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The Bethlehem Area School District is committed to providing both an equitable and rigorous curriculum in preparation for the evolving professions of the twenty-first century. While every high school course has been designed with equity and rigor in mind, the Advance Placement and honors courses specially are intended to provide more breadth, depth of knowledge, and often move at a faster pace. As students and parents examine these expectations, the following should be noted:

  1. The recommended process for entry into Advanced Placement and Honors courses have been put into place in order to give our students the greatest chance for success in the courses.
  2. Students who, in consultation with their parents and teachers, agree to meet the challenge of an Advanced Placement and/or Honors course will be scheduled accordingly.
  3. Advanced Placement and Honors courses receive a weighted average grade point value.

*Please see additional information for specific courses in each section.

Prior to Admission to Advanced Placement and Honors Courses:

  1. Students must express intent to enroll in the AP or Honors course.
  1. Student must possess willingness to meet the rigors of the course.
Data Review will occur with a focus on advanced or proficient standardized test results, final course grades, and attendance.

Honors and AP Summer Suggested Summer reading Packets


(updated 06.07.21)

Foreign Language


GeRMAN – Summer Practice

Spanish IV Honors

You may also go to conjuguemos.com, select Spanish, and review any verbs tensess.


Honors Chemistry – Practice Packet

AP Chemistry – Practice Packet