• Thomas Jefferson Elementary School


The kids at T.J. are terrific!

Just read these quotes from the following writing prompt.

How can I “Bee”come a leader this year at T.J.?

“Not pushing in the hallway.”     Eric Newell, Kindergarten – Mrs. Weikert’s classroom

“I can show my manners and be respectful.”     Gavin Gallahan, Kindergaten – Mrs. Meyer’s classroom

“Be kind.”     Miah Arias, First Grade – Mrs. Scholl

“I will be a leader by raising my hand and helping everyone.”     Yofaidenis Diaz Perdomo, First Grade – Ms. Ziegler

“Be kind, be good, be helpful, get good grades, be your best, do your best.”     Ciarra Rodriguez, Second Grade – Mrs. Butler

“I can stop bullying in every way. I can be nice and respectful. I can be generous. I can be a good listener. I can be helpful.”     Ciara Zavala, Second Grade – Ms. Fenstermacher

“I can listen, I can behave, and I can be a good role model for other people.”     Ilyaha Rodriguez, Third Grade – Mr. Lesh

“I can be a leader by listening and following directions because I want to set a good example for the first graders and kindergarteners.”     Miryam Juma, Third Grade – Ms. McIntyre

“I can be helpful to my friends.”     Adam Fertich – Mrs. McCall

“I could become a leader by listening to instructions, doing my work, and like my parents always told me, ‘Think one step ahead of the game.’ “     Paula Jimenez, Fourth Grade – Ms. Rhyner

“Help people. Don’t be mean or bossy to people.  Respect other people.  Follow rules and make sure other students follow rules.  Share crayons and stuff like that.”     Martha Signes, Fourth Grade – Mrs. Stein-Miller

“I can become a leader this year at T.J. by showing the Kindergarteners the ‘Way to Bee’ in the hallway.  Also, by being respectful to others.  Lastly, by being responsible.”  Damon Young, Fifth Grade – Mrs. Grube

“To ‘Bee’come a leader at T.J. I will pay attention in class and be responsible for my actions.  I will do good deeds without someone needing to tell me to.  I will become a leader this year!”     Edward Whitehead, Fifth Grade – Mrs. Hozza

Note: Slight grammatical changes made.


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