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Bethlehem Area School District is piloting an alternative report card in 6th and 9th grade Science and Social Studies classes. This alternative report card represents our primary aim: to improve our communication about student achievement towards learning goals with you. As you review, please notice there are now multiple grades assigned within each course. In addition to your student’s achievement grade, there is a grade for responsibility and another grade for classroom engagement (we call these Academic Support Factors).  By offering separate grades  in this way, you are provided a more accurate and comprehensive picture of what your student is accomplishing in school– and more specific direction to make improvements if needed.


With the goal of improving our communication to parents about student’s progress toward learning goals, we hope you find this additional detail helpful. We are conducting a survey to gather stakeholder feedback and evaluate the progress of this alternative reporting structure. We ask all parents of 6th and 9th grade students to complete this survey by February 10, 2023 : https://www.research.net/r/BASDPilot .