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Parent & Student Weekly Email

Nitschmann Middle School Weekly Update

100 Years of Learning @ Home of the Nitschmann Nation

Sunday, October 31, 2021, to Sunday, November 7, 2021

Download the BASD App and select “Nitschmann” to receive all alerts to your phone. 

BASD Covid Mitigation Level (link to BASD) – Tier 3 (Universal masking for all students & staff, grades PreK-12)

  • SmartPass System: On Wednesday, students will begin using a new electronic hall pass system called SmartPass. See the separate email from Dr. Mayes regarding this change to bring a higher level of supervision to students during the school day, especially with transitions to the bathrooms, nurse, and offices. 
    • End of the 1st Quarter: The end of the 1st Quarter ends this Wednesday. Please make sure to double check your child’s grades on Schoology. Report cards will be issued mailed for Monday, November 15, 2021. 
    • Fall Conferences: Fall conferences will be held on Monday November 22 virtually and Tuesday November 23 in-person at Nitschmann Middle School. We use an on-line scheduling system for conferences,which will be released for parent sign-ups on Wednesday. Please schedule a time for you and your child to attend conferences. 
    • The Annual Nitschmann Thanksgiving Food Drive Begins November 1: If students are able, they can donate a non-perishable food item and/or .50 in homeroom. All food and monetary donations collected will be given to New Bethany Ministries in south Bethlehem.
    • Free Morning Breakfast Continues!: Morning breakfast is free to all students and will move back inside for the winter after our successful cart outside in the mornings. Students should enter at the Main Entrance between 7:45am & 7:55am. As the weather gets colder, we encourage students to come in and have breakfast. Students who enter must get something to eat. 
  • Morning Arrival: Reminder to all students that when the weather gets cold, we do not bring students inside school unless the weather is severe. Students need to dress for the cold, outdoor weather & store those items in their lockers. We announce these changes on the BASD app, so download today!
  • Snow Days/Short Term Remote Days: As the winter weather approaches, students should be prepared for “short-term remote learning days” when students may be home due to inclement weather & still learning online. Students will follow their regular daily schedule online through GoGuardian with their teachers & attendance will be taken in each class. Please be prepared for this change as announced through all systems to parents & students.
  • Charged Chromebooks: This week has brought the return of the uncharged laptops! Please remind your child to charge their Chromebook every evening and bring their power cord to school just in case. 


***Links to Review ******************************************************************************

BASD Parent Portals Link (Schoology, Home Access Center, SchoolCafe, etc.)

BASD 2021-2022 Calendar


***Weekly Schedule & Highlights @ BASD NMS Event Calendar*****************************************

See all long-term events on our BASD NMS Event Calendar on the BASD Website


Day Date Cycle Day Notes
Monday 11/1 2 Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive Begins!
Tuesday 11/2 None Election Day – No School for Students

Teacher In-Service

Wednesday 11/3 3 End of the 1st Quarter

Conference Scheduling Begins Online

Thursday 11/4 4 Start of the 2nd Quarter
Friday 11/5 5 November Pride of the Lions 


Day Date Cycle Day Notes
Monday 11/8 6
Tuesday 11/9 1
Wednesday 11/10 2
Thursday 11/11 3 Veteran’s Day
Friday 11/12 4


***School-wide Announcements ************************************************************************


BASD eNews from Dr. Roy –This week’s BASD eNews contains:


Dr. Roy’s most recent video dated October 29, 2021.  


Highlighted BASD Staff and Students

-BASD Student of the Week from East Hills Middle School

-BASD Staff from Spring Garden Elementary School

-Built by Bethlehem from Freedom High Guidance Counselor


Information on:

-This week’s Liberty vs Freedom Football Game


New Section from Lehigh University

-Earning your ESL and TESOL Certificate at Lehigh University


I hope you enjoy BASD eNews – October 29, 2021


Schoolwide Library Services (Werkheiser) lwerkheiser@basdschools.org for help with books or services. 

The library website is full of resources for students. 


The Lion’s Den School Store (Roufakis & Evancho) – The school store is selling 100th Birthday shirts to celebrate Nitschmann’s birthday. They are $10.  Be sure to get yours and your child’s to wear to all of this year’s special events.  Help us celebrate 100 years of Lion’s pride!


