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Dear Parents & Guardians,

Attached is our Weekly Sunday Update, which can be found at the link or text below.

Thank you.

Dr. Mayes & Mr. Horlick

2019_12_15_Parent Weekly Email

This Week’s Major Headlines



  • 5th & 8th grade parents, please note the addition of transition information below. These dates and events will be posted as we prepare for the transition to NMS and LHS!
  • Looking for last-minute gifts from the Lion’s Den School Store? See ordering information below!
  • Finishing your holiday shopping on Amazon? Do the same shopping and a portion of your purchases go towards our music program! Information: http://www.nmsim.org/nimas/fundraising/ under the heading Amazon Smile!
  • Please consider signing up for our Annual 2019 Blood Drive on January 24, honoring Mrs. Ellis & Mrs. Mendez, who are battling cancer. See more information & the link to sign up below. Both Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Mendez will be out for the duration of the school year. Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers!



Parent & Student Weekly Email

Nitschmann Middle School Weekly Update, Home of the Nitschmann Nation!

Sunday, December 15, 2019, to Sunday, December 22, 2019

All of this information can be viewed at our

Nitschmann Middle School Website  under Weekly Announcements (Click Here!)



Links to Review

Schoology Directions for Parents


Upcoming Dates to Be Proactive!

All dates are listed from our NMS Website, BASD Event Calendar, & BASD Academic Calendar 

12/23-1/3/20 Christmas/Winter Break/No School; 1/20 MLK Day/No School; 1/23 End of 2nd Quarter; 2/14 Teacher In-Service/No School; 2/17 Presidents’ Day/No School; 3/8 Daylight Savings Time Begins; 3/11 11:30 Dismissal/Teacher In-Service; 3/27 End of 3rd Quarter; 4/7 11:30 Dismissal/Teacher In-Service; 4/8 11:30 Dismissal/Teacher In-Service;4/9-4/13 Easter/Spring Break/No School; 5/TBA Primary Election Day/No School 5/25 Memorial Day/No School; 5/29 8th Grade Dance 6pm @ Ice House; 6/4 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony 6pm; 6/8 8th Grade HersheyPark Trip; 6/9 Last Day of School/End of 4th Quarter 


Weekly Schedule & Highlights

Monday, 12/16/19 Day 1

Tuesday 12/17/19 Day 2

Wednesday, 12/18/19 Day 3 Blue & White Day, Christmas City Basketball Classic vs. Raub 4pm & 5pm, Winter Choral Concert 7pm

Thursday, 12/19/19 Day 4 

Friday, 12/20/19 Day 5 Elf Day, Pride of the Lions Breakfast, PIAA Athletic Grade Check 3pm

Saturday, 12/21/19 No School Winter/Holiday Break (School reopens Monday, January 6!)

Sunday, 12/22/19 No School Winter/Holiday Break


Upcoming Weekly Schedules & Highlights


Monday, 12/23/19 No School Winter/Holiday Break

Tuesday 12/24/19 No School Winter/Holiday Break

Wednesday, 12/25/19 No School Winter/Holiday Break

Thursday, 12/26/19 No School Winter/Holiday Break

Friday, 12/27/19 No School Winter/Holiday Break

Saturday, 12/28/19 No School Winter/Holiday Break 

Sunday, 12/29/19 No School Winter/Holiday Break


Monday, 12/30/19 No School Winter/Holiday Break

Tuesday 12/31/19 No School Winter/Holiday Break

Wednesday, 1/1/20 No School Winter/Holiday Break

Thursday, 1/2/20 No School Winter/Holiday Break

Friday, 1/3/20 No School Winter/Holiday Break

Saturday, 1/4/20 No School Winter/Holiday Break 

Sunday, 1/5/20 No School Winter/Holiday Break (School reopens Monday, January 6!)



Important Links

BASD Dining Services Menu & Website 

NMS Staff Email Directory

BASD Volunteer Information


Recent Nitschmann News! (Always posted on our Social Media sites too!)

