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2019 Liberty Senior/ Junior Prom Information Saturday, May 18, 2019

Prom tickets are $145 per person (cash or money orders only, no personal checks will be accepted).  This includes round trip charter bus transportation, a formal dinner with dessert, a wonderful night of dancing, use of photobooths and a beautiful view of New York City!

In order to attend the Prom, class dues must be paid in full (seniors $100, juniors $90, sophomore $60, freshman $30). Please contact your class advisors for more information regarding class dues.

All Prom guests (non-Liberty students) must have a completed Guest Waiver Form approved by your SSC Assistant Principal before purchasing the guest ticket and a photocopy of a valid ID. All guests must be at least a freshman in high school and under the age of 21.

Prom attendees should arrive to Liberty between 3:30-4:15PM.  We will begin boarding the buses at 4:15PM. All buses must be boarded by 4:30. If you are late, we will leave without you.  Plan accordingly for traffic, parking, etc. There will be no refunds.

In the event of rain, we will meet in the auditorium; you will have to enter through the main lobby of the school.

You MUST have a valid form of identification with you to attend the Prom; we will be checking your ID as your board the bus.  The US Coast Guard and/ or the Cornucopia staff will search each attendee and also require you to show your ID.

You will NOT be able to use your online eSchool or Schoology information as your valid ID.

All students MUST ride the transportation provided to and from the Prom. No students or parents may drive to the Cornucopia location.  We anticipate returning to Liberty High School at approximately 1:00AM on Sunday, May 19. We will remind your child to call you when we are 30 minutes away so you can pick them up on promptly upon our return.

NOTHING will be allowed on the bus with you.  Any bags, purses, etc. will be put in the storage area under the bus for you to access when we arrive