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2013 graduate of Liberty, Lalitha Adury returned this morning to share her experiences living in Southeast Asia (Malaysia) for this past year as a Fulbright Scholar. She graduated from American University in D.C. with a degree in International Relations. She graduated college in 3 years because she took AP courses and AP tests which totaled 33 credits for her. She saved about $30,000 for a semester! She shared that her AP courses at Liberty HS prepared her for her course load at American.

Lalitha shared that she always had much respect for her teachers, and after teaching in Malaysia this past year working with high school students…she has even MORE RESPECT for everything we do as educators.

Lalitha created a wonderful video of her experiences and shared pictures with Dr. Draper’s AP Psych students. The students asked her very interesting questions – it really was such an enjoyable experience. Lalitha is such an effective speaker!