbara Clymer, was recently honored with the Gertrude E. Kopf Award of Recognition by the Pennsylvania Association of Education Office Professionals. 

The Gertrude E. Kopf Award of Recognition began in 1981 with the first award given in 1983. This award is presented to honor a PAEOP member who has contributed outstanding service to education through the performance of their duties/responsibilities in an educational office.

Below is the recommendation given to Barbara by Bethlehem Area School District Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Joseph J. Roy.

“I am pleased to recommend Barbara Clymer for the Gertrude E. Kopf Award of Recognition from the PA Association of Educational Office Professionals. Barbara has served as my executive assistant during my entire tenure as superintendent over the past nine school years. During her thirty years serving in the Bethlehem Area School District, Barbara began as a clerk in the Human Resources Office, moved to be the administrative assistant to the Associate Superintendent, and for the past decade has served in the Office of the Superintendent.

“Barbara is a shining example of an outstanding, talented, dedicated educational office professional for many reasons – but particularly so for the following three reasons. First and foremost, Barbara treats all people with the utmost respect, kindness and compassion. Second, Barbara’s technical skills and initiative are top notch in all areas of our office operations. Finally, Barbara takes great pride in her work and in the work and reputation of our district. Please allow me to address each of these.

“Barbara’s compassion and kindness for others has had a transformative impact on the climate of our district office building. Through her willingness to listen, problem solve and help her colleagues with both professional and personal issues, she has earned the respect, love and gratitude of her peers. At the same time, through her collaboration with another of our outstanding administrative assistants (PAEOP member, Charisse Pfeiffer), Barbara initiates, plans and carries out many team building and morale boosting activities for the 75 or so employees in our district office. From holiday meals to wiffle ball games to trips to our local minor league baseball team – Barbara leads the way in building a positive culture in our building.

Barbara with her BASD Team!

“Barbara’s technical skills and personal initiative also make her a great candidate for the Gertrude E. Kopf Award. Barbara is amazing with the running of the superintendent’s office in one of the largest districts in the state. She manages every aspect of compiling board agendas for our four committee meetings and our regular monthly meeting using our online BoardDocs tool. Barbara maintains excellent relations and communications with our school board members. Over time, she has learned the most effective communication tools for each board member and personalizes how they receive information based on their preferences.

“Barbara’s work in our expanded marketing and public relations efforts has been superb. Barbara initiated and produces a weekly district e-News using Adobe Spark that is read by several thousand people. Over the past three years, Barbara has taken on new and exciting responsibilities serving as our central liaison for our district’s marketing and public relations efforts. In this role, she coordinates the work of the person we have contracted with to handle district social media accounts as well as the work of our video production person. Barbara also coordinated the process for the development of our new district logo and the work with a local marketing group. Our district has received multiple awards from the PA School Public Relations Association (PASPRA) for the work the Barbara collaborated on and coordinated.

Charisse Pfeiffer, Barbara Clymer, and Rita Blaik (Southern Lehigh SD)

“Finally, Barbara’s pride in her work and her pride in the district set her apart from her peers. She always represents the district in a positive manner whether she is calming an upset parent or interacting with the CEO a major health network. Barbara’s pride in her work and our district plays a tremendous role in building a positive image of the district throughout our community.

“Having attending the Bethlehem Area School District and having worked in the district for many years, Barbara is well known and widely respected. I have never met anyone inside the district or in the community who does not love Barbara Clymer. Her personal attributes of kindness and compassion carryover to her performance as my executive assistant which then leads to her significant positive contribution to how our community views the district.

Sheri Moyer presented Award to Barbara Clymer

“Barbara’s professional life and much of her personal life are committed to outstanding service to education. She would be a wonderful person to honor the work of Gertrude Kopf. I urge you to select her for this recognition.”


Joseph J. Roy, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools