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Dear Parents & Guardians of 6th Grade students,

I am providing you with a few information items that will help prepare for the start of school. If this is your oldest child and/or new to Nitschmann, there are a few changes from elementary school which are below that will help you stay one step ahead of your child! Please make sure you read our Sunday emails & our webinar last week (posted to the sites below) to be prepared for the start of school. Watch for next Sunday’s email about the orientation for new 6th grade students & start of school.

Email me with any questions or concerns!

Thank you.

Dr. Mayes, Principal



At Nitschmann, paper flyers, monthly calendars, & information are generally not sent home with students. Middle school students are notorious for not giving papers to their parents/guardians and dropping them in the hallways, therefore we limit this to only the most important things. All information will always come electronically through email or posted to several sites. Keep your email up-to-date with our secretaries.

Finding Updates & Information

Email – If your family has an email on file with BASD & you received this email today, you will always receive emails from me on Sundays and during the week as needed. In the current system, only one email is permitted officially for communication per family. If you have a friend who is not getting the emails, then they do not have an email on file & should share it with Mrs. Falcone ASAP (see below).

Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) I always post the same information from our emails to all social media sites. Feel free to follow/like your preferred site.

NMS Website -I always post the same information from our emails to our NMS Website on the right side of the website under “Nitschmann Lion News” or under the heading at the top of the website “Parents, Weekly Announcements”.

BASD App – I STRONGLY recommend you add the BASD app on your smartphone for email & school safety/health alerts. Make sure to select all the schools that your children attend in the BASD, especially Nitschmann!

Checking on Schoolwork & Grades

Schoology – All students in grades 6-12 use Schoology as the learning platform for all online learning. Your child has their own account, which they will learn how to use on the first day of school. You have your own personal account, which will become active on the first day of school. Do not use your child’s account! This information is always mailed home during August by the district and our secretaries can assist you with it at any time. News & announcements are also posted here.

Home Access Center – The HAC is the BASD location for report cards, attendance, and discipline. It is not the number one place to find out information, use Schoology for that! Report cards are mailed home each quarter, not given to your child.


Different than elementary schools, our school has three secretaries to help families & students. Please make sure you email the correct person to help you!

Mrs. Falcone (mfalcone@basdschools.org) is our Student Services secretary in charge of attendance, keep emails/phone numbers up-to-date, and helping students in and out of school.

Mrs. Scott (sscott@basdschools.org) is our Student Services Guidance secretary who helps parents with enrollment, disenrollment, student records, and other district paperwork.

Mrs. Sanchez (jlsanchez@basdschools.org) is our Main Office secretary who handles our school finances, school operations, and is my personal secretary.

Student Services & Guidance

Different than elementary schools, our school has a single guidance counselor for your children as they move from 6th to 8th grade.

Mrs. Hipp (khipp@basdschools.org) is your child’s counselor for the next 3 years. She will support your child with all kinds of needs, manages any Chapter 15/504 cases, and is normally the first person you call when you need help!

Mr. Horlick (bhorlick@basdschools.org) is your child’s assistant principal for the next 3 years. He handles all Student Services, guidance, SAP (student assistance process), master scheduling, and discipline. He is a great resource to help your child!

Health Services 

Our school nurse Mrs. Valvik (jvalvik@basdschools.org) is assigned to Nitschmann to take care of your child’s health needs. Communicating with her via email is a great way for her to follow up, as she often has students needing care in our Nurse’s Room.