***Student Services Updates ************************************************************************

Contact Members of the Student Services Team by email: Mrs. Woodson, Assistant Principal; Mrs. Scott, SSC Guidance Secretary; Mrs. Falcone, SSC Attendance Secretary


6th Grade: Mr. Kehler’s Counseling Google Site for Students  Donate:Library Equity, A Quiet Place, Hanging around

7th Grade: Mrs. Hipp’s Counseling Google Site for Students

8th Grade: Ms. Stewart’s Counseling Google Site for Students


Tutoring Opportunity through Bethlehem Area Public Library



***Core & Encore Team Updates *********************************************************************


Team Lafayette (6th) (Twitter @NMSLafayette Team Leader Mrs. Hackman)   See our welcome letter on the NMS Website!  October Pride of the Lions names coming this week!  Thank you to everyone who donated walk-a-thon money over the last few weeks we had all 3 Team Lafayette homerooms in the top 8, all giving over 100% of our goals. We truly appreciate your support.  The end of the first quarter is November 3, with November 2 as an off day for kids. We are available for extra help before or after school. Please check with us to see when we are available.  All students who need extra help are welcome to attend. 


Team Lehigh (6th) (Twitter @NMSTeamLehigh/ Facebook @NitschmannTeamLehigh Team Leader Mrs. Oliver) See our welcome letter on the NMS Website!   This week we held our October Team Celebration. We honored our September Pride of the Lions, recognized our November birthdays, and celebrated our October Decent Human Beings. We would also like to congratulate Mrs. Hriniak’s homeroom for having the most Walk-a-Thon donations in 6th grade.  They will have a pizza party this coming week. 

This Wednesday marks the end of the 1st quarter. Go onto your child’s grade reports on Schoology and look to see if their grade is what they/you want it to be.  If they are not, look for missing assignments or things that can be re-done/remediated to bring the grade up.

 Lastly, Mr. Fritzinger  had yet another calculator  go missing on Friday and will no longer have them for use during class. If your child does not have their own calculator please see if you can get them one. The preferred calculator is the TI30xIIS;  should be about $10 at Target, Walmart, Staples etc. They also do have these for sale in the school store. Thank you.


Team Moravian (6th) – (Twitter @NMSTeam Moravian/Facebook@NMSTeamMoravian Team Leader Mrs. RoufakisSee our welcome letter on the NMS Website!  We had a great day celebrating all of the hard work being done. Students participated in games and other fun activities.  Please check in with your child about completing assignments on time.  The first quarter is coming to a close and we will continue taking points off for late work. Lastly, please make sure computers are being charged every night and the chargers are being brought to school. 


Team Kutztown (7th)(Twitter @TeamKutztown)  – English (Mr. Falteich) – The first quarter is now closed. This week’s focus will be on narrative poetry, figures of speech, and poetic sound devices. Social Studies (Mr. Danyi) – The focus will be on the US government and economy.  All assignments for the 4th quarter must be i by Monday morning.  The 50 States quiz will be next week. Math (Mrs. Evancho) – We will continue to look at ratios, rates and unit rates this week.  English (Mrs. Gómez)~Student’s next Novel Overview Form will be due on Wednesday, 11/17. We will be reading and discussing events from the story, “In the Year 1974” by Oscar Casares. Students will be mapping the main character’s journey through Texas. We will then start a poetry unit by reading “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe.  Science (Mr. Pearson) – This week students will learn how to measure density in the metric system and convert between temperature scales.  They will have a test on measuring in the metric system next week.


Team Penn State (7th) (Twitter @NMSPennState/Facebook @NMSTeamPennState/ Instagram pennstatenms Team Leader Mrs. Getz) DONATIONS NEEDED: Team Penn State is in need of gallon size baggies for our tie dying activity. If you are able, please send in a box with your child. Thank you in advance.  Mrs. Markovic (social studies) -.   The focus will be on the US government and economy.  All assignments for the 4th quarter must be i by Monday morning.  The 50 States quiz will be next week.. Mr. Downey (ELA) -We will be discussing Non-fiction reading strategies, text structures and main idea concepts.  Mrs. Getz (ELA) – BOOK LOGS DUE MONDAY. We have started argumentative writing, and are working on our introductions. Mrs Lafey (Math)Students in periods 3,6 and 9 are working with proportional relationships and have a quiz Wednesday on the first 4 sections of the unit.  This will be the first score for the 2nd quarter.  Students in periods 2 and 8 are finishing their unit on proportional relationships with a unit test on Monday which will be the last score for the 1st marking period.  Their next unit will be about percents and begin by reviewing how to convert between fractions, decimals and percents.  Mr. Khalife (Science) – This week we will be wrapping up the three base units and getting into talking about density. 


