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Dear Parents & Guardians,

Attached is our Weekly Sunday Update, which can be found at the link or text below.

Thank you.

Mr. Mayes & Mr. Horlick

2019_4_28_Parent Weekly Email

This Week’s Major Headlines


  • PSSA exams continue THIS WEEK.
  • Monday, April 29, 2019 @ 8:30am Math PSSA Exam
  • Tuesday, April 30, 2019 @ 8:30am Math PSSA Exam
  • Wednesday, May 1, 2019 @ 8:30am Science PSSA Exam (8th grade only)
  • Thursday, May 2, 2019 @ 8:30am Science PSSA Exam (8th grade only)
  • Please help our NPG celebrate our teachers & staff next week with our annual NPG Luncheon!
  • Girls who want to attend the SHEs UNSTOPPABLE Conference at Broughal on Saturday can register online or on Friday at lunch.
  • We wish Mr. Kocon good luck this week as he and his wife prepare for the birth of their new baby! Mr. Kocon will be out for the remainder of the 2018-2019 school year.  Mr. Valle will be filling for him for the remainder of the year.


Parent & Student Weekly Email

Nitschmann Middle School Weekly Update

Sunday, April 28, 2019, to Sunday, May 5, 2019

Home of the Nitschmann Nation!

All of this information can be viewed at our

Nitschmann Middle School Website  under Weekly Announcements (Click Here!)

Attachments to Review


Upcoming Dates to Be Proactive!

(All dates are listed from our NMS Website, BASD Event Calendar, & BASD Academic Calendar)

4/29-30 PSSA Math Exams; 5/2-3 PSSA Science Exams; 5/15-16 Keystone Exams; 5/27 Memorial Day – Schools Closed; 5/30 8th Grade Track Meet @ LHS; 5/31 8th Grade Dance @ Ice House; 6/3 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony 6pm; 6/4 8th Grade Trip to Hershey Park; 6/7 Last Day of School & End of 4th Quarter

Weekly Schedule & Highlights

Monday, 4/29/19 Day 5 PSSA MATH EXAM SCHEDULE

Tuesday, 4/30/19 Day 6 PSSA MATH EXAM SCHEDULE

Wednesday, 5/1/19 Day 1 PSSA SCIENCE EXAM SCHEDULE (8th Grade Only)

Thursday, 5/2/19 Day 2 PSSA SCIENCE EXAM SCHEDULE (8th Grade Only); Special Olympics @ LHS

Friday, 5/3/19 Day 3

Saturday, 5/4/19

Sunday, 5/5/19


Upcoming Weekly Schedule & Highlights

Staff Appreciation Week

Monday, 5/6/19 Day 4 Spring Choral Concert 7pm

Tuesday, 5/7/19 Day 5 National Teacher Day (NPG Luncheon for Staff)

Wednesday, 5/8/19 Day 6 National Nurses Day, Spring Orchestra Concert 7pm

Thursday, 5/9/19 Day 1 Martin Tower Demolition Meeting 6pm (Open to Public)

Friday, 5/10/19 Day 2 8th Grade Food Festival

Saturday, 5/11/19

Sunday, 5/12/19 Mother Day


BASD Dining Services Menu & Website https://bethlehemareasd.sodexomyway.com/landing/mid


PE/Health Schedule (Villani, Long, Weinert)

ALL CLASSES will be in gym during PSSA Testing. 4/29-4/30 due to the modified schedule. Students will NOT have to change for class these 2 days.

                 Mr. Villani’s 6th and 7th grade students will start back in health Day 1, Wednesday May 1st while Mrs. Long and Ms. Weinert’s classes are in the gym.

    ***   Now that the weather is getting warmer, make sure all students are changing their entire outfits for PE class as we start to go outside on the turf. Due to health concerns, students who are not changed for class will not be able to participate and their grades will be impacted


Recent Nitschmann News! (Always posted on our Social Media sites too!)

Twitter @NitschmannMS; Facebook @NitschmannMiddleSchool; Instagram@BASDNitschmannMS; NMS School Website; YouTube


Is your child sick?  You can submit your child’s sick note by email to ni-attendance@basdschools.org, as long as the email on your child’s account matches the email address. Please note: If you are submitting a written or doctor’s note do not submit an email.  It should be one or the other. Please keep your email address up-to-date by emailing our Student Services Guidance Secretary Mrs. Scott at sscott@basdschools.org! Please note that this is ONLY for sick notes, not for early release or any other questions!