Twitter @NitschmannMS; Facebook @NitschmannMiddleSchool; Instagram@BASDNitschmannMS; NMS School Website; YouTube


Is your child sick?  You can submit your child’s sick note by email to ni-attendance@basdschools.org, as long as the email on your child’s account matches the email address. Please note: If you are submitting a written or doctor’s note do not submit an email.  It should be one or the other. Please email Mrs. Falcone at mfalcone@basdschools.org with any questions or concerns. Please note that this is ONLY for sick notes, not for early release or any other questions!


Do you need help with BASD Transportation?  Call 610-861-0360!



Transition Information 


8th Grade (NMS to LHS)

1/22/20 Incoming Freshman Parent Orientation at Liberty High School 7:00 p.m. LHS Auditorium


5th Grade (Elementary Schools to NMS)



School-wide Announcements


BASD E-News (Dr. Roy)  This week’s edition of the BASD e-News contains a special BASD Holiday video. We hope you can take a few minutes out of your day to watch it and enjoy the sounds of the season BASD style.  We also would like to congratulate Linda Porrata Lopez on being named BASD Support Employee of the Month. Take a moment to watch the video as Linda was surprised by Dr. Roy.  This week’s edition also features a video advertising the BASD United Way Green Out Basketball Game on December 20. It features team players from the boys and girls basketball team, the Liberty and Freedom bands, and students from both high schools.  If you know of someone in need of winter items including coats, hats, gloves, blankets, please see the flyer called Project Keep Warm in this week’s edition. Thank you to LV Business Group and LV HOPE Clothing Room for these donations.  You can view this week’s edition of the BASD e-News by Clicking on this Link.


Elf Day (Mayes) We encourage all of our students to dress up this Friday for our annual Elf Day! This tradition is one of our favorites and a perfect day to celebrate the hard work over the past few months before our long winter break. 


BASD Chomebooks (Mayes) All 8th grade students must take their Chromebooks home for winter break. 


Locker Clean-Out (Mayes) We will make time this week to clean out the past four months of build-up in lockers this week. Please make sure your child brings home all of the dirty gym clothes and papers in their lockers! 


Winter Shut-Down (Mayes) The school building will be shut down for the long holiday break to conserve on energy usage. Please email with any concerns. 


Nitschmann Blood Drive(Bouhana & McLaughlin) We will be hosting our first annual blood drive on January 24 between 12:30 and 5:30pm. We will be honoring Lara Ellis and Dawn Mendez.  The link below will take you to the search page. Interested donors can search for the event by date and it will come up. You will be able to see the available times and sign up to donate. Blood Drive Search and search for the drive at Nitschmann on the 1/24.  The Red Cross is giving donors a T-shirt and coupon for Dunkin. 



Counseling Corner (Stewart, Kehler, Hipp) 

Contact your child’s counselor by email: 6th Grade Mrs. Stewart; 7th Grade Mr. Kehler; 8th Grade Mrs. Hipp


Vaping Resources (Counselors) The popularity of e-cigarettes and vaping among students has ballooned almost out of control. The number of teens vaping grew 900 percent from 2011 to 2015. Surgeon General Jerome Adams has called it an “epidemic of youth e-cigarette use.” To address these concerns, view this new guide that covers the dangers of vaping, is vaping safer than smoking, and what parents can do. You can check it out here:  www.consumernotice.org/products/e-cigarettes/students-and-vaping/



Student Services Updates (Mr. Horlick) 

Contact Members of the Student Services Team by email: Mr. Horlick, Assistant Principal; Mrs. Scott, SSC Guidance Secretary; Mrs. Falcone, SSC Attendance Secretary

Schoology Directions for Parents

Picking Up Your Child For An Appointment (Falcone): Please make sure to send a parent signed excuse with your child the morning of your child’s appointment.  Your child will bring the excuse to Student Services during Homeroom Period in order to receive a pass to leave class.  This method inturn minimizes the interruption of educational instruction to the entire classroom.  


Dropping Off Forgotten Items (Falcone):  We strive to encourage each student to be responsible and organized in preparation for their future high school years.  Recently there has been an increased volume of items that students have forgotten at home and parents have brought into the school for them. This has caused a decrease in class instruction time caused by frequent interruptions.  We understand some items are necessary to conduct a normal school day such as: BASD Chromebooks, eyeglasses and lunch. Items such as clothing, sports equipment and phones do not warrant interruption to the entire class. To prevent interruptions to all our students, we ask that should you decide to drop off an item, you label that item with your child’s name and grade and place the item in the designated area located within the Student Service Office.  Send your child an email at their BASD email account to remind them, please do not text or call your child during the school day, which can lead to their cell phone confiscation. 


