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What is the Student Assistance Program (SAP)?

In Pennsylvania, every school must have a Student Assistance Program (SAP). Our SAP team is comprised of school and community agency staff. We are here to help you access school and community services.

If your child is having trouble in or out of school, we can help you. There may be times when you just don’t know how to help your child. That’s okay; someone else may know how to help.

Don’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about asking for help. When extra help is needed, knowing how and where to find help can be overwhelming.

Anyone can make a referral to our SAP Team. All referrals are confidential. Click here to make an online referral.

Do You See Your Child Showing Any of These Behaviors?

  • Sudden drop in grades
  • Frustration over failure
  • Withdrawing from friends
  • Unexplained physical injuries
  • Talking about suicide
  • Depression
  • Defying authority (at home and at school)
  • Acting aggressively or acting out
  • Experimenting with drugs or alcohol

Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Reaction To:

  • Recent death of a loved one
  • Separation or Divorce of parents
  • Family relocation
  • Traumatic event

Please note. If you are concerned about the immediate health, safety or welfare (i.e. signs of suicidal ideation, possession of a weapon, etc.) of the person, please call 911 for assistance.