School-wide Announcements

BASD E-News (Dr. Roy)  The BASD e-News is designed to highlight BASD student and staff achievements and share events and activities going on in the BASD and the Lehigh Valley. It is our hope that you find it informative. The latest edition, which spotlights Governor Wolf Elementary School Staff members who are Built by Bethlehem, is available to view at BASD e-News April 26, 2019, Edition.


PSSA Exams (Mayes) Please review the information that was sent home with all students last week about the upcoming PSSA Exams. This information was also posted online at https://bit.ly/2CrZp4f. Exams begin on April 23, 2019.


Bethlehem Police Department Junior Police Academy (Officer Yerk) Are interested in learning more about you local police department.  Are you interested in exploring a career in Law Enforcement? Consider attending the 2019 Junior Police Academy. The Academy is free and runs during the day (Monday – Friday)  from June 10th to June 21st. It is held at Northeast Middle School. Attendees will be shown demonstrations from the Bethlehem Police Department and other criminal justice related entities.  There will also be fun activities that promote team building. If you are interested in attending please see with Officer Yerk for an application form. Space is limited and applications are due by May 20th.  If there are any additional questions please speak with Officer Yerk.


5th Grade Instrumental Band and Orchestra Auditions:  Check with your elementary teacher for details.


  • May 13 – Asa Packer (tentative)
  • May 15 – Clearview
  • May 16 – Calypso
  • May 23 – Hanover
  • May 24 – James Buchanan



Nitschmann Color Guard try-outs


  • Practices – May 13-17, 22, 4-5 pm Nitschmann band room
  • Try-outs – May 23 & 24, 4-5 pm Nitschmann band room


Nitschmann Parent Group (NPG) -Follow us on Twitter!@NitschmannPG


Executive Committee

Pres. – Erin Coughlin ecogs76@gmail.com

VP – Deb Clark clark70g@msn.com

Treasurer –

Secretary / Volunteer Coordinator – Kimberly Marcantonio JK0359@HOTMAIL.com

PAC Representatives

1) Amy Wuertele

2) Therese Gyauch


Academic Team Updates

Team Lafayette (6th) (Twitter @NMSLafayette) Our Peaceable Kingdom collection is coming to an end.   Please let your homeroom teacher know if you and your child plan on going to Peaceable Kingdom on Sat. May 4th at 5 PM to drop off our donations. We need to give them a head count.  Mid-Quarter is coming up already so be sure to check Home Access Center for missing assignments and get those in ASAP. Math PSSA testing will take place Monday & Tuesday. Good luck Team Lafayette. Work hard and do your best!


Team Lehigh (6th) (Twitter @NMSTeamLehigh)    We continue with Math PSSA’s on Monday and Tuesday this week. We ask that  everyone gets a good night’s sleep and eats a healthy breakfast on our PSSA test dates. Believe it or not we are almost at the 4th Mid-quarter. We encourage everyone to be on the Home Access Center checking grades and seeing if there is anything they need to/can do.  The end of the year will be here before you know it.  Finish Strong!!!.

Team Moravian (6th) – (Twitter @NMSTeam Moravian and Facebook@NMSTeamMoravian) Stay on top of your grades by visiting Home Access Center regularly!  Make sure you are following your math checklist and keeping up with due dates. In Social Studies, students are exploring Greece through stations.  All stations have been added to HAC and are due on April 30th. Please check HAC to see the assignments that still need to be completed.


Team Kutztown (7th) (Twitter @TeamKutztown) Team – This week our students will be taking the Math PSSAs on Monday & Tuesday.  Please make sure that they have had a good breakfast and arrive to school well-rested.  In addition, information was sent home with students on Friday about the upcoming 7th grade Bike & Boat Trip.  Our team will be going on the trip either Wednesday May 15th, Thursday May 16th, or Friday May 17th. Your child was informed about the specific day that he or she will be going.  In addition to information about the trip, there are two papers that need to be completed, signed, and returned to your child’s homeroom teacher. Students WILL NOT be allowed to go on the trip unless the papers are submitted.  If there are any questions, please contact Mr. Hess at jhess@basdschools.org.  

ELA (Mr. Falteich) – This week students will continue their study of poetry. Using the narrative poem, “The Highwayman” as a springboard, the students will identify and learn figures of speech and poetic sound devices.  They should have already submitted their poem for their poetry project. They must now learn to recite their chosen poem and

apply as many poetic terms to their selection as they can.  I am available for extra help most days next week. Additionally, the Lesson 15 vocabulary homework is due on Thursday, May 2.  Science (Mr. Pearson) – Students will continue learning about the process of photosynthesis.  They will be completing an online lab where they will investigate how various factors such as the intensity & color of light, the temperature, and the amount of carbon dioxide affect the rate of photosynthesis.

