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February 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian:

If your child is scheduled to graduate on June 6, 2017, there are a few items that need to be considered.  First, we are in the process of finalizing our order for graduation diplomas.  It is important that we place the accurate name and spelling on each diploma.  As a result, your child’s name will be printed on the diploma exactly as it appears on the envelope.  We do use their legal name but if you would like that modified (e.g. middle name spelled out, part of the name capitalized or accent marks added),  please have your child fill out a form in the Principal’s Office no later than February 24.  After that date, we cannot guarantee that any changes can be made as the names will have been submitted to the printer.

Second, your child should have already ordered their cap and gown and graduation announcements.  If they have not, they must see Mrs. Batista in SSC office 800 as soon as possible. They should contact their guidance counselor with any questions.

Third, class dues of $120 must be paid in order to attend the prom.  Senior Breakfast, your child’s yearbook, and their cap and gown fees are included in the class dues total.  Payment can be made before or after school to Mrs. Wetzel or Mrs. Bieber in either room 023 or room 328 before or after school.

Finally, in May, another letter will be sent with details on senior exams, graduation rehearsals, cap and gown distribution and tickets. Please share this information with your child.  We look forward to working together toward a memorable commencement experience on June 6.


Harrison Bailey, III

Principal, Liberty High School