Team DeSales (8th) (Team Leader Mrs. Pogue):   Instagram @NMSTeamDSU8  END OF FIRST MARKING PERIOD IS ON WEDNESDAY 11/3! History:  We completed a discussion of dissent in the New England colonies, our next focus will be the growth of the Middle Colonies and the essential idea of equality that was born in Pennsylvania.    ELA: We are ready to assess how well you are understanding literary terms this week! Be prepared to review study for your test which will take place on Friday. We will start a new grammar rule: correcting run-ons and continuing to practice our previous rules as well.  We will also be reflecting on our progress for the first marking period through filming Flipgrids.


Team Northampton (8th) (Twitter @TeamSpartanNMS Team Leader Mrs. HoodSee our welcome letter on the NMS Website!    The Bethlehem Public Library offers FREE tutoring Monday through Friday from 4:00-6:00pm.  This AWESOME opportunity is put on by Moravian University students!  You can drop off your child for any length of time to get any help in any subject they may need!   Please email Mrs Hood or call the BAPL if you would like more information.  In Mrs. Wallach’s ELA class, we finished “The Monkey’s Paw” and comparing/contrasting across mediums. We are now reading Monster by Walter Dean Myers and will be focusing on characterization as we read excerpts from the novel. Continue to check Schoology for any updates and assignments. In Mrs. Hinkel’s ELA class, we are finalizing our drafts of our mysterious narratives.  Final drafts are due on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 8:30 am. We will then continue reading our new mystery, focusing on close reading and characterization. We will also continue working on our new comma rule..  Advanced Math / Math 8 students will continue our discussion / practice on finding How Many Solutions to an Equation and introduction to writing / solving equations from word problems.  Algebra 1 students will continue our discussion / practice on writing / graphing linear equations (three different forms).   In History, students will be collaborating on a body characterization project on the Middle Colonies most famous resident Benjamin Franklin.  To aid in their research, Mrs Werkheiser, our librarian, will be instructing our students on identifying credible websites to use and navigating LibGuides.  In Science, the students are learning about Atoms. We will continue to review this week with a quiz on Atoms on Friday. (11/5).    

Team Pitt: (Encore Health and PE, and All 30 day rotation classes) (Team Leader Mrs. Long) (Twitter @NMSTeamPitt) See our welcome letter on the NMS Website!   

Check out our twitter to see all of the Team PITT 30 day award winners.

Weinert is in health from 11/1-11/8


Family Consumer Science (FCS) – Students will be switching rooms on Friday, November 5. Mrs. Woodring’s students should bring in $7 for fabric ASAP. Please contact her if you have any questions about fabric money OR purchasing fabric independently. 


Team Bloomsburg (Encore World Language and Library) (Twitter @NMSBloomsburg / Team Leader Dr. Sierra)- Remember to check Schoology for any missing assignments and to email your teacher w/ any questions.  Six grade students do not switch languages until Dec.  Grade 7 and 8 are in their language for 2 years (all year long).


***Extracurricular Activities************************************************************************

Is your child interested in an after-school club or activity? Email the advisor for more information!


AM Basketball (Advisor Dr. Mayes) None at this time.  


Anime Club (Advisors Ms. Fehr/Mrs. Wallach)  Our next club meeting will be Monday, November 8, in room 104 after school from 3:05-4:00. New members are always welcome!


Art Club (Advisor Mrs. Lund). Art Club will be held afterschool on Mondays from 3:05-4:05 starting October 4. No more applications will be accepted …the spaces are filled ! Art Club will NOT meet on Monday Nov. 1, Nov. 22 and Nov. 29.


Artsmart @ Banana Factory (Advisor Mrs. Lare)  No news at this time.


Environmental Club (Advisor Ms. Stewart) The Environmental Club will host its next meeting on Monday, October 25th after school in room 013. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. We hope to see you there!


French Club(Advisor Mrs. Lare)  In honor of Halloween, French Club learned about The Paris Catacombs and Cities of the Dead in New Orleans. Fun but not for the faint of heart!  –  French Club is filled.