Team Penn State (7th) Follow us on social media!! (Twitter @NMSPennState) (Facebook @NMSTeamPennState) (Instagram pennstatenms) Have your child return the blue forms (2) regarding the bike and boat trip( scheduled in early May) by Monday to homeroom teacher.  ELA – Periods 1, 2 & 5 will complete the novel, Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie. There will be a final test on Thursday, May 2nd. Periods 7 & 8 will work on the application essay for their argumentative presentation project based on an occupation of their choice.  SCIENCE-Students are in the process of writing a formal lab report documenting their investigation “where in the school are the most microbes?” We will be swabbing areas in the school on Tuesday and the final lab submission will be due May 6, Monday evening on schoology. READING- Period one is reading Animal Farm and Periods 2, 5,7,8 are reading The Giver. Students will explore character development. Book reviews are due May 17    MATH – Students in periods 1,2,5 and 7 are working on the geometry unit.  Period 8 is working on data analysis. All students are reminded that they need to remember their calculators this week for Math PSSA testing on 4/29 and 4/30.  SOCIAL STUDIES- The South America webquest days 2,3 and 4 are all due Monday 4/8.

Team East Stroudsburg (8th) (Twitter @NMSTeamESU)  We will be taking PSSA math and science tests this week. Please make sure your student is getting plenty of rest and good food to fuel their efforts. Friday we will have a team celebration with a Play Day during period 7 and 8. Remember to get your Hershey money and forms turned in.  All money and permission forms need to be handed in by this Friday, May 3 History class will be moving through Westward Expansion as we bound  toward the United States Civil War. Period 3 and 7 reading classes will continue reading Fahrenheit 451.  Period 1 and 5 classes will continue reading The Contender. Period 8 will continue reading Curveball.


Team Northampton (8th) (Twitter @TeamSpartanNMS) –   History classes will be looking into Industrial Expansion and Reform as it leads up to the Civil War.  Students will also be sharing their Adobe Spark Graphics district wide on Andrew Jackson. Students are required to have their HEADPHONES daily.  Reading classes are continuing our unit on fiction. In periods 1,5,7,8 we have set up an Adobe Spark web page to use in conjunction with our new novel, Curveball. My period 3 class is continuing to read and analyze Fahrenheit 451. We have started reading Part 3. Algebra 1 classes will continue to work on Quadratic Function properties and PSSA review.   Math 8th students will continue to work on PSSA review (Volume, Surface Area, Ratios, Proportions and Probability.. In ELA classes, the final drafts of our argumentative essays are due Sunday, April 28 at 8 pm. This week will be begin our public speaking unit! .   HERSHEY Park forms and money are NOW BEING COLLECTED – ONLY 5 more school days to get it in!    NO MONEY WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS FRIDAY, May 3rd. Students have had 4 months to take care of business.  Our team is asking every student to bring in a baby/toddler picture for an end of the year event.  Please put the picture in a sealed envelope with the name of your child on it.  We will get the picture back to you the next day. If you picture is digital, please email thood@basdschools.org with the name your child in the topic line of the email.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mrs. Hood.  Thank you!


Counseling Corner (Kehler, Litak, Hipp) Pinebrook Family Answers will be hosting a FREE support group for Grandparents parenting grandchildren called Second Time Around. This group will allow grandparent caregivers to have an opportunity to gain valuable information while building peer support and exchanging ideas and information. Weekly, 90 minute meeting will begin shortly.  402 North Fulton Street, Allentown PA, 18102.

Call Now to reserve your spot. (610) 432-3919  ext. 4040.

Student Services Updates None at this time.


Extracurricular Activities

Is your child interested in an after-school club or activity? Email the advisor for more information!

AM Basketball Open Gym (Mayes) Basketball each Tuesday & Thursday morning at 7:15am. Don’t be late!

Anime Club (Advisors Ms. Fehr/Mrs. Wallach)  Our next meeting is May 20 in the library. Bring your drawing/art supplies.

Art Club (Advisors Mrs. Kozero/Mrs. Lund) None at this time.

