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Classroom Mission Statement

We are Mrs. Shuler’s fifth-grade hard-working leaders. All of us are talented in different ways. As fifth-graders, we want to accomplish our goals by listening and learning as much as we can. We want to show the younger students that we are leaders. We want to be successful people in the future by being the best we can be. Our plan is to be hard-working role models while still having fun. We hope to work in a career that we love. As we prepare to leave Calypso, we will continue to strive to be our best. By making mistakes, learning from them, and trying again, we will succeed. Every day we will work hard and study. Even when we don’t want to do something, we should always be responsible for our actions. This will give us the drive and confidence we need to keep going. Because we are Mrs. Shuler’s hard-working leaders, no one is going to stop us!


Contact Information

  • Position Title: 3rd Grade
  • Location: https://sites.google.com/basdschools.org/ashuler/home
  • E-mail address: ashuler@basdschools.org