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Dear Parents & Guardians,

Attached is our Weekly Sunday Update, which can be found at the link or text below.

Thank you.

Dr. Mayes & Mr. Horlick

2021_4_11_Parent Weekly Email

Parent & Student Weekly Email

Nitschmann Middle School Weekly Update, Home of the Nitschmann Nation!

Sunday, April 11, 2021, to Sunday, April 18, 2021


  • The 4rd Quarter begins tomorrow, Monday, April 12. Report cards will be sent next week on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 to your homes by US Mail. 

  • Summer Programs! Nitschmann will be hosting several summer programs in July and August to help our students after this long school year. In addition to our regular August Ramp-Up Program”, we will be hosting several week-long day camps, connected to our favorite activities, to help students reconnect with school for the 2021-2022 school year. Stay tuned for day camp information & signups. 

  • 8th Grade Dance & Moving Up Ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 10 & Friday, June 11. These events will look slightly different than in past years, but our 8th grade team has been committed to holding these events in-person before the end of the school year. Limits on the number of people attending require us to hold them during the school day on the last days of school. June 10 & 11  have been changed to 11:30am dismissal for all students. 
    • A-L Thursday, June 10, 2021 (11:30am dismissal for all students) – All A-L 8th grade students will begin the day with our Moving-Up Ceremony. This will be only for our students in-person in the auditorium and will be live-streamed to YouTube for parents/guardians/families. Following the ceremony, students will gather outside under the tent for our dance & end of the year celebration. Formal attire will not be needed for these events. We will have a dress down theme day for the day. 
    • M-Z Friday, June 11, 2021 (11:30am dismissal for all students) – All M-Z  8th grade students will begin the day with our Moving-Up Ceremony. This will be only for our students in-person in the auditorium and will be live-streamed to YouTube for parents/guardians/families. Following the ceremony, students will gather outside under the tent for our dance & end of the year celebration. Formal attire will not be needed for these events. We will have a dress down theme day for the day.



Links to Review

BASD Parent Portals Link (Schoology, Home Access Center, SchoolCafe, etc.)

BASD Dashboard & Internet Provider Resources at this link.  


Upcoming Dates to Be Proactive! Weekly Schedule & Highlights NMS Website & BASD NMS Event Calendar


Standardized Testing Information (PSSA & Keystones) Please review the information for our administration of the 2021 PSSA & Keystone exams at the attached link. This included dates & information about the upcoming exams, including the BASD FAQ for Middle Schools. Keystone Exam Testing 5/19 M-Z & 5/20 A-L; PSSA Exam Testing A-L Students (5/25, 5/27, 6/1, 6/3) M-Z Students (5/26, 5/28, 6/2, 6/4) 


Upcoming Dates: 5/31 Schools Closed, Memorial Day;  6/10 Last Day of School for A-L/11:30 Dismissal/Moving Up Ceremony & Dance Activities for A-L 8th grade students; 6/11 Last Day of School for M-Z/11:30 Dismissal/Moving Up Ceremony & Dance Activities for M-Z 8th grade students


Day Date Cycle Day Notes Hybrid A-L Hybrid M-Z e-Classroom
Schoology Login Required for Attendance Daily!
Monday 4/12 Remote @ Home Day (Schoology Login Required for Attendance)

e-Classroom Meetings in afternoon (12pm-3pm)

Start of the 4th Quarter

Tuesday 4/13 Odd Day

Lion’s Pride Activity

In-Person @ School Remote @ Home Remote @ Home
Wednesday 4/14 Odd Day

Lion’s Pride Activity

Remote @ Home In-Person @ School Remote @ Home
Thursday 4/15 Odd Day

Lion’s Pride Activity

In-Person @ School Remote @ Home Remote @ Home
Friday 4/16 Odd Day

Lion’s Pride Activity

Remote @ Home In-Person @ School Remote @ Home


Schoology Login Required for Attendance Daily!
Monday 4/19 Remote @ Home Day (Schoology Login Required for Attendance)

e-Classroom Meetings in afternoon (12pm-3pm)

