“Hat Not Hate” Anti-Bullying Campaign Combines Knitting, Community, and Communication

Hundreds of blue hats in all sorts of styles, shapes, and sizes adorned the heads of students at Donegan Elementary and Broughal Middle schools this week as part of the “Hat Not Hate” anti-bullying campaign.

Donegan Elementary School alum, and owner of Brooklyn Boy Knits, Louis Boria, teamed up with the owner of The Kitter’s Edge yarn shop in Bethlehem, Joanne Turcotte, to break the barriers of stereotypes and bullying and promote inclusion through his “Hat Not Hate” Campaign.

Thanks to Turcotte and all her wonderful patrons contributing to the “Hat Not Hate” campaign, they have received well over 1,400 hand-knitted and crocheted hats.

Donegan Elementary School Assistant Principal, Daniel Garcia

In addition to the hats that were donated by so many throughout the country and beyond, Boria and Turcotte brought along a team of volunteers from The Knitter’s Edge to help with the distribution of the hats to students.