**************************************************************************** Nitschmann Parent Group (NPG) (Twitter!@NitschmannPG)


Executive Committee President Erin Coughlin

PAC Representatives (Erin Coughlin, Therese Gyauch, Amy Wuertel, Cara Pyle)



Academic Team Updates 

Team Lafayette (6th) (Twitter @NMSLafayette Team Leader Mrs. Hackman) Team Lafayette will be presenting holiday speeches/presentations this week.  Be sure to ask what your child has learned about other countries’ holidays. Friday is ELF Day at Nitschmann.  Prepare to dress in your best elf wear! As we approach the new year, it is a great time to reassess school supplies!  Pencils, glue sticks and scissors all make great stocking stuffers. Thank you for your continued support this year.


Team Lehigh (6th) (Twitter @NMSTeamLehigh Team Leader Mrs. Oliver)  Christmas time is here!!!  Next week Santa will be coming down the chimney delivering pencils, notebooks and folders to all the good girls and boys.. This is a good time to check on Schoology, Pearson, and Study Synch to be sure that your child is caught up on all their work and is in good standing. The goal is to hit the new year on level ground and make resolutions to reinforce good study and work habits. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2020.


Team Moravian (6th) – (Twitter @NMSTeam Moravian/Facebook@NMSTeamMoravian Team Leader Mrs. Roufakis

 Please review Schoology grades with your child.  We would like all late assignments to be submitted prior to the break. Speaking of the break, Elf Day is going to be here before you know it.  Prepare your Elf wear!


Team Kutztown (7th) (Twitter @TeamKutztown Team Leader Mr. Hess) – Social Studies (Mr. Hess) – Project presentations will take place this week.  English (Mr. Falteich & Mrs. Gomez) – Students will finish the reading and discussion of “A Christmas Carol” with emphasis on its themes. Students will also compete in class spelling bees to select finalists for the upcoming all-school spelling bee in January. The final Unit 2 Study Sync assessment will be given on Tuesday, 12/17. This unit test will include, but is not limited to the following terms: allusion, theme, foreshadowing, internal rhyme, verse, stanza, rhyme scheme, figures of speech, simile, hyperbole, personification, metaphor, poetic sound devices, alliteration, assonance, repetition, onomatopoeia, text structure, and types of sentences/clauses. As always, extra help is available after school.  Science (Mr. Pearson) – Students will have a test on the scientific method on Tuesday, December 17th.


Team Penn State (7th) (Twitter @NMSPennState/Facebook @NMSTeamPennState/ Instagram pennstatenms Team Leader Mrs. Miller) Mandatory after school help (of students/parents notified) will continue on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school. Students are expected to immediately go to Mrs. Miller’s room after the 3:05 bell. We welcome back Mrs. Markovic this week after her maternity leave AND we are grateful for all the support he gave the students of TEAM PENN STATE.  English (Getz)  Students will review for the Unit #2 assessment. The assessment will begin on Monday, December 16th for period 8/9 and on Tuesday, December 17th for period 2/3. The Christmas Carol – Interview Project is due on Tuesday, December 17th by 10pm.  Honors English – Students will review for the Unit #2 assessment. The assessment will begin on Tuesday, December 17th. The Christmas Carol – Interview Project is due on Tuesday, December 17th by 10pm.  Science: We will begin a unit on cell transport..Social Studies: ABC projects will be due this week. Math: Students in Periods 2,3,and 9 have a quiz on sections 3-4 and 3-5 (percent change, percent error, markups, markdowns).  Periods 6 and 8 are continuing to simplify expressions and will have a quiz on sections 5-1 through 5-5 on Friday. UGLY SWEATER FRIDAY:  Continuing THIS FRIDAY – “Ugly Sweater Friday”. The uglier, the better. Just wait until you see the Team Penn State teachers! Wear something ugly for a chance to win a prize. Each teacher will choose his/her favorite ugly sweater, shirt, etc. 