Band front/Color Guard – Information can be found under Performing Arts Department Updates

Artsmart @ Banana Factory (Advisor Mrs. Lare)  Art Smart classes have ended for the spring term, but student work will be on display in Studio 104 during the Southside Arts & Music Festival on Saturday, May 4, from 1 – 7 p.m.  Be sure to stop by the festival to see Nitschmann students’ work as well as experience all of the opportunities to listen, watch, experiment, discover and create all over the South Side. Great for families! Student work will be on display until May 31 and will be returned to students by June 7.

Cheerleading (Advisor Mrs. Long) All 6th and 7th graders interested in trying out for the 2019-2020 season: Tryout practices are the week of May 20th from 3-5 in the Auxiliary Gym. Pick up an informational packet from Mrs. Long if you did not already. The intramural form must be signed and returned on the first day of try out practice or you may not participate in practice. Also, please be sure to have a copy of your latest report card.

Dance Team (Advisor Ms. Sierra) Dance Team wrap up practice Wednesday until 4. Celebration Thursday May 2- until 5:30.


German Club (Advisor Ms. Schwartz) None at this time

Heart & Sole Club (Advisor Mrs. Fehr/Ms. Weinert) None at this time.


Fitness Club ( Advisor Mrs. Oliver)  Come get fit after school in the Fitness Lab from 3:05-3:45 Monday thru Thursday.  Mondays and Wednesdays we focus on Core workouts and Tuesday and Thursday we focus on Cardio.

FCS/DIY Club (Advisor Mrs. Hoffman) None at this time.

French Club (Advisor Mrs. Lare)  Thanks to all students and parents who attended and contributed to the French displays at the recent International Night.

French Trip to Quebec (Advisor Mr.s Lare) –  Madame Lare has a couple items that were left behind. If your child is missing something from the trip, please contact Madame Lare at alare@basdschools.org


French – 8th grade students were thrilled to receive letters from a middle school in the south of France and have been working hard on writing letters back in both French and English.


Intramurals (Advisor Mr. Ortwein) None at this time

Leadership Council (Advisor Mrs. Ellis) Leadership Council is sponsoring a canned food drive. Send in your donations by February 13th!

Lion Service Club (Advisor Mrs. McLaughlin) None at this time.


Lion’s Pride (online school newspaper)  (Advisor Ms. Bouhana/Ms. Dentith) We will have our weekly after school meeting this upcoming Wednesday in room 201, and will meet in Ms. Bouhana’s room during activity period on Day 1. We will be working on our third and last edition. Most articles have been assigned already, but we still have some to discuss. All members MUST attend. If you are interested in joining the Newspaper team, speak to Ms. Bouhana or Ms. Dentith about applying. Lion’s Pride Second Edition can be viewed by clicking the link below. Lion’s Pride Second Edition


Mathcounts (Advisor Ms. Novatnak)  Congratulations on a great year.  See everyone in the fall!

National Junior Honor Society  (Advisors Mrs. Wallach/Mrs. Druckenmiller) (Twitter-@Njhs_Nistchmann; Instagram- @Njhs_Nistchmann ) Our next meeting is May 1 after school only. We will be reviewing procedures for Special Olympics and getting our t-shirts to wear to the event. If you can’t make it to the meeting, you must come see me to go over details and get your shirt.

Nitschmann Dramatics (Advisor Mrs. Hriniak)  Thank you to everyone who performed at Cops n Kids!  Our last cleaning day is this Wednesday. Rose Garden event is June 15.

Nitschmann Stage Crew (Advisor Mr. Kehler) Help us replace some of the items that were damaged by donating and spreading this link around. ONLY $183.00 LEFT TO RAISE!!!


Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) (Advisor Mr. Amen)   None at this time.


Reading Olympics (Advisor – Mrs. Nonnemacher)  Thank you so much to the parents that donated for the awards / pizza party! The students had a great time! All 3 teams received a certificate and medal for participating! Awards were also given to co-captains, students who read all 45 books and 8th grade students who were in Reading Olympics all 3 years! (There were 11 of them!) After the awards were given, we also recognized our high school community service volunteers and our teacher volunteers that helped at the competition. When the awards were done, we had pizza and a few snacks and ended by playing minute to win it games! It was a well deserved night for the students after working so hard all year. We meet for the last time Wednesday, May 1st  until 5:00 P.M. One of the books on this year’s list was “Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library”. We will be watching that movie. The new book list will be out the end of May for next year. We will make an announcement in the morning announcements for students to come and pick the list up in the library when it is available. The 6th and 7th grade students can get a head start on the books for the next school year! We are on the Bethlehem Public Library website! Click on the link below!



