Check out the pictures from the 5th grade track meets over the years:

A message from the Miller Heights PTO:


Congratulations to our 5th grade class!  Best Wishes in middle school!

Field Trip Chaperone Info

If you would like to be a chaperone on your child’s field trip or volunteer in the school as well, you will need to complete your clearances if you haven’t already done so in the past.  Here is the link to get started with the paperwork:


Our vision for Miller Heights Elementary is that we are a school
where we strive to empower every child to realize their true
academic potential. Achievement is promoted by instilling in
students a respect for learning, a confidence in their abilities, and
pride in always giving their best efforts. We believe this is possible
when we provide an environment where each child is a member of a
caring community, and respect is mutual. In this community,
students are encouraged to discover their own strengths as well as
recognize those of others, and all are celebrated.

We are kind friends.
We are respectful.
We are responsible learners.
We are Huskies!