Tuesday 4/20 Odd Day

Lion’s Pride Activity

In-Person @ School Remote @ Home Remote @ Home
Wednesday 4/21 Odd Day

Lion’s Pride Activity

3rd Quarter Report Card Distribution Remote @ Home In-Person @ School Remote @ Home
Thursday 4/22 Even Day


Earth Day In-Person @ School Remote @ Home Remote @ Home
Friday 4/23 Even Day


Remote @ Home In-Person @ School Remote @ Home



School-wide Announcements 


Dr. Roy’s Weekly Message: The BASD eNews this week features…


-Available BASD positions including a Payroll Supervisor.

-Information on a FREE workshop for BASD Families called Creative Reach Encouragers.

-Information to nominate a teacher for the 2021 B.E.S.T. Award.

-Scholarship Opportunities available through The Foundation for the Bethlehem Area School District.


I hope you enjoy this edition of the BASD e-News.


The ADL’s No Place for Hate Student Essay Contest: ( Dr. Sierra)- 

*Students will be writing a response to the ADL/NPFH essay topic during LEAD.

*Students do not have to participate in the contest, but will participate in the LEAD activity.

 For those entering the contest: All entries must be submitted by Friday, April 16, 2021. The link to submit the essay is below the topics.

Essay Topic (5th & 6th Graders): If there was a superhero that could eliminate hate, what qualities would they have? How could you be like this superhero and make your school a more respectful place?

Essay Topic (7th & 8th Graders): Identify a current day hero or hero from history who worked to make the world a more respectful and/or inclusive place. How did they do that, and how can you take what you learned from their story and make your school/community a more respectful and inclusive place?




Schoolwide Library Services (Werkheiser) 

Email Mrs. Werkheiser at lwerkheiser@basdschools.org for help with books or services! 

The library website is full of resources for students. 👉https://beth.libguides.com/NitschmannMiddleSchool

🛑Remember to shut down your Chromebook EVERY DAY


📖April is NATIONAL POETRY MONTH! We have many titles by many poets including 

Langston Hughes, Shel Silverstein, and Robert Frost.🔖

📚Monday, April 12 is D.E.A.R. Day (Drop Everything And Read)! Make sure you have checked out a book from the library so you can participate.📚

🎨🖌🖍✄WORLD ART DAY is April 15. We have SO MANY different types of art books for you to choose from! There are artist biographies, how to draw books, how to create art with different materials, and styles of art.

💛💛Have you seen the yellow bookmarks in the library books yet?? NMS Staff chose their favorite books, and YOU can check them out or look through the shelves to find out which ones were chosen. You might find out that you and your teacher like the same book!💛💛

Schoolwide Library Services (Werkheiser) 


While you are learning at home, Nitschmann Middle School Library books are available for you to check out and read! 


It’s easy!

Step 1: Browse through the NMS Library collection on OPAC in my Libguides website. 



Step 2: Email me the titles of one or two books that you would like to check out at 



Step 3: Wait for a return email from me, letting you know that your books can be picked up from the cart between the front doors at Nitschmann. 


MathCounts Update:  (Lafey)

Congratulations to Stefan Christiansen who qualified to represent Nitschmann at the Chapter Invitational Competition later this month.  He ranked 14th out of students from schools throughout the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos.  Stephanie Zheng was 22nd and Carsten Rothbauer was 25th.  Great Job!



Student Services Updates:

Contact Members of the Student Services Team by email: Mr. Horlick, Assistant Principal; Mrs. Scott, SSC Guidance Secretary; Mrs. Falcone, SSC Attendance Secretary


 Schoology Directions for Parents


6th Grade: Mrs. Hipp’s Counseling Google Site for Students


7th Grade: Ms. Stewart’s Counseling Google Site for Students


8th Grade: Mr. Kehler’s Counseling Google Site for Students



FREE ONLINE TUTORING:  Students connect online with Peer Mentor Network tutors, who are enthusiastic and share a common goal of helping their students succeed.. Sign up today: Peer Mentor Network


Free!  Dental Patients being accepted:

Cleanings, exams, fluoride treatments and more to be offered.



https://www.safe2saypa.org/  If you have a concern for the well being of a fellow student or yourself, you can make an anonymous referral to SAFE2SAY. 



