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Thank you to so many of our parents and families that came out in honor of BASD Education week. It was great to see each and every one of you light up your child’s face when they saw you in attendance.

As another great week begins, several of our classes go on field trips this week. Our 4th graders travel to Freemansburg on Tuesday for a very special Tales of the Towpath trip which enhances our social studies curriculum. Not to be outdone, on Friday several (but not all)  of our 1st grade classrooms go on a trip to the Wildlands Conservancy and get close to nature.

Other minor events this week include our monthly fire drill which will happen on Wednesday, and we do have a soft pretzel sale. In short, students can purchase a soft pretzel here at school. They have to pay and order in advance (by Wednesday….it costs $1), and they get the pretzel on Friday. You do not have to participate…it is totally up to each child. Some students do one month, and not another, there is never any pressure any way you choose (and this way you know the real story parents if your child says they NEED a dollar for school 🙂  ).

Have a great week everyone!!