Team East Stroudsburg (8th) (Twitter @@nmsteamesu Team Leader Mr. Amen Instagram @nmsteamesu8 Oral History Assignments are due Monday at the start of class. The assignment was given 26 days ago. Students will be sharing their experience in class this week.  English classes will have the Unit 2 test on Monday and Tuesday. We will also continue reading the novel Soldier X. The 2nd book report is due on December 20.  


Team Northampton (8th) (Twitter @TeamSpartanNMS Team Leader Mrs. HoodOUR TEAM’s HOLIDAY CELEBRATION is Friday, December 20th.  The theme is “anything festive” the more the merry as we say!!! We will be celebrating 12 students who are deserving of working hard in the classroom, having good character, helping others, and taking pride in being a LION.  If you would like or donate a gift card for our celebration, we would GREATLY appreciate it. ALL GIFT CARDS go directly to our students. In History class, students will learn various  propaganda techniques and its connection to the Boston Massacre.  Throughout the year, History classes have focused heavily on text dependent analysis and text dependent questions.  Students have done a great job on demonstrating their ability to interpret the meaning behind the evidence as well as support their stance on an argument with evidence from the text. With the Boston Massacre on tap this week, we will continue to understand the importance of different historical perspectives and their interpretations. Clips from the History Channel’s Sons of Liberty and John Adams Documentary Mini Series will continue to supplement the curriculum.   In Science class, we will be Counting Atoms and Elements. Quiz on Tues. In Math 8 classes, Unit 3 Test on Wednesday.  In Algebra class, Unit 3 Test on Tuesday..  In Advance Math class, Unit 3 Test on Wednesday.  In English class (Hinkel and Wallach) we are working on unit 2 of StudySync. Please be sure to check StudySync daily for any missed or incomplete assignments. We are also starting to infuse a novel study with our curriculum. Block classes are continuing to read The Contender by Robert Lipsyte and the other class is reading You Don’t Know Me by David Klass. We are working on figurative language in text and literary elements. Students have been writing short essays in preparation for our formal metaphor analysis writing assignment.  Please be sure students have their own set of earbuds so they can listen to the text online and watch the content-related videos!  Please encourage your child to check Schoology for grades, assignments and future events. It is their responsibility to communicate with teachers for clarification and if an absence occurs. 



Team Pitt (Health and PE/FCS) (Twitter @NMSTeamPitt )

All classes will be in the gym this week. Bring your gym clothes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You will not need to change Thursday and Friday. 



Extracurricular Activities

Is your child interested in an after-school club or activity? Email the advisor for more information!


AM Basketball (Mayes) Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7:15am to 7:45am. All students are required to attend breakfast after practice. Doors only open at 7:15am, so do not come late!


Anime Club (Advisors Ms. Fehr/Mrs. WallachOur next meeting is December 16 in room 104. Please bring your drawings and books to the meeting. We will announce the winner of the drawing contest.


Art Club (Advisors Mrs. Kozero/Mrs. Lund) Art Club meets on Mondays from 3:15 to 4:15pm.in Art room 011. The next Art club meeting will be on Monday, December 16th.


Artsmart @ Banana Factory (Advisor Mrs. Lare)  Art Smart classes are over for the first semester. Students may pick up work from Mrs. Lare. Thank you to students and parents for participating in this wonderful activity. Keep your ears and eyes open for announcement about new Art Smart classes starting in late January.


Dance Team (Advisor Dr. Sierra) Practice Wednesday 12/18- The fall season is over and the winter season will begin.  Any dancer who wishes not to continue to dance will be excused at this time. The next performance will be at North East on Feb. 7.  ATTENDANCE FOR ALL PRACTICES IS MANDATORY.


German Club (Advisor Mrs. Sofka) German club meets every day 1 during 1st period in Mrs. Sofka’s room 313. Our next meeting is Monday, 12/16.  We will be learning about and celebrating Skt. Nikolaus Tag. German club is currently full due to space and is limited to Mrs. Sofka and Ms. Schwartz’s students only. Please see Mrs. Sofka if you are still interested in joining.  


Heart & Sole Club (Advisor TBA) None at this time.