Core & Encore Team Updates 

Team Lafayette (6th) (Twitter @NMSLafayette Team Leader Mrs. Hackman)   Congratulations to Avery Clagett, Gianna Villano, and Cameron Clagett for being named our April Pride of the Lions.  Continue to use all your resources to be successful, and stay in contact with your teachers if you need any extra help.  


Team Lehigh (6th) (Twitter @NMSTeamLehigh/ Facebook @NitschmannTeamLehigh Team Leader Mrs. Oliver

Congratulations to Kiareilys Cruz and Shayla Shive on being our April Pride of the Lions. These students live up to the model of what means to be a Nitschmann Lion. Also, congratulations to Ella Sherman and Tariq Ahsan for earning our Mountain Hawk Spotlight Award this week. This is an award that Lehigh teachers give to students who soar above the rest! Students earn a certificate and are recognized at our team celebrations. Way to go – we are proud of you for leading the way for our team!


The fourth marking period is here!!!!  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Walk, do not run to the finish line. Take your time, pay attention to the task at hand. There is still learning and work to be done. Follow the daily routine. Log into Schoology, look for and complete the daily assignments posted by your teachers for each of your classes.  This is the easiest way to keep up to date and to be sure your grades stay in good standing.  Check your grade report frequently to look for missing assignments and/or grades for which you can remediate. Finish Strong.  We Got This!!!


Team Moravian (6th) – (Twitter @NMSTeam Moravian/Facebook@NMSTeamMoravian Team Leader Mrs. Roufakis)  

Congratulations to our Pride of the Lions: Andrew Bean and Jonathan Melendez. The fourth quarter starts on Monday. 

Team teachers are available before and after school for extra help.  If you are interested in attending, please talk to your teacher. Please also check your emails for team updates.


Team Kutztown (7th)(Twitter @TeamKutztown Team Leader Mr. Falteich) – FINAL CALL FOR BABY BOTTLE RETURNS/DONATIONS -The Team Kutztown Annual Baby Bottle Fundraising Campaign ends this week. All students should return their baby bottles to their homeroom teacher. The Cay Galgon Life House reuses the bottles with other organizations. We would also like to thank all students and their families in advance for their generosity to this worthy cause.  Math (Mrs. Evancho) – Reminder: All students should be bringing calculators to class with them! Science (Mr. Pearson) – At the beginning of the week, students will finish the lab from last week where they observe plant and animal cells under the microscope to see their similarities and differences.  At the end of the week, we will review for a test on cells.  The test will be Tuesday, April 20th (A – L); Wednesday, April 21st (M – Z); and completed and submitted by Thursday, April 22nd (E-Classroom).  English (Mr. Falteich) – TEST – 35 VOCABULARY WORDS (TUESDAY) – Students will begin a grammar unit on nominative and objective case pronoun uses.  Geography (Mr. Danyi) We will be starting our Asia unit. Students will be learning about the physical and human features of Asia.


Team Penn State (7th) (Twitter @NMSPennState/Facebook @NMSTeamPennState/ Instagram pennstatenms Team Leader Mrs. Getz) FRIDAY IS THE END OF THE THIRD MARKING PERIOD. CONTINUE TO CHECK GRADES AND COMPLETE ANY MISSING WORK. 

