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There has been a reported case of chickenpox at Broughal Middle School. Chickenpox can be a serious illness both in children and adults.

A vaccine that can prevent chickenpox (varicella vaccine) is now available and has been shown to be safe for children who are older than 12 months of age. Most children who attend public school should have been vaccinated; however, if your child has not been vaccinated, he/she should be vaccinated as soon as possible. Those individuals who are immunocompromised or pregnant are at greater risk of complications and should seek medical consultation. We would like to recommend that you contact your regular health care provider as soon as possible to discuss the use of the varicella vaccine.

If your child develops chickenpox, he/she should be kept from attending school or social gatherings until the rash has crusted over and no new lesions have appeared.

We thank you for your cooperation and urge you to contact the Bethlehem Health Bureau at 610-865-7087 if you have questions regarding the vaccine.

Thank you,

Mr. Amato