Home / For Parents: How to Access Clever for District Online Learning


This document is to help parents navigate the online instructional applications available within the Bethlehem Area School District through Clever (for elementary students).

  1. Go to district website: https://www.basdschools.org/    

2. Hover over the words “For Students” on the navigation bar.

3. Click on the word “Clever”.


How To Log In to Clever with a Clever Badge/QR Code

  1. If your child has a Clever badge with a QR code, click on the blue and white icon with the word “Clever”. 

2. A pop-up will appear on your screen indicating that Clever wants to use your camera. Click “Allow”.

Your child will likely be able to follow the rest of the steps on his/her own, but just for you to know, here is the next step…

Now you can see yourself on the screen. Hold up the QR code until a green check appears. Once you see the you will be taken right to Clever.

How To Log In to Clever with a BASD Username and Password  

  1. Follow Steps 1 – 3 on Page 1.  If your student uses a BASD Username and Password, or if your student’s QR code is not working, click on the “Log in with Active Directory” button.  

2. You will be prompted to enter a Username and Password.  The Username is the student’s school email without the “@basdschools.org”. Enter both and click “Sign In” and you will be taken to your student’s Clever page.   

***NOTE:  Every student’s page will look similar to this, but will have different apps based on their grade level and classroom.