ELA (Getz) – This week, we will begin a mini project for the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. We will also view 2081, the video version of “Harrison Bergeron” and complete a compare/contrast assignment.  Downey(ELA) – Students are finishing 12 Angry Men.  Students will be evaluating characterization and plot development. We will compare the movie to the story in the coming week. Geography: We will be starting our Asia unit this week. Students will be learning about the physical and human features of Asia.  Math:  Reminder:  All students should have their calculators with them in class every day.  Periods 3,6 and 9 are simplifying algebraic expressions, this week we’ll be using the distributive property.  Periods 2 and 8 are working on solving equations with an emphasis on showing the steps.  We’re working on multi-step equations with variables on both sides this week.  Science: We will review for the end of the cell energy unit exam until wednesday. Hybrid kids will take the test Thu./Fri. on their in person days. E-Class will have to take the test by Friday at midnight. 


Team DeSales (8th) (Team Leader Mrs. Pogue):   Instagram @NMSTeamDSU8  


ELA:  This week students will be reading chapters 3-6 of The Outsiders and analyzing in literature circle groups. Please bring headphones to class if you want to use the audiobook when reading!  HISTORY:  We are entering into the Federalist Era. The major events of Washington, Adams and Jefferson’s Presidencies will be covered this week.   SCIENCE: We are learning about potential and kinetic energy. There will be a quiz Thursday/Friday this week. MATH: Parents: You may use these links to see what your child’s week ahead in math looks like. [DSU Math 8 Weekly Agenda] [DSU Algebra 1 Weekly Agenda]


Team Northampton (8th) (Twitter @TeamSpartanNMS Team Leader Mrs. Hood)  

Our TEAM CELEBRATION is here!  The theme is BEACH DAY.  Dig out those Intertubes, sunglasses, beach towels, anything “beachy” to wear to our last celebration of the year! Any gift card donations are greatly appreciated as always – please send to Mrs. Hood – refer to prior parent email.  In History, many great names in American History are connected with an idea or event, Washington and the Revolution, Lincoln and the Civil War, MLK and Civil Rights.  Andrew Jackson’s name is very closely tied to democracy, but is it historically fair and accurate to do so?  Students will complete a DBQ on the Age of Jackson.  In Mrs. Hinkel’s ELA class, we will read the poem “Inside Out and Back Again” and discuss how it relates to our research from last week. In Mrs. Wallach’s ELA class, we are finishing The Outsiders. We are working on giving detailed responses with text-based evidence along with higher-level thinking skills. Students will be taking an open-ended final essay test on the novel. We are then moving into literary analysis and will be writing a 5 paragraph essay based on our unit 3 texts and identity. Science: The students will be learning about Potential and Kinetic Energy. The students will be completing stations labs and interactive powerpoints leading to a quiz on 4/15 or 4/16.     In Grade 8 Math (Periods 4 and 9), students will review Scatter Plots and  Line of Best Fit, and be introduced to Two Way Frequency Tables.   In Grade 8 Math (Period 3), students will be introduced to Scatter Plots.  In Algebra 1, students will review Scatter Plots and Trend Lines, and be introduced to Arithmetic Sequences.

Team Pitt (Encore) (Twitter @NMSTeamPitt Team Leader Mrs. Hoffman Mrs. Hoffman

Music (Mrs. de Vries Twitter @ldevriesmusic)-Please remember to bring your encore folder and earbuds to all in-person classes. Complete weekly online assignments. Contact Mrs. de Vries for help. E-learners need to attend GoGuardian classes every Monday.


Health and Fitness: As we enter spring and warm weather, be prepared to have PE class outside on the turf. Dress appropriately for the weather. Make sure to complete any outstanding assignments before the marking period ends. Speak with your teachers for questions, comments and concerns. 


Team Bloomsburg (Encore World Language and Library) (Twitter @NMSBloomsburg / Team Leader Dr. Sierra)-

 Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.  Please note due dates and times written on assignments.  We are available via email.  If you would like a conference call, email your teacher so a go guardian call can be set up. 


Extracurricular Activities

Is your child interested in an after-school club or activity? Email the advisor for more information!


AM Basketball (Advisor Dr. Mayes) None at this time.  


Anime Club (Advisors Ms. Fehr/Mrs. Wallach)  Our next meeting will be April 13-14 during Lion’s Pride in room 104. We are still accepting new members to the club. 