Riding for Focus (Advisors Mr. Miller & Mr. Hess) None at this time.

The Lion’s Den School Store  (Advisors Ms. Roufakis & Mrs. Evancho) Come to visit the Lion’s Den for your Nitschmann hoodies, t-shirts, and beanies! This year we are also stocking the NMS school approved calculator for $10.  Be sure to stop and browse on your way to lunch!

Online order form….click here.  Orders will not be processed until payment is received.

Ski Club (Advisors Mr. Downey)  


Spain Trip (Advisor Ms. Bouhana) This is the last chance to sign up for our 8-Day trip to Spain in June. Trip dates are June 14 to June 21st. We will begin our journey in Barcelona and work our way to Madrid. We will get to experience an authentic flamenco lesson, as well as one of the oldest cities in the world, Toledo. All Nitschmann students and their families are welcome to join. For more trip details, or to enroll click on the following link. Spain June 2019

Spanish Club (Advisor Ms. Bouhana)  We are not meeting this Tuesday after school.

Step Team (Advisor Ms. Sierra) Team wrap up practice Tuesday until 4 and  Celebration Thursday May 2- until 5:30.


Strategy Club (Advisor Mr. Kehler) Update:  we will be expanding our hours for next year.  1 hour is just not enough time to roll some dice.  

eSports UPDATE: Over 50 student came to the informational meeting and many more were not able to make it.  If you want in, just send me a note with: your name, your favorite platform (PC, XBox, PS, etc.) and your top 3 choices for potential games.  This will most likely pick up next year, as we still need hardware, software, IT support and the like. Fear not current 8th graders, as you can still assist afterschool and maybe get community service hours for helping out.

Need some info – https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/27/us/esports-what-is-video-game-professional-league-madden-trnd/index.html

So yeah, turns out you CAN make a living (a very comfortable one) playing games.  Universities are offering scholarships even. There are plenty of reasons to support a program and get involved, and opportunities to network, learn skills and explore careers(lots of ways to earn a buck even if you don’t play).  

To see the current ranking for game tournament prize, follow the link.  https://www.esportsearnings.com/games

I am working up another project to help fund our needs for eSports which will post soon.  In the meantime, you can help and donate for other things here: https://www.donorschoose.org/B.Kehler .

Yearbook (Advisor Mrs. Ellis)

Nitschmann Middle School Performing Arts Department Updates

Nitschmann Middle School Instrumental Music Website (Click Here!)

Mr. Zettlemoyer, Instrumental Music dzettlemoyer@basdschools.org


4/29    Monday – Early morning band 7:15 AM                         

4/30    Tuesday – Early morning orchestra 7:15 AM

Woodwind & Brass Ensemble 3:05-4 pm (Click here for remaining rehearsal schedule)

5/1      Wednesday – Early Morning Jazz Band 7:15 AM        

No Day 1 rehearsal due to testing          

String Ensemble 3:05-4pm

5/2      Thursday – Early morning band 7:15 AM


5/3      Friday – Early morning orchestra 7:15 AM



 – Link to website: http://www.nmsim.org/lessons/     (Will be updated Sunday PM)

– Band Chair Audition information can be found here: http://www.nmsim.org/band/chair-audition-information/


– There are still 27 seats available for this trip.  I will take ticket requests until all the seats are sold.

– Parents and family member who would like to travel to the band’s performance at the Washington, D.C. Memorial Day Parade can purchase bus seats here, BUS SEAT REQUEST, for $40 per person.





May 6                 Choral Concert 7:00 PM (Brass & Woodwind ensemble)

May 7              Any Given Child Bethlehem (Jazz band / Blue ID shirts & Jeans) 8:10 AM

May 8                  Orchestra/Jazz Spring Concert                                     7:00 PM

May 14*      TUESDAY NIMAS Meeting at Nitschmann                   7:30 PM

May 14        Band Uniform Refit Night                                           6:00 PM

May 18       Hanover Armed Forces Day Performance (WW & Brass Ens) 10:00 AM

May 20       Spring Band Concert                                                      7:00 PM

May 23        Band uniform drop off for trip & Band uniform return   5:00 – 7:00 PM

May 26 & 27       SUNDAY & MONDAY Spring Band Trip

June 3                  Moving up ceremony – String Ensemble                    5:00 PM

June 6                  NIMAS Meeting at Nitschmann 7:30 PM



COLOR GUARD (formerly BANDFRONT) – (Advisor Mrs. Hriniak) Regular rehearsals Monday and Thursday.  Rehearsals for the spring season have begun. If you are in BOTH guard and band, your concert band day is Monday and your guard day is Thursday.   See email updates for more information. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Mark your calendar for tryouts for next year!  Tryout practices to learn the marching, equipment skills, and routines will be the week of May 13.  Actual tryout dates are May 23 and 24.