Fitness Club ( Advisor Mrs. Oliver)  Fitness club this week will be on Wednesday and Thursday until 4pm


FCS/DIY Club (Advisor Mrs. Hoffman) None at this time.


French Club (Advisor Mrs. Lare)  French Club will be bringing home their St. Nicholas shoes and learning French carols. Please consider contributing refreshments or paper products to the classroom holiday parties next week. Thank you!


Intramurals (Advisor Mr. Ortwein)  Current intramural activities are boys’ volleyball, lacrosse for boys and girls, and wrestling for boys and girls.  If you are interested in these activities meet with the supervisors to see if there is still room for you to join. VB-Mr. Kocon, LAX-Miss Weinert, Wrestling- Mr. Horlick


Leadership Council (Advisor Mrs. Ellis) Leadership Council is collecting new hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, and socks to donate to New Bethany Ministries. Please send in your donations with your child.  There is a box in the library for the items. The Leadership Council has adopted the “Holiday Giving Tree” as its community service project. The “Holiday Giving Tree” is decorated with ornaments (tags) that identify the age, gender, and a holiday wish for a less fortunate child.  This project is sponsored by Northampton County and benefits children, youth, and families in our community.  If you choose to participate, return this permission slip to Mrs. Ellis or Mr. Kocon in the library and select an ornament (tag) from the Giving Tree located in the NMS library.  The ornaments will be available beginning November 18th. 


Lion Service Club (Advisor Mrs. McLaughlin) The Lions Service Club is collecting items to donate to this great cause. We are collecting dog treats, blankets, laundry detergent, leashes, dog food, dog toys, paper towels, brushes, sponges or mops, etc. If you would like to donate an item, please bring it to room 209 by December 17th. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. McLaughlin at gmclaughlin@basdschools.org. Our group will be meeting again Wednesday 12/18.


Lion’s Pride (online school newspaper)  (Advisor Ms. Bouhana) We will meet after school in room 201.. Please stay on top of your articles and stories, and submit them on our shared drive to the FINISHED folder, so that our editor can look them over. We will have our Holiday celebration this Wednesday 12/18! Make sure to bring in your favorite snack or dessert. 


Mathcounts (Advisor Ms. Novatnak) We have a great group of kids, but new students are still welcome to join.  Just come to room 213 after school on Thursday! In the fall, MathCounts is an enrichment activity.  Students will be working together and helping each other. We meet every Thursday from 3:05 – 4:00, and everyone is welcome.  We will hold our school level competition on Monday, January 13th to determine which students will be representing Nitschmann at the Lehigh Valley Chapter Competition on Saturday, February 8th at Trexler Middle School in Allentown.  Students who don’t qualify can still come to practices to get stronger for next year.  Congratulations to our newly elected officers,  President Neil R, Treasurer Owen L, and Secretary Hadi A. Students will be getting information this week about our annual Wawa fundraiser.  This fundraiser is crucial to pay competition registration fees in order to continue the program.


National Junior Honor Society  (Advisors Mrs. Wallach/Mrs. Druckenmiller) (Twitter-@Njhs_Nitschmann; Instagram- @Njhs_Nistchmann ) We updated some important dates and reminders on Schoology. Please check for our President’s and Vice President’s ideas for this upcoming winter service learning project and our LLS campaign. 


Nitschmann Dramatics (Advisor Mrs. Hriniak)  Monday and Tuesday Theatrical Makeup Clinic in Mrs. Hriniak’s classroom, Wednesday no rehearsal, Thursday all cast and crew, Friday no rehearsal.  See the email from Mrs. Hriniak for updates, calendar, and information.


Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) (Advisor Mr. Amen)  PJAS students are to come after school whenever they need help on their projects.  Students are encouraged to use pjas.net. Please review your email and bring in all documentation so experimentation can begin.


Reading Olympics (Advisor – Mrs. Nonnemacher) We had our last meeting before the holiday break this past  Wednesday, December 11th. We played a few minute to win it games and had cookies and milk to celebrate the holiday season.  We will not be meeting on December 18th. We will encourage the students to make sure they have Reading Olympic books to read and write summaries about while they are home. We wish you all a happy holiday season! Our first meeting in the new year will be on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020. Please encourage your child to read over the break.   The competition is on Thursday,  April 16th, 2020. We continue to meet every Wednesday after school until 4 P.M. through the end of February to read, discuss, and write summaries about the books to help us prepare for the competition.  We will be meeting until 5 P.M. in March and April up until the competition. A schedule will be sent home for the last few weeks.