German Club (Advisor Mrs. Sofka) Frohes Oktoberfest!  German club will meet on Day 1 during Lion’s Pride. German club is full. This week we made Schultüte and enjoyed Back to School treats! Our next meeting is Friday, October 29 and we will be celebrating Oktoberfest!!!


Fitness Club ( Advisor Mrs. Oliver)  None at this time. 


FCS/DIY Club (Advisor Mrs. Hoffman) None at this time. 


Glee Club (Advisor Mrs. de Vries) (@ldevriesmusic) | Twitter Now accepting new members! No audition needed. Contact Mrs. de Vries. Please scroll down to the very bottom of the newsletter for more information and current schedules.  Click here to see our choral groups in action!


Intramurals (Advisor Mr. Ortwein)  None at this time. 


Lacrosse Intramurals: (Advisor Ms. Weinert ) Had a great first practice! Please make sure to look at the calendar for practices since they are not every day. 

Clothing Order: https://sportscenterusa.net/product-category/nitschmann-lacrosse/ (closes 11/2)

Lacrosse Intramurals 2021IMG_9164.JPG


Leadership Council (Advisor Mr. Kocon) ALL Students need to Register for the Walk-A-Thon!!! (See flyer above)


Lion Service Club (Advisor Mrs. McLaughlin)  Lion Service Club started this past week. We had a great kick off. Students still  interested in joining the Lion Service Club should pick up a permission slip and information sheet in Mrs. McLaughlin’s room 209. Lion Service Club will be after school the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month until 3:45. Hope to see you there. 


 Lion’s Pride (online school newspaper)  (Advisor   TBA)None at this time. 


Mathcounts (Advisor Mrs. Lafey

MathCounts is a nationwide mathematics enrichment and competition program.  Students in grades 6,7, and 8 are welcome to participate.  Students involved in MathCounts will have the opportunity to work both independently and with other students on challenging problems.  Our top students will earn the right to represent Nitschmann at the chapter competition in February where we face off against lots of other schools in the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos and have the opportunity to win awards like college scholarships. 


We meet on Thursdays after school in room 213 until 4:00.  New students are welcome!


This is the link to the information form (it can also be submitted on the paper students brought home). https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeBcDyBIlx9O4QlCOTgOXQB798KU8j_yrv-xLFHjU6NITE_sw/viewform?usp=sf_link


National Junior Honor Society  (Advisors Mrs. Wallach/Mrs. Druckenmiller) (Twitter-@Njhs_Nitschmann; Instagram- @Njhs_Nistchmann ) Our annual sidewalk clean-up was a great success. Thank you to all our volunteers for your help. 


Nitschmann Dramatics (Advisor Mrs. Hriniak) Rehearsals are until 5:00 unless otherwise noted.  Monday all cast.  Tuesday no rehearsal (no school). Wednesday no rehearsal (faculty meeting).  Thursday House until 4:00 and Crew until 5:00.  Friday all cast.  Check your email for details and updates!


Nitschmann Singers (Advisor Mrs. de Vries) (@ldevriesmusic) | Twitter Please scroll down to the very bottom of the newsletter for more information and current schedules.


Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) (Advisor TBA) None at this time. 


Photography Club (Advisor Ms. Krause) Photography Club will meet after school every Monday from 3:05- 4:05. We need 4 photography club members to volunteer to help photograph the 100th Bethlehem Halloween Parade with NMS. Parent permission is required. Contact Ms. Krause for details. We will not meet November 1st, 22nd or 29th.

Reading Olympics (Advisor – Mrs. Nonnemacher  )   We have an awesome group of students from all three grade levels and are looking forward to a great year!! We will continue meeting Wednesdays after school until 4:00 P.M. in the library. See Mrs. Nonnemacher, Mr. Pearson or Mrs Wekheiser in the library if you have any questions.


Riding for Focus (Advisors Mr. MillerMr. Bellucci, and Mrs. GetzAttention experienced riders: We will meet Monday morning during period 1 at the high top tables on the first floor to discuss details about riding in the Halloween Parade. You must have completed the program last year or in the summer in order to participate in the parade. See Mr. Miller or Mrs. Getz with any questions. 


The Lion’s Den School Store  (Advisors Ms. Roufakis & Mrs. Evancho) If you are interested in working at the school store, please fill in this application https://forms.gle/47drkQ2612wpD6CE8 We will be opening the store soon.


