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Dear Parents & Guardians,

In the past month, we have seen an increase in the use and carrying of e-cigarettes and vaping products, such as JUUL, with our students. This is an increasing trend across the United States and certainly in all middle and high schools. Nitschmann Middle School is no exception and we must continue to address this public health issue head-on.

We have attached a flyer to this email regarding the most popular type of e-cigarette/vaping called JUUL. This will give you some additional information if this is a new topic for you. I encourage you to talk with your child about vaping and its dangerous health risks for developing adolescents. In addition, I would suggest you check out news, articles, and videos online for more information. All students will be receiving additional instruction in Health classes over the next 30 days.

Any students who are caught using or carrying e-cigarettes, vaping pens, or any other illegal substances/products on school property will be punished severely under the Code of Conduct. We must do this to enforce our school as a safe learning environment for all students.

If you discover that your child is using e-cigarettes or vaping, we strongly encourage you to contact us or your child’s counselor immediatly for assistance with our Student Assistance Program (SAP) to access support services to help your child.

Thank you.

Mr. Mayes, Principal (pmayes@basdschools.org)

Mr. Horlick, Assistant Principal (bhorlick@basdschools.org)

Mrs. Litak, Grade 8 Counselor (mlitak@basdschools.org)

Mrs. Hipp, Grade 7 Counselor (khipp@basdschools.org)

Mr. Kehler, Grade 6 Counselor (bkehler@basdschools.org)

Juul Flyer