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Broughal is designated as a Schoolwide Title I Program. All students are held to high standards, and consequently, all qualify to receive services such as:

  • classroom services, including tutors
  • resources, such as books and computers
  • group activities and workshops
  • professionals development for teachers and other staff

Key Priority Areas for our United Way Community School:

  • Improve Students’ Reading and Math Proficiency
  • Improve Positive Student Behavior/Positive Culture & Climate
  • Build Collaborative Leadership
  • Meet Students’ Basic Needs

Broughal Middle School Title I Information

Parents (in Title I schools only) are notified if their child is assigned to or being taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not appropriately state-certified. These teachers are working toward their Pennsylvania Teacher Certification and are enrolled in certification programs.  Please review the following ESSA notification letters for the 2023-24 school year: 

ESSA Letter – Mrs. Danilovicz – 6th Math ESU

ESSA Letter – Ms. Harclerode – 6th ESL

ESSA Letter – Ms. Velasquez – 7th ESL

ESSA Letter – Mr. November – 6th-8th Planetarium

ESSA Letter – Mr. Vermillion – 7th ELA Temple

Proposed Broughal Middle School Comprehensive School Improvement Plan for the 2023-24 School Year:

Please refer to these websites for additional information about Schoolwide Title I services.

Please refer to these websites for additional information about boosting your child’s study skills.