Congratulations to Three Brand New BASD Eagle Scouts!

Congratulations to three Bethlehem Area School District students who were recently honored in a recent Eagle Court of Honor event, recognizing them as Eagle Scouts.

Congratulations to Steven Basic, Reynaldo Nazario, and Angel Herrera and their incredible accomplishments! 

This is the first time that Scout Reach has had the honor of celebrating three Eagle Scouts and is the first for Troop 899, which is based at Northeast Middle School.

Below are the speeches prepared by each student and someone representing them.

Steven Basic
Scouting has changed my life in many ways for the better. The biggest change that Scouting has provided is my confidence and social skills.

When I first started in Scouts I was a quiet boy that hardly spoke. Now I am a young man who is outspoken and is a socially aware individual that is willing to extend a helping to those in need.

The social skills that I have learned in Scouting have made me a trustworthy and loyal friend to my Scouting family and friends I have made along the way.

Carrie Basic
My son Steven Andrew Basic has worked very hard in scouts since he was in the first grade at Freemansburg Elementary. Steven has learned so many life qualities; he is a true Eagle Scout.

He beams with honor; I tell him all the time “Scouts have really changed you”, he is more confident and caring. He wants to help everyone because that is what Scouts do.

I know it takes a village to raise a child but, my child was raised with the help of his Scouting family. I thank Mrs.Diaspe everyday for all she has done to guide my son.

Reynaldo Nazario
Scouting has changed my life in a big way. I have met so many people along my Scouting path. I have been influenced by such good!

I sometimes wonder what if I had left the program, I would never have meet these people, or swim in a lake, be on a Scout brochure, gone white water wafting or be an Eagle Scout today. Scouting has influence me to be a good young man, who has never been in trouble with drugs or gangs.

Everlyn Valitine
My son Reynaldo has never been a bad boy; he never gave me any problems. He has been more confident, and I see that he has been more of a leader. He likes getting involved in band, dancing and loves music. I am proud of him because he did a lot at school and never quit Scouts. He loved being with the boys and the leaders worked with him to reach Eagle. It makes me very happy to see all that Scouts has done for him.

Angel Herrera
Thanks to Scouting I’ve learned so much about myself and serving my community and putting others first. Scouting has also taught me good work ethics and morals which today has greatly impacted my life. Learning good outdoor skills like outdoor cooking, starting a fire, first aid and citizenship.
The best thing that I can take away from Scouting is the family values, good friends and togetherness. The friends that I have made in Scouting are my family, for this I’m thankful.

Marggie Bernard
Angel is the best nephew anyone can ask for. He is my family, my joy. I’m very proud of him and all that he has accomplished during his time in Scouting.

Angel was a shy boy who was very soft spoken, he was never a follower but, he observed everything. He loved being a part of Scouts with Mrs. Diaspe she did a great job working with him.

I remember when I heard him read a speech at a Scouting event last year, I cried, I wish his mother could have seen the Eagle Scout he became, the young man standing brave and tall.

The Scouting program made Angel into the person he is today, thank you.