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English Learners (ELs) at the middle school level receive instruction in their home schools. In keeping with the district’s teaming concept in the middle schools, all ELs are assigned to traditional academic teams. 

Students at the Entering (Level 1) and Emerging (Level 2) proficiency levels are part of an academic learning team that provides extensive interaction between the ESOL specialists and the teachers who deliver content area instruction. The students receive Literacy Development and ELA classes taught by ESOL specialists. When possible, content area teachers are supported by an ESOL teacher or a bilingual instructional assistant/language guide. 

Students at the Developing (Level 3) and Expanding (Level 4) levels of English proficiency can be scheduled for up to two periods of ESOL instruction depending on their needs. Some students receive ELA instruction in a traditional classroom. All receive traditional instruction in mathematics, science, and social studies with native English speakers.

All middle school students in the English acquisition program attend lunch, homeroom, activity periods, physical education, industrial arts, home economics, art, and music with their English-speaking peers. Level 1 and 2 ELs are often assigned peer assistants and do not receive instruction in a foreign language.