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Dear Parents & Guardians,

We have noticed a dramatic increase in our students reporting tardy to school & homeroom in the past few weeks. We have sent this email below to your child to make sure they know the changes which are occurring tomorrow. The most significant one is that we will begin automatic phone calling to you if your child is tardy without a medical excuse. This phone call will begin at 11 am each day. This will not affect students who are bussed by BASD Transportation each day.

We have found that more students are crossing into school at 8:13 am, but need to be in homeroom by that time. Please make sure you are dropping your child off at school by 8:05 am so they are not tardy to school. By aiming for 8:05 am instead of 8:13 am, you can make sure your child is on time for homeroom.

If your child needs assistance getting to school on time, please contact your child’s counselor:

Mr. Kehler 6th Grade (bkehler@basdschools.org)

Mrs. Hipp 7th Grade (khipp@basdschools.org)

Mrs. Litak 8th Grade (mlitak@basdschools.org)

Thank you.

Mr. Mayes & Mr. Horlick


Email to Students:

Dear Students,

Starting on Monday, December 10, 2018, our automatic phone system will call your parents if you are tardy to school. This is very similar to the phone calls that go out to parents when you are marked absent.
We have observed a steady increase in students tardy to homeroom.
It is expected that you are physically in your homeroom no later than 8:13 am, not just crossing through the front doors at 8:13 am.
This means that you should be arriving at school closer to when the doors open at 8:05 am or coming inside for breakfast at 7:45 am or going to the library for extra homework time starting at 7:30 am.
After the winter holidays, we will begin to enforce tardiness to homeroom if you are arriving late. We use the morning music as a hint to help you keep moving to homeroom quickly so we can begin our day.
If you need help or are running into problems getting to school on time, please see your guidance counselor ASAP for assistance. We are happy to help if you are following the first habit of “Be Proactive” by asking for help before you are facing consequences with tardiness.
Thank you.
Mr. Mayes & Mr. Horlick