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Welcome to Freemansburg! Freemansburg Elementary School is one of sixteen Bethlehem Area School District Elementary Schools.

BASD is committed to the complete formation of our students. Through a comprehensive “Road Map to Excellence”, the district has effectively planned to ensure our students graduate with an educational experience that teaches development,  life-long learning, character development, and the opportunity to serve.

Every school has its own culture. Culture is hard to measure, but it is often described as the “feeling” you get when you walk in. My favorite description of Freemansburg E.S’s culture was shared with me by a visitor to the building. This particular visitor was familiar with many local elementary schools, they said, “Freemansburg’s staff is so flexible! The staff doesn’t think that all students need the same thing, they give each child what the child needs to be successful.” As a principal committed to ensuring every child learns, I couldn’t hope for more.

This school year we will be concentrating on the new district initiative, RBG3, or “Reading By Grade 3”. To support this effort the district has provided 8-10 chromebooks for every classroom, multiple professional developments, increased curricular resources and more!  Our teachers have been working hard all summer to prepare.

To complement the literacy initiative, our 3rd through 5th grades will be participating in a district wide First in Math study. The district has partnered with Sunguard to study the positive improvements regular “First in Math” usage has on student achievement.  We look forward to helping the students achieve complete mathematics mastery.

The entire school community also looks forward to our third year as a “Leader in Me” school. This year we will continue to work on Student Notebooks, Classroom Mission Statements, and “Leadership Jobs”. We will also be looking forward to February’s student-led conferences. The students will be using their “Leader in Me Notebooks” to led the conference, discussing their growth.

We look forward to continuing to meet the needs of our students and community. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Michael Alogna