Riding for Focus (Advisors Mr. Miller & Mr. Hess) None at this time.


The Lion’s Den School Store  (Advisors Ms. Roufakis & Mrs. Evancho

Application for 6th graders

Online order form….click here.  Orders will not be processed until payment is received!


Save the Sea Turtles Club (Advisor Mrs. Oliver)  Thanks to a group of very ambitious 7th graders we are continuing our Save the Sea Turtles Club this year!  We will meet Fridays after school until 4pm in room 307. Guess what? Nitschmann Middle School adopted a sea turtle this summer.  His name is Gerry and he is a resident sea turtle that lives in South Padre Island, Texas. We will have the opportunity to do a virtual field trip and check in on Gerry and the other resident sea turtles.  This club is open to grades 6, 7, & 8. We look forward to a great year full of lots of ideas and putting things in action to do our part in saving sea turtles!!


Ski & Snowboard Club (Advisors Mr. Downey)  Students were given a form to ask your preference pertaining to bussing.  Please fill out the form and return to Mr. Downey ASAP. If you did not see this form, have your child get one from Mr. Downey. 


Spanish Club (Advisor Ms. Bouhana) We will meet after school in room 201. We will have our Holiday celebration this Tuesday 12/17! Make sure to bring in your favorite Spanish snack, food, or dessert (it’s okay if it’s not Spanish). 


Step Team (Advisor Dr. Sierra)   Practice Tuesday 12/16 and Thursday 12/19- The fall season is over and the winter season will begin.  Any stepper who wishes not to continue to step will be excused at this time. The next performance will be at North East on Feb. 7.  ATTENDANCE FOR ALL PRACTICES IS MANDATORY.


Strategy Club (Advisor Mr. Kehler) Conferences!!!  No Strategy Club on Monday11/18, and Tuesday11/19, So sign up for the conference time instead… see you there!


Yearbook (Advisor Mrs. Ellis) None at this time.


Nitschmann Middle School Performing Arts Department Updates



Nitschmann Middle School Instrumental Music Website (Click Here!)

Mr. Daniel Zettlemoyer, Instrumental Music 



12/16 MONDAY Early morning band 7:15 AM (doors open at 7am)

Day 1 jazz band 8:25 AM


12/17 TUESDAY Early morning orchestra 7:15 AM (doors open at 7am)

String Ensemble 9:00 – performances at retirement homes


12/18 WEDNESDAY Early morning jazz band 7:15 AM (doors open at 7am)

12/19 THURSDAY Early morning band 7:15 AM (doors open at 7am)


12/20       FRIDAY Early morning orchestra 7:15 AM (doors open at 7am)


  • The spring trip this year is for students who are in the orchestra, jazz band, and Nitschmann singers.
  • The second payment of $60 is due on Wednesday, December 18.
  • Complete details of the trip are on the website at http://www.nmsim.org/spring-trip/




School Instrumental Lesson Information

The lesson groups and schedule information is located HERE.  


 Fundraising – http://www.nmsim.org/nimas/fundraising/


  • Gertrude Hawk Candy Boxes 
  • Wawa Shortie Hoagie Coupons
  • Weis gift cards
  • ShopRite gift cards
  • Giant gift cards


News of Note

  • Take a look at all the fundraising opportunities we currently have going on HERE
  • Stay up to date on the latest by following the instrumental music groups on Twitter.  @NMSBandOrch

 Do not forget to check the Instrumental Music Website www.nmsim.org for everything dealing with instrumental music.

  • The Nitschmann Instrumental Music Association is now part of the Amazon Smile program.  Now you can shop at Amazon, get great deals and support the Nitschmann Instrumental Music Association all at the same time.   Please share this with your friends and family. Go here for more information: http://www.nmsim.org/nimas/fundraising/


Color Guard: Early morning rehearsal on Monday and Thursday at 7:15am.

