Toys For Tots

Student Leadership Council is kicking off a school wide fundraiser with Toys for Tots. Families are welcome to donate a toy for any age and bring it to school unwrapped. Please donate before December 10th.
Students that donate will get a little prize from Toys from Tots! Thank you for your kindness!
Any questions email

Husky Hike Recap

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic and most successful Husky Hike this year!! Together, we raised $17,685!
The winner of the extra recess for the most envelopes returned by the due date is Ms. Semler’s class with 74%. Following close behind were Ms. Kovacs class with 72% returned, and Mrs. Krueger’s class with 71% returned by the due date. And because this year’s Hike was the most successful, every class will get an extra recess for all the laps everyone did!


The Grand Prize Pajama Party Luncheon will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 16th. Any child who raised $150 or more will be receiving an invitation next week. The number of winners of the beach balls and the winner of the gift card raffle is still being processed. And just a reminder that Tuesday, 11/16, is Pajama Day for the whole school! So wear your best PJs and bring your comfy slippers to celebrate your successful Hike!

Joanna de Jesus-Fenicle, and Sarah and Jeremy Moore

  Husky Hike Co-Chairs
Husky Hike Co-Chairs

Our vision for Miller Heights Elementary is that we are a school
where we strive to empower every child to realize their true
academic potential. Achievement is promoted by instilling in
students a respect for learning, a confidence in their abilities, and
pride in always giving their best efforts. We believe this is possible
when we provide an environment where each child is a member of a
caring community, and respect is mutual. In this community,
students are encouraged to discover their own strengths as well as
recognize those of others, and all are celebrated.

We are kind friends.
We are respectful.
We are responsible learners.
We are Huskies!