**Ski & Snowboard Club (Advisors Mr. Downey and Mrs. Druckenmiller) –You can register for your group and purchase passes until October 31st at the link below.  After October 31, you may sign up, but the prices may change. Lessons may be purchased throughout the season, but must be purchased at least 48 hours in advance.



Spanish Club  (Advisor Dra. Sierra)- We will meet during activity periods on Day 1 and Wednesdays until 4:15 pm.  Congrats to Luis- our club president.  We will be discussing Día de Los Muertos this week and next week.


Student Lighthouse ( Advisors Mr. Kocon / Mrs. McLaughlin / Mrs Markovitz)-


Step Team (Advisor Dra. Sierra)  –   Practices are Monday and Tuesday in front of the Auditorium from 3:05- 4:15. Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Step Team.  Turn in your permission slips.


Strategy Club (Advisor Mr. Kehler) Strategy Club has started!! We meet Mondays after school in the Large Group room by the Cafeteria.  Join us for Play and/or Discussions of Board Games both Classic and New; RPG, Card, and any other games.  Teachers, you are welcome to join us to enjoy a level playing field interaction with your students.


Yearbook (Advisor Mrs. Markovic & Mrs. Gomez)-Love to draw? Show off your artistic ability and creativity by entering the 2021-22 yearbook cover contest. Please include our theme of 100 years of Nitschmann in your artwork. 

~The winner will not only see their artwork on the cover of this year’s book, but also win a free yearbook. 

~Please submit your artwork to Mrs. Gómez or Mrs. Markovic in rooms 204 or 215. 


***Lions/Lady Lions Athletics Updates (Twitter @NMS_Athletics)*****************************************



Cheerleading (Head Coach Mrs. Long kllong@basdschools.org)

Practice Tuesday and Wednesday 3:05-4:30. 



Boys Football (Head Coach Mr. Shemanski  mshemanski@basdschools.org; Asst. Coach Mr. Villani, mvillani@basdschools.org


Co-Ed Cross Country (Head Coach Miss Schwartz lschwartz@basdschools.org)

Girls Volleyball (Head Coach Mrs. Hinkel ahinkel@basdschools.org)

  • Mark your player’s calendar: Friday, Nov 5 from 3:05 pm – 5pm
  • The student vs. faculty volleyball game is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 5.  The game will be held from 3:05 -4:15 pm.  We will then have an ice cream social with the team to wrap up the season until 5pm..  This is a” team only” event at this time.


Girls Field Hockey (Mr. Burzynski bburzynski@basdschools.org)

  • Hello Lady Lions!
  • Job well done taking out the Chargers at our night game and ending our season on a high note! 
  • You can turn in your Nitschmann uniforms into me in room 002 (on your way to encore or health) at any time this week or next. Place the washed jersey and skirt in a shopping bag and I will use the jersey number to check your return. All uniforms must be returned by the End of the Season Celebration, November 17th (see details below)
  • Some of you may be interested in winter practices or league play. I am in the processing of looking into options and I will email when I get more information. 
  • We will be having an End-of-the-Season Celebration in Nitschmann’s Cafe after school on November 17th. I will provide pizza for the girls but I ask that each member sign up to bring a small something to help with the party. Look for the Sign-up Genius in another email.



  • It’s that time of year again for sports physicals for the upcoming 2021-2022 season.  There will be a night of free physicals offered at Liberty High School. Liberty High School Physicals will be held on Tuesday, October 26th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the AUX GYM.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0944AAA92FA7FA7-basd1 
  • Notes:
    • PIAA Physicals packet must be completed and brought to your sport’s physical exam.
    • We will not be accepting walk-ups.  You MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. 
    • Masks MUST be worn
    • Students who have had COVID-19 in the past 90 days, must see their Primary care physician for sports physical before returning to competitive sports. 
    • Below is the link for the sign-up genius to make your appointment at Liberty High School.  


Boys MS Basketball (Head Coach Mr. Wills)

Intramural basketball will be held after school from 3:15 to 4:30 on:

      Mon. Nov. 15 7th grade boys

      Tues. Nov. 16 8th grade boys

      Wed. Nov. 17 7th grade boys

      Thurs. Nov. 18 8th grade boys


Tryouts will be held on:

Fri. Nov 19th from 3:15 to 4:00.

Sat. Nov. 20th from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Split sessions.

Mon. Nov. 22nd from 3:15 to 5:00

Tues. Nov. 23rd from 12:15 to 2:15

Cuts made after Nov. 23rd tryout.


