Op-ed by BASD Superintendent Dr. Joseph J. Roy: “BASD Doesn’t Benefit From Charter Schools”

In an op-ed in the Morning Call, Ana Meyers (a paid political advocate for charter schools) made several misleading or flat out wrong assertions that are contradicted by the facts. I want to respond to just one of those assertions because it is so intentionally misleading that the general public deserves to know the truth.

 BASD pays out nearly $30 million a year to charter schools.  Yet, Ms. Meyers amazingly claims that somehow the district benefits financially from charter schools!! Her actual comment:

“What they (Superintendents Roy and Parker) also failed to mention is that school districts actually benefit financially from every student who chooses a charter school because they get to pocket 25% of a student’s per-pupil allocation…These are taxpayer dollars that a district gets to keep even though they don’t have any responsibility for educating these students.
This is simply untrue. With charter school tuition costs driving up property taxes in school districts across the state, it’s frankly shocking to me that Ms. Meyer would claim districts benefit financially from charters. 
Here are the numbers – For the 2018-2019 school year, BASD received just shy of $73.8 million ($4,500 per student) from the state as reimbursement for basic education costs, transportation, facilities, and special education, among other things.
To be clear, in 2018-2019 BASD received $4,500 per student from the state and paid a per student tuition to charter schools of roughly $11,000 per student for a regular education student and $23,000 per student for special education students. 
The assertion that BASD benefits financially from students attending charter schools is blatantly untrue. 
The next time you hear a charter advocate assert that districts benefit financially from charters, please fact-check them with the above numbers.