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Mr. Rick Amato, Principal email: Mr. Amato
Mrs. Nancy Zoudeh, Assistant Principal email: Mrs. Zoudeh

Community School
Mrs. Alicia Creazzo, Community School email: Mrs. Creazzo
Mr. Winston Alozie, After School Programs email: Mr. Alozie

Mrs. Latoyia Small, Secretary to the Principal email: Mrs. Small
Mrs. Clara Loria, Student Services Secretary email: Mrs. Loria
Ms. Janet DeJesus, Guidance Secretary email: Ms. DeJesus

Ms. Shayla Adams, Grade 6 email: Ms. Adams
Ms. Courtney Becker, French email: Ms. Becker
Mrs. Tatiana Berrios, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Berrios
Mr. Nathan Borso, Grade 7 email: Mr. Borso
Mrs. Dawn Bothwell, Librarian email: Mrs. Bothwell
Mrs. Jane Carr, TV Studio email: Mrs. Carr
Mrs. Lori Cirucci, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Cirucci
Ms. Alyssa Clements, Grade 7 email: Ms. Clements
Mr. Chad Correll, Health, Physical Education email: Mr. Correll
Ms. Deborah Cruz, Grade 7 email: Ms. Cruz
Mr. Drew Daubert, Technology email: Mr. Daubert
Mrs. Susan Diaz, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Diaz
Mr. Anthony Figueroa, Spanish email: Mr. Figueroa
Mr. Kyle Greenleaf, Grade 7 email: Mr. Greenleaf
Mr. TJ Heimsoth, Grade 6 email: Mr. Heimsoth
Ms. Christina Isernia, Grade 8 email: Ms. Isernia
Dr. Melissa Kamyab, Reading Specialist email: Dr. Kamyab
Mrs. Jody Kelly, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Kelly
Ms. Rebecca Keptner, Grade 8 email: Ms. Keptner
Mrs. Gina Kutz, Reading Specialist email: Mrs. Kutz
Ms. Michaela Lukasik Grade 7 email: Ms. Lukasik
Mr. Matthew Lyons, Grade 6 email: Mr. Lyons
Mr. Jose Medina, Grade 7 email: Mr. Medina
Ms. Nancy Montanari, Grade 6 email: Ms. Montanari
Mrs. Melissa Mouchref, Grade 7 email: Mrs. Mouchref
Mr. Ali Nabavian, Grade 7 email: Mr. Nabavian
Mr. Wayne Neveling, Technology email: Mr. Neveling
Mrs. Heather Newhard, Grades 6-8 email: Mrs. Newhard
Mr. Michael O’Connell, Grade 8 email: Mr. O’Connell
Mrs. Kathleen Packo, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Packo
Mrs. Lisa Pfizenmayer, Health, Physical Education email: Mrs. Pfizenmayer
Mr. Brett Podhyski, Grade 8 email: Mr. Podhyski
Ms. Rose Poskay, Grade 6 email: Ms. Poskay
Ms. Amy Putlock, Music email: Ms. Putlock
Mr. Timothy Schomaker, Grade 6 email: Mr. Schomaker
Mrs. Kelly Simpson, Guidance email: Mrs. Simpson
Mr. John Sitaras, Special Education email: Mr. Sitaras
Ms. Rose Smisco, Grade 6 email: Ms. Smisco
Mrs. Kristin Sobrinski, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Sobrinski
Ms. Damaris Soto, Guidance email: Ms. Soto
Mr. Adam Stoltz, Instrumental Music email: Mr. Stoltz
Mrs. Cindy Stulb, Grade 7 email: Mrs. Stulb
Mr. Joshua Tosado, Grade 7 e:mail Mr. Tosado
Ms. Lynn Vento, Grade 8 e-mail Ms. Vento
Mrs. Tammy Watson-Dziedzic, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Watson-Dziedzic
Mr. Michael Weiss, Grade 7 email: Mr. Weiss
Ms. Brittany Williams, Grade 8 email: Ms. Williams
Mrs. Karen Wilmore, Grade 7 email: Mrs. Wilmore
Ms. Amanda Yeakel, Grade 8 email: Ms. Yeakel
Ms. Stacy Zellner, Art email: Ms. Zellner

Mrs. Melissa Aclo, Communities in Schools email: Mrs. Aclo
Mr. Cameron Angstadt, Athletic Trainer
Mrs. Kathy Arbogast, Speech & Language Therapist e-mail: Mrs. Arbogast
Ms. Megan Hoppes, School Psychologist e-mail: Ms. Hoppes
Mrs. Laura Martin, Technology Integration Specialist email: Mrs. Martin
Officer Rodriguez, School Resource Officer email: Officer Rodriguez
Mrs. Regina Schaeffer, School Nurse email: Mrs. Schaeffer
Ms. Michelle Korcienski, Associate Nurse email: Ms. Korcienski

Teacher Assistants
Mrs. Jayne Cressman, Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Barb Chandler, Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Yaraievette Fernandez, Teacher Assistant
Ms. Cindy Foxe, Teacher Assistant
Ms. Maryann Turanchik, Teacher Assistant

Mr. Michael Sule, Head Custodian e-mail: Mr. Sule
Mr. Jose Diaz, Custodian

IU 20
Multidisabilities Class