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DoneganWelcome to Donegan Elementary School: A Community School

Donegan Elementary School is a place of realized potential that offers students the opportunity to learn and grow.  It is a place that offers challenging work.  It is a place that heals children with trust, caring, and forgiveness.  It is a place that forgives the mistakes of growing up.  It is a place of realized potential opening itself to change and keeps an open mind to the fact that potential is a mystery.

The staff at Donegan Elementary School continues to focus on the potential of our students.  Helping students reach their potential requires three simple steps:  relationships, meeting students’ needs, and teaching in interesting and practical ways.

Erin Medina, Principal


Our Mission Statement 📣

At Donegan, I am empowered to be a lifelong learner and future leader in my community, using my heart, my mind, and my body.