Girls MS Basketball (Head Coach Mr. Ortwein jortwein@basdschools.org)

Boys & Girls LHS HS Wrestling (Head Coach Mr. Hall)



Girls MS Softball (Head Coach Mr. Kocon ekocon@basdschools.org)

Co-Ed MS Soccer (Head Coach Mr. Rodenbach srodenbach@basdschools.org )


 ***Nitschmann Middle School Performing Arts Department Updates**************************************


Nitschmann Middle School Instrumental Music Website (Click Here!)

Mr. Daniel Zettlemoyer, Instrumental Music 





Sunday, October 31

Bethlehem Halloween Parade – Report to Nitschmann at 12pm

Monday, November 1

Early morning band 7:15am – *Students need their bell covers and playing masks

Tuesday, November 2


Wednesday, November 3

Early morning jazz band 7:15am *Students need their bell covers and playing masks

Thursday, November 4

Early morning band 7:15am – *Students need their bell covers and playing masks

Friday, November 5

    Early morning orchestra 7:15am

Saturday, November 6

Matey’s pizza delivery 10-11am.





Saturday, November 6 – Matey’s Pizza Sale Pickup

Friday, November 12 – Fall Bingo TBD

Wednesday, November 17 – NIMAS General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, December 1 – Winter Flower Sale Delivery

Friday, December 3 – Carl’s Corner hoagie coupon orders are due

Wednesday, December 8 – Winter Jazz band & orchestra concert









Parent Volunteers:

Parents, we are in need of volunteers for upcoming events during October and the remainder of the year. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR BACKGROUND CHECKS on file in the Nitschmann office in order to volunteer.

Click on the following link to find information on what clearances you need and how to apply for them.




The general membership meeting minutes from September 22 have been posted to your Cut Time profile under the FILES/DOCS tab, NIMAS General Membership Meeting Minutes, and then find the month you are looking for.



Gertrude Hawk Candy Fundraiser  – Click for details

Grocery store gift cards – GIANT, WEIS, SHOPRITE – Click for details

Gift cards are sold in $100 increments. $4 of every $100 purchased goes to your child’s fair share account.  Contact Jennifer Roan at 610-509-9776 or jenlroan15@gmail.com

Matey’s Pizza Delivery is November 6 from 10-11am.


Wawa Shorti Hoagie Coupons – Click for details

$4 for each coupon

$1 of each coupon goes to your child’s fair share account.

Contact Jennifer Roan at 610-509-9776 or jenlroan15@gmail.com


Winter flower and wreath sale – Click for details.  Orders due November 12.  Delivery is December 1




The Nitschmann Instrumental Music Association is now part of the Amazon Smile program.

Now you can shop at Amazon, get great deals and support the Nitschmann Instrumental Music Association all at the same time.   Please share this with your friends and family.

You shop. Amazon gives.

  • Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.
  • AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.
  • Support your charitable organization by starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com
  • Questions? Learn more about AmazonSmile

Directions on how to sign up can be found at http://www.nmsim.org/nimas/fundraising/



Nitschmann Choral Music Mrs. de Vries, Glee Club & Nitschmann Singers director (@ldevriesmusic) | Twitter

Do you or someone you know love to sing? Would you like to learn how to become a better singer to participate in things like Nitschmann dramatics? Would you like to make new friends? Then join the Nitschmann Glee Club! Click here to see our choral groups in action! Glee Club rehearses every Tues.,Wed. and Thurs .at 7:15 AM in room 141. Instrumental students are excused to attend their rehearsals. We also rehearse during Lion’s Pride time, every day 1. Nitschmann Singers is our smaller, auditioned ensemble that sings more challenging repertoire.They have their own rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-4:00 PM. All Nitschmann Singers are also Glee Club members. Nitschmann Singers attend Glee Club rehearsal every Wednesday morning at 7:15 AM and also during Lion’s Pride on day 1. See this week’s schedule below.


Monday, October 4

No rehearsal

Tuesday, October 5

Glee Club 7:15am (All Glee members unless in orchestra)

No Nitschmann Singers due to early dismissal

Wednesday, October 6

Glee Club 7:15am (All Nitschmann Singers and Glee members unless in jazz)

Thursday, October 7

Glee Club 7:15am (All Glee members unless in band)

Nitschmann Singers 3-4pm

Friday, October 1 

No rehearsals