Art Club (Advisor Mrs. Lund) The Art Club students should come to room 011 on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings during Lion’s Pride. Bring your drawings with you so we can get back on track after the crazy winter schedule!! If you have conflicting morning activities see me and we can discuss other options.


Artsmart @ Banana Factory (Advisor Mrs. Lare)  The final session of Art Smart for Jewelry/Wiring is this Thursday, April 15.  Thank you for allowing your children to be part of this wonderful program with professional artists in the community.  New Art Smart classes will be offered in the fall.


Dance Team (Advisor Dr. Sierra) Activity pd. will be in front of the auditorium on Tue/Wed. After school practices are Thursday and Friday until 4.


Environmental Club (Advisor Ms. Stewart)Our next meeting will be held on Monday, April 12th at noon. New members are welcomed to participate. For more information, please search for our club on Schoology. Information and zoom links will be posted there.


French Club(Advisor Mrs. Lare)  Nothing at this time.


German Club (Advisor Mrs. Sofka) Frühling ist hier! (Spring is here!) German club will meet Tuesday & Wednesday in Frau Sofka’s room 313 during Lion’s Pride! Last week we learned about the Swiss Alps and compared them to the Austrian and Italian Alps! This week we will be continuing our Films in German to brush up on our listening skills!


Fitness Club ( Advisor Mrs. Oliver)  None at this time. 


FCS/DIY Club (Advisor Mrs. Hoffman) None at this time. 


Intramurals (Advisor Mr. Ortwein)  None at this time. 


Lacrosse Intramurals: (Advisor Ms. Weinert ) None at this time.  


Leadership Council (Advisor Mr. Kocon) None at this time. 


Lion Service Club (Advisor Mrs. McLaughlin)  Wednesday is the final day we are collecting for Road Trip Rescues. Any donation of food, toys, etc. is appreciated. 


Lion’s Pride (online school newspaper)  (Advisor Ms. Bouhana) We will meet during activity period on Wednesday. The link can be found in the calendar in our Schoology group. Lion’s Pride Newspaper 2020-2021 Second Edition


Mathcounts (Advisor Mrs. Novatnak Lafey) Thank you for a great competition season!  I look forward to seeing the 6th and 7th graders next year!


National Junior Honor Society  (Advisors Mrs. Wallach/Mrs. Druckenmiller) (Twitter-@Njhs_Nitschmann; Instagram- @Njhs_Nistchmann ) We discussed service projects at our meeting and upcoming events. Please check Schoology for updates. We will focus our attention on New Bethany and items needed within our community. Our annual sidewalk clean-up will be April 17 at 10am. Hope to see many members attend and help clean up our community.  


Nitschmann Dramatics (Advisor Mrs. Hriniak)    Check your email for the April schedule and rehearsal dates/times.  See the update emails from Mrs. Hriniak for information.  Keep doing some online research about Hairspray background topics so you have a better understanding of our show.  Listen to your music at home and read your script so you know the show forwards, backwards, and inside-out!


Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) (Advisor TBA) None at this time. 


Photography Club: Please consider donating to our Donors Choose fundraiser for cameras and studio equipment. Feel free to share our project with others as well. Please use this link (https://bit.ly/2N3B2lS) Any questions, please contact Ms. Krause at rkrause@basdschools.org. Mark calendars from March 30th (A-L) and 31st (M-Z) for our Afterschool Workshop


Reading Olympics (Advisor – Mrs. Nonnemacher) We are excited for the Reading Olympics Spring Challenge competition this Thursday, April 15! It will be after school in the library, beginning at 3:30 P.M. anf going until 6:15 P.M. It will be done virtually through Zoom. We have Tuesday and Wednesday left  to prepare for it! The students have been working hard all year reading the books on the competition book list and writing summaries. Information was sent home  and shared through google docs with all of the details. Please make sure the permission forms are returned asap. Our Nitschmann Mask fundraiser will continue during the time we meet.  (Mrs. Werkheiser will also sell them throughout the day in the library if you can’t make it during Lion’s Pride on a Tuesday or Wednesday) They are $10.00 a piece. Ice cream party and awards will be scheduled in early May. Information to follow about that.   Please contact Mrs. Nonnemacher, Mr. Pearson or Mrs. Werkheiser if you have any questions. 


