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Third Grade Supplies

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Classroom Supplies:

❏ 1 pack of EXPO thin & 1 pack of thick dry erase markers
❏ 2 boxes of tissues
❏ Highlighters
❏ 1 pack of glue sticks

Student Supplies:

❏ 1 one-inch hard-cover binder
❏ 1 pack of Sharpened pencils
❏ White/ Pink Square Eraser
❏ Headphones or earbuds (place in baggie with name)
❏ 1 red Reading folder
❏ 1 blue Math folder
❏ 1 yellow Writing folder
❏ 1 Science/Social Studies folder
❏ 1 Green Classwork folder
❏ 1 sturdy homework folder
❏ 2 single subject spiral notebook
❏ Crayola Crayons (24 crayons packs only – NO larger crayon boxes, please)
❏ 1 pack of colored pencils
❏ Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division flash cards (for at home

Students are expected to ALWAYS have an independent reading book with them at school and a sharpened pencil.

Please make sure your child does NOT bring the following to school:

toys, mechanical pencils, pens, pencil pouch/boxes or larger crayon boxes.

Please make sure your items are labeled with your name.

Thank you!