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Hello, this is Ms Hilton, Principal of Farmersville Elementary School with important information about our first day of school.
Students will return to school on TUESDAY, August 30th.
Our morning bell rings at 8:55 AM.  The late bell is at 9:05 AM.
I encourage students to ride their assigned school bus, to and from school, whenever possible.
For those parents who must drop off their child, please remember to follow our Drop Off procedures which can be found on our school website, the PTA handbook and attached to the email accompanying this call.

Students are dismissed to their buses at 3:40 PM.
PARENTS MUST PROVIDE A NOTE TO THEIR CHILD’S HOMEROOM TEACHER IF THEY ARE NOT RIDING THE BUS.  Parents picking their children up will enter the gymnasium to retrieve their child.
Again, it is imperative that parents provide a written note explaining alternate dismissal procedures.  If no note is provided, students will be placed on their assigned bus.  If something changes during the school day, PARENTS MUST NOTIFY THE MAIN OFFICE by calling 610-868-0471 and/or faxing a note to 610-807-5980.

To our Kindergarten families, I want to reassure you that your children are in good hands.  We will have many extra helpers the first week to help your child to and from their classroom, at lunch, and during dismissal.  They will be fine.  Please remember to put their name tags on!

We have an exciting first week planned! I know the kids will have a great day back!
Here’s to another exciting school year!
See you all soon.
Ms Hilton