Riding for Focus (Advisors Mr. Miller & Mr. Bellucci) None at this time.


The Lion’s Den School Store  (Advisors Ms. Roufakis & Mrs. Evancho

Application for 6th graders

Online order form….click here.  Orders will not be processed until payment is received!


Save the Sea Turtles Club (Advisor Mrs. Oliver)  None at this time. 


**Ski & Snowboard Club (Advisors Mr. Downey and Mrs. Druckenmiller


Spanish Club (Advisor Ms. Bouhana) We will meet virtually at 11:30 Monday. The link can be found in the calendar in our Schoology group.


Student Lighthouse ( Advisors Mr. Kocon / Mrs. McLaughlin / Miss Bouhana) We meet every Tuesday for A-L students and every Wednesday for M-Z students during activity period. These meetings are mandatory for all members, unless you have spoken with one of us prior. Meet in room 201. Email us if you have any questions or concerns.


Step Team (Advisor Dr. SierraActivity pd. will be in front of the auditorium on Tue/Wed. After school practices are Thursday and Friday until 4.


Strategy Club (Advisor Mr. Kehler) Want to participate, request to join the group, or email Mr. Kehler to get the Schoology group link.    


Yearbook (Advisor Mrs. Markovic & Mrs. Gomez) 




Nitschmann Middle School Performing Arts Department Updates

Nitschmann Middle School Instrumental Music Website (Click Here!)

Mr. Daniel Zettlemoyer, Instrumental Music 




Monday 4/12

Tuesday 4/13 – String Orchestra A HYBRID students 7:15am

                     Jazz band A HYBRID during Lion’s Pride 8:30 – 9:06 am 

Wednesday 4/14 – String Orchestra Z HYBRID students 7:15am

                             Jazz band Z HYBRID during Lion’s Pride 8:30 – 9:06 am

Thursday 4/15 – Early morning band A HYBRID rehearsals begin at 7:15am 

(This is for all 6th, 7th & 8th grade band students)

Friday 4/16 – Early morning band Z HYBRID rehearsals begin at 7:15am 

(This is for all 6th, 7th & 8th grade band students)




April 21  NIMAS general membership meeting 7:30 PM via Zoom.

May 12  NIMAS general membership meeting 7:30 PM via Zoom.

*June 1      Music department spring concert and end of year celebration. 

(This is a new date.  Specifics will be sent out shortly)

August 9-13     Summer Band Camp 8am-12pm

August 16-20     Summer Band Camp 8am-12pm



School instrumental music lessons will continue on Zoom.

The lesson schedule and Zoom links are posted on your Cut Time calendar.

Did you forget which group you are in?  Click on the lessons folder in your Activity: Section 1-11 course in Schoology.




The virtual winter color guard performance can be seen on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDJuvmSmHPw&t=5s.


  • Rehearsals are before school at 7:15am on Thursdays/Fridays.
  • We are currently working on routines for the spring band performance.
  • Review basic skills, spins, and routines.
  • YOUTUBE Playlist of skills, spins, and routines.




The next NIMAS general membership meeting is on Wednesday, April 21 at 7:30PM.



You can use funds from your fair share account. Please email the treasurer at NIMAStreasurer@gmail.com if you would like to use your fair share to pay the registration fee.


You can pay online with a credit or debit card. (There is a transaction fee)


You can mail a check to: (Make your check payable to NIMAS. Write your child’s full name on the memo line.)


1002 W. Union Boulevard

Bethlehem, PA 18018

* Contact the treasurer at NIMAStreasurer@gmail.comif you have any questions.



