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Mr. Brandon Horlick, Principal email: Mr. Horlick
Miss Nicole Bouhana, Assistant Principal email: Miss Bouhana
Mrs. Jennifer Cierech, Assistant Principal email: Mrs. Cierech

Community School
Community School Coordinator email:
Mrs. Halina John, CIS Site Coordinator email: Mrs. John

Mrs. Latoyia Small, Secretary to the Principal email: Mrs. Small
Mrs. Yuderka Vasquez-Tatis, Student Services Secretary e-mail: Mrs. Vasquez-Tatis
Mrs. Lisa Soto, Guidance Secretary email: Mrs. Soto

Ms. Kari Bennett, Technology email: Ms. Bennett
Mrs. Dawn Bothwell, Librarian email: Mrs. Bothwell
Ms. Jamielynn Burgio, Grade 6 email: Ms. Burgio
Ms. Deborah Cruz, French email: Ms. Cruz
Ms. Morgan Danilovicz, Grade 7 email: Ms. Danilovicz
Ms. Erica Delgado, Grade 8 email: Ms. Delgado
Mrs. Christina Diernbach, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Diernbach
Ms. Taylor Eadline, Grade 6 email: Ms. Eadline
Mr. Charles Falteich, Grade 6 email: Mr. Falteich
Ms. Morgan Farber, Grade 7 email: Ms. Farber
Ms. Fernanda Ferolie, Grade 6 email: Ms. Ferolie
Ms. Alyssa Gammel, Grade 6 email: Ms. Gammel
Mr. Jacob Gourley, Grade 7 email: Mr. Gourley
Mr. Kyle Greenleaf, Grade 7 email: Mr. Greenleaf
Mr. Joseph Guido, Emotional Support Room email: Mr. Guido
Mr. T.J. Heimsoth, Grade 6 email: Mr. Heimsoth
Ms. Nicole Housel, Grade 6 email: Ms. Housel
Mr. Michael Humes, Grade 6 email: Mr. Humes
Ms. Rebecca Keptner, Grade 8 email: Ms. Keptner
Ms. Diana Krupka, Grade 7 email: Ms. Krupka
Mrs. Gina Kutz, Reading Specialist email: Mrs. Kutz
Mr. Nicholas Laudenslager, TV Studio email: Mr. Laudenslager
Ms. Haley Lawrence, Grade 8 email: Ms. Lawrence
Ms. Megan Lillie, Guidance email: Ms. Lillie
Ms. Michaela Lukasik Grade 7 email: Ms. Lukasik
Mr. Matthew Lyons, Grade 6 email: Mr. Lyons
Mrs. Heather Newhard, Grades 6-8 email: Mrs. Newhard
Mr. Michael O’Connell, Grade 8 email: Mr. O’Connell
Mr. John Peters, Art email: Mr. Peters
Mrs. Lisa Pfizenmayer, Health, Physical Education email: Mrs. Pfizenmayer
Mr. Brett Podhyski, Grade 8 email: Mr. Podhyski
Ms. Amy Putlock, Music email: Ms. Putlock
Mrs. Helene Raymond email: Mrs. Raymond
Mrs. Brittany Reese, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Reese
Ms. Brielle Reier, Grade 7 email: Ms. Reier
Mr. Derek Salzgiver, Health, Physical Education email: Mr. Salzgiver
Ms. Sarah Schaffer, Grade 6 email: Ms. Schaffer
Mr. Timothy Schomaker, Grade 6 email: Mr. Schomaker
Ms. Staci Shortell, Grade 7 email: Ms. Shortell
Mrs. Kelly Simpson, Guidance email: Mrs. Simpson
Mr. John Sitaras, Special Education email: Mr. Sitaras
Mrs. Kristin Sobrinski, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Sobrinski
Ms. Damaris Soto, Guidance email: Ms. Soto
Mr. Adam Stoltz, Instrumental Music email: Mr. Stoltz
Mr. Mitchell Thomas, Grade 7 email: Mr. Thomas
Mr. Mauricio Trejo-Garcia, Spanish email: Mr. Trejo-Garcia
Mrs. Jody Trostle, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Trostle
Ms. Kathleen Troxell, Grade 7 email: Ms. Troxell
Mrs. Jennifer Truchan, Grade 7 email: Ms. Truchan
Mr. Ethan Turner, Grade 6 email: Mr. Turner
Ms. Lynn Vento, Grade 8 email: Ms. Vento
Mr. Michael Weiss, Restorative Services Coordinator email: Mr. Weiss
Mrs. Christine Yacoub email: Mrs. Yacoub
Ms. Jennifer Zelena, Grade 7 email: Ms. Zelena

Shannon Taby, Athletic Trainer email
Ms. Lacey McAfee, School Psychologist e-mail: Ms. McAfee
Ms. Jessica Jimenez, Mental Health Worker/Outpatient Therapist (Resolve)
CIU20 email: Ms. Jimenez
Mrs. Laura Martin, Technology Integration Specialist email: Mrs. Martin
Mrs. Jillian Allwein, Speech & Language Therapist email: Mrs. Allwein
Officer Loscalzo, School Resource Officer email: Officer Loscalzo
Ms. Pauline Palovich, School Nurse email: Ms. Palovich
Ms. Tina Knipe email: Ms. Knipe
Ms. Michelle Korcienski, Associate Nurse email: Ms. Korcienski

Instructional Assistants
Mrs. Zaida Cortes, Language Guide email: Mrs. Cortes
Mrs. Flores, Instructional Assistant email: Mrs. Flores
Ms. Yarieimy Huertas Mercado, Language Guide email: Ms. Huertas Mercado
Ms. Debra Renner, Instructional Assistant email: Ms. Renner
Ms. Cindy Foxe, Instructional Assistant email: Ms. Foxe
Ms. N. Leon, Instructional Assistant email: Ms Leon
Ms. J. Roberson, Instructional Assistant email: Ms. Roberson
Ms. Maryann Turanchik, Instructional Assistant email: Ms. Turanchik
Mrs. Heather Vassa-Newell, Instructional Assistant email: Mrs. Vassa-Newell

Mr. Michael Sule, Head Custodian email: Mr. Sule
Mr. Jose Diaz, Custodian

IU 20
Multidisabilities Class email: