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May 14, 2016 from 9 AM – noon

  • Moving Up Ceremony

    Moving Up Ceremony

    The Broughal Moving Up Ceremony took place on Wednesday, June 8th and a recording of the event is located here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=yp-lTipti94… Please share our excitement...

  • Broughal Scholarship Fund

    In memory of Joseph Santoro, an alum and retired Administrator of the Bethlehem Area School District, the Santoro Family established a memorial fund. This fund...

  • 2021-22 Yearbooks!

    2021-22 Yearbooks!

    Yearbooks are here! For $20 you receive a full-color book with images from events throughout the school year. This year’s book has been expanded to...

  • Watch Justice Davis!

    Justice Davis is a Spoken Word Artist who has shared her talents with Broughal students over the past few years. Watch her perform here! 

  • Moving Up & Academic Awards Ceremony

    Click here to watch our 8th graders in their virtual moving up and academic awards ceremony. We wish each of these students the best as...

  • Broughal Music Awards 2021

    Please click here to enjoy the Broughal Music Awards!

  • End of the School Year

    The final zoom sessions for all e-Learners will be on Monday, June 7th. On Thursday 6/10 and Friday 6/11, students will be dismissed at 11:30AM. ...

  • Yearbooks!


    Yearbooks will be given as a gift to all 8th graders from Broughal Middle School since so many of your activities were cancelled due to...

  • Broughal FAQ

    Check here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Consulte aquí las respuestas a las preguntas frecuentes.

  • Nuevo Registro de Estudiante

    Nuevo Registro de Estudiante para Distrito Escolar de la Área de Bethlehem (BASD) Los estudiantes tendrán que ser registrados en la escuela residente que atiende...