Help raise funds for our Instrumental Music Program while enjoying a salon experience at Among Friends Hair & Nail Design. Among Friends Hair & Nail Design will generously donate a portion of sales from the salon service that you receive. Appointments must be booked by May 28, 2021.

Visit www.amongfriends.vpweb.com for a complete list of services.

Among Friends Hair & Nail Design

77 W Broad St Ste 16C

Bethlehem, PA 18018

(610) 866-4789


Please note: Mention the Nitschmann instrumental fundraiser when you book your appointment.


Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. Go to http://www.nmsim.org/announcements/amazon-smile/ for more information.



Choral Music (Twitter @ldevriesmusicMrs. Linda de Vries, Glee & Nitschmann Singers Director    

Mrs. Jody Parris, Choral Music Director


Do you love to sing? Come and join Glee Club, Nitschmann’s chorus! Watch our 2020 spring celebration video to take a peek into our beautiful choral family: Glee Celebration Video. Hybrid students are currently meeting in person during Lion’s Pride time. Come prepared to sing outside if the weather is nice. We also have weekly Zoom rehearsals every Monday from 10:15-10:55. Students interested in Glee should register at this link: Glee Registration

Please see Mrs. de Vries with any questions. Let’s keep the family growing!


Please stay in touch by checking our Schoology page for current information!


Rehearsal Schedule

Monday      4/12-10:00-11:00 AM Glee Rehearsal for all members at Nitschmann

Tuesday       4/13-Glee rehearsal for A-L during Lion’s Pride

Wednesday  4/14-Glee rehearsal for M-Z during Lion’s Pride

Thursday     4/15-3:05-4:00 Nitschmann Singers rehearsal for A-L 

Friday          4/16-3:05-4:00 Nitschmann Singers rehearsal for M-Z


May 17th: Glee & Nitschmann Singers rehearsal and live recording of our spring concert at Nitschmann. Schedule to follow. Instrumental groups will also be recording this day. Wear a Nitschmann navy blue ID shirt or plain navy t-shirt. Masks and social distancing required. All participants must be symptom free.


June 1: Music Department Spring concert and end of the year celebration at Nitschmann. We will be viewing the video produced on May 17th and handing out awards. Limited audience for safe viewing.



Lions/Lady Lions Athletics Updates (Twitter @NMS_Athletics)



Cheerleading (Head Coach Mrs. Long kllong@basdschools.org)



Boys Football (Head Coach Mr. Shemanski  mshemanski@basdschools.org)

Co-Ed Cross Country (Head Coach Miss Schwartz lschwartz@basdschools.org)

Girls Volleyball (Head Coach Mrs. Hinkel ahinkel@basdschools.org)

Girls Field Hockey (Mr. Burzynski bburzynski@basdschools.org)



Boys MS Basketball (Head Coach Mr. Wills)

Girls MS Basketball (Head Coach Mr. Ortwein jortwein@basdschools.org)

Boys & Girls LHS HS Wrestling (Head Coach Mr. Hall)



Girls MS Softball (Head Coach Mr. Kocon ekocon@basdschools.org)

Co-Ed MS Soccer (Head Coach Mr. Rodenbach srodenbach@basdschools.org )


Nitschmann Middle School

A LEAD School, partnering with The Leader in Me

“Lions Lead the Way!”


Our Collective Vision Nitschmann Middle School is committed to cultivating a respectful community of innovative learners who are socially competent citizens ready to meet the challenges of their future.


Twitter @NitschmannMS

Facebook @NitschmannMiddleSchool

Instagram @BASDNitschmannMS,

Web http://basdwpweb.beth.k12.pa.us/nitschmann/


1002 West Union Blvd

Bethlehem, Pa 18018

Main Office (610) 866-5781

Fax (610) 866-1435


IMPORTANT/CONFIDENTIAL: This communication is intended solely for the confidential use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and the privileges are not waived by virtue of this having been sent by electronic mail.  If the reader of this email is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this email is strictly prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please notify me immediately & permanently delete this message including all attachments.  Thank you.