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Welcome to Liberty High School’s Student Service Center (SSC) Home Page. The purpose of this web site is to provide students and parents with the opportunity to gather information and receive assistance offered by Liberty High School’s 4 service centers from the convenience of the internet. We realize that busy schedules do not always allow for a visit when our offices are open, so now you can get the help you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just sit back, click, and get guidance.

Visit the LHS Guidance Directory

Download the LHS Postsecondary Planning Guide 2020-21

LHS/FHS Virtual College Webinar Series:

Below are the recordings from this year’s webinar series that was held for rising sophomore and junior year parents. Please reach out to your student’s individual school counselor if you have any specific questions.

Naviance – Naviance and Family Connection opens a whole new door for students to explore and create a life plan focusing around career exploration, college searches, personal strength’s assessments, goal setting, school-wide surveys, and much more!
The “portal” that our families and students will use is called Family Connection. It is a web-based resource for students and parents that encourages and supports post high school career and college planning. Family Connection is linked with Naviance, the “portal” that Counselors, Teachers, Administrators, and Staff will use to connect with students.
Some of the things Naviance can do for your son/daughter include:

  • Signing up for college visits
  • SuperMatch College Search
  • Resume Builder
  • Career Interest Profiler Survey

In order to search for scholarships, learn when colleges will be sending representatives to visit Liberty, or learn about enrichment programs, please visit Naviance. On the LHS website go to ‘Parents & Students,’ select ‘Naviance Guest Access.’  From there, guests will be prompted to search for their school by name or zip code. Since there is more than one Liberty High School in the country, search by zip code 18018 and select ‘Liberty High School.’ from the drop down menu. Finally select ‘Guest’ access all the way to the right, NOT parent/guardian access.