Choral Music (Twitter @ldevriesmusic)

Mrs. de Vries, Choral Music Director ldevries@basdschools.org

Mrs. Parris, Choral Music Director jparris@basdschools.org


Merchandise from International Night (small chocolates, emoji keychains,bracelets) is still available for purchase. All things are $2 or less. Profits help us buy music and fund activities. Interested students should see Mrs. de Vries.

Weekly Choral Rehearsal Schedule:

4/29  Monday-No rehearsal

4/30  Tuesday-7:15 AM Rehearsal for Glee members not in orchestra

                      3:05-4:00 PM Nitschmann Singers rehearsal

5/1    Wednesday-Rehearsal for all Glee and Singers not in jazz

5/2    Thursday-7:15 AM Rehearsal for Glee members not in band

                        3:05-4:00 PM Nitschmann Singers rehearsal

5/3    Friday- 3:05-5:00 PM Rehearsal on stage for all Glee and Singers

5/6    Monday-7:15 AM Rehearsal on stage for all Glee and Singers, including band members

                       7:00 PM Spring Choral Concert. Report to room 141 at 6:15 PM.


2018-2019 Important Choral Performance Dates:  

May 3       Spring Choral Concert rehearsal on stage from 3:05-5:00 PM

May 6       Spring Choral Concert rehearsal on stage 7:15 AM

                Spring Choral Concert at Nitschmann 7PM. Report to room 141 at 6:15 PM

May 15     Nitschmann Talent Show performance for all Glee and Singers 7PM

May 16     Performance at Liberty’s Evening of the Arts for all Glee and Singers 7PM

May 20    Nitschmann Singers sing at the Nitschmann Band Concert 7PM

June 3      8th grade moving up ceremony performance for all Glee and Singers 6PM

Lions/Lady Lions Athletics Updates (Twitter @NMS_Athletics)

Mr. Jon Ortwein, NMS Athletic Director jortwein@basdschools.org


Field Hockey (Advisor Mr. Burzynski)  Intramural practices, 3:05-5:05, Every Thursday in May; 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th.  Find out all the details at: (Originally had one Wednesday, but now all Thursdays) https://sites.google.com/s/0B-GsW8mhyYaKcGNnWWV1VmJhaFU/p/0B-GsW8mhyYaKRllzVnl0c2psakE/edit

Intersession Intramurals

Lacrosse Intramurals

Coordinator Ms. Weinert

Volleyball, Boys Intramurals

Coordinator Mr. Kocon

Winter Sports

Basketball, Boys

Head Coach Mr. Wills

Basketball, Girls

Head Coach Mr. Ortwein

Wrestling @ Liberty High School

Head Coach Mr. Klingborn (noahklingborg@gmail.com)

Spring Sports

Soccer, Boys & Girls Co-Ed

Head Coach Mr. Rodenbach

Monday 4/22 at Harrison-Morton

Wednesday 4/24 at Trexler

Friday 4/26 home vs Raub

Softball, Girls- Home games are played at NWLL off Kaywin Ave.

Monday- Broughal, home

Tues. @Northampton

Wednesday practice

Thursday Orefield, home

Friday practice

Head Coach Mr. Downey & Mr. Kocon


Mr. Peter Mayes


Nitschmann Middle School

A LEAD School, partnering with The Leader in Me

“Lions Lead the Way!”

Our Collective Vision Nitschmann Middle School is committed to cultivating a respectful community of innovative learners who are socially competent citizens ready to meet the challenges of their future.

Twitter @NitschmannMS

Facebook @NitschmannMiddleSchool

Instagram @BASDNitschmannMS,

Google+ @NitschmannMiddleSchool

Web http://basdwpweb.beth.k12.pa.us/nitschmann/

1002 West Union Blvd

Bethlehem, Pa 18018

Main Office (610) 866-5781

IMPORTANT/CONFIDENTIAL: This communication is intended solely for the confidential use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and the privileges are not waived by virtue of this having been sent by electronic mail.  If the reader of this email is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this email is strictly prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please notify me immediately & permanently delete this message including all attachments.  Thank you.