 See the email updates from Mr. Z for specific details and reminders. 


Upcoming Events

December 17 String Ensemble to retirement homes (during the school day)

December 17 NIMAS General Membership Meeting 7:30 PM



Choral Music (Twitter @ldevriesmusicMrs. Linda de Vries, Choral Music Director    

Mrs. Jody Parris, Choral Music Director


Choral Rehearsal Schedule:

12/16 MONDAY 7:15 AM All Glee/Singers Dress rehearsal on stage

  We will rehearse through homeroom and during activity period.

12/17 TUESDAY 7:15 AM rehearsal for all Glee members not in orchestra

                                            3:05-4:00 Nitschmann Singers rehearsal

4:00-4:30 Singers small ensemble rehearsal

12/18 WEDNESDAY 7:15 AM All Glee/Singers rehearsal on stage

8:30 AM Choral Concert for students (wear blue ID shirt and nice jeans)

6:15 PM Concert Warm Up (wear black dress pants/shoes, white shirt)

 7:00 PM Concert                              

12/19 THURSDAY No rehearsal

12/20 FRIDAY No rehearsal

1/7 TUESDAY 7:15 AM rehearsal Glee not in orchestra

8:25 AM Activity period rehearsal for all Glee and Singers


Important Dates

December 18     7:15 AM Glee/Singers Concert rehearsal on stage

              8:30 AM Winter Choral Concert for students

             7:00 PM  Glee/Singers Winter Choral Concert at Nitschmann

April 8               8th Grade optional music and drama trip to NYC $140

April 18             Cops and Kids performance

May 6                7:00 PM Glee/Singers Spring Choral Concert at Nitschmann

May 8-9             Optional Music Department Spring Trip to Boston for Nitschmann Singers $310

May 27               7:00 PM Nitschmann Talent Show for Glee and Singers 



Lions/Lady Lions Athletics Updates (Twitter @NMS_Athletics)

Mr. Jon Ortwein, NMS Athletic Director


A reminder for all students who participate in athletics that keeping your grades up is a requirement of participating at Nitschmann Middle School and Liberty High School. Grades are check bi-weekly by Student Services. 


After-School Bus Transportation for Student-Athletes (5:15pm Pickup @ NMS)

Bus Run Stops for NMS Students West:  (Stops are as assigned based off the ridership) – Students MUST already receive BASD Bus Transportation home from school. 

  •       W Broad Street (West from 10th Ave to Pennsylvania Ave)
  •       Pennsylvania Ave (North to Catty Road)
  •       Catty Road (East to Jacksonville Road)
  •       Jacksonville Road (North to Hanoverville Road)
  •       Hanoverville Road (East to 512)


Cheerleading (Head Coach Mrs. Long kllong@basdschools.org)



Boys MS Basketball (Head Coach Mr. Wills)

December 17 at Springhouse Middle School

December 18 home vs Raub 5:15 start time for Yasso-Rothrock Showcase

December 19 at home vs Broughal 


Girls MS Basketball (Head Coach Mr. Ortwein jortwein@basdschools.org)

December 17 at home vs Springhouse Middle School

December 18 home vs Raub 4:00  start time for Yasso-Rothrock Showcase

December 19 at Broughal 


Boys & Girls LHS HS Wrestling (Head Coach Mr. Hall)



Boys Football (Head Coach Mr. Villiani mvillani@basdschools.org)


Co-Ed Cross Country (Head Coach Miss Schwartz lschwartz@basdschools.org)


Girls Volleyball (Head Coach Mrs. Hinkel ahinkel@basdschools.org)


Girls Field Hockey (Mr. Burzynski bburzynski@basdschools.org)





Nitschmann Middle School

A LEAD School, partnering with The Leader in Me

“Lions Lead the Way!”


Our Collective Vision Nitschmann Middle School is committed to cultivating a respectful community of innovative learners who are socially competent citizens ready to meet the challenges of their future.


Twitter @NitschmannMS

Facebook @NitschmannMiddleSchool

Instagram @BASDNitschmannMS,

Web http://basdwpweb.beth.k12.pa.us/nitschmann/


1002 West Union Blvd

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Main Office (610) 866-5781

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