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Two of twenty-two students awarded the scholarship nationally, Deidrian Montes and Jake Otto, both Juniors at Liberty, have just been announced as fellows of the “Studienbrücke” (Study Bridge program) sponsored by the Goethe Institute.

The Studienbrücke program is both STEM and language-centered.  After their Junior year, students spend several weeks in the summer in Göttingen, Germany.  There, they will take German classes, experience life in Germany, and receive STEM-specific preparation in the language.

Scholarship recipient students will receive extracurricular language courses during their senior year in preparation for a difficult language entry exam. After graduation, students spend a GAP year after they graduate, living with a German family and attending a German Gymnasium (high school).

Then, these students begin their STEM studies at one of Germany’s prestigious universities.  The university experience in Germany is FREE, and this sort of study involves internships that are designed to lead to employment after the completion of university.

To be awarded the “Studienbrücke” program scholarship, Montes and Otto had to interview and demonstrate above average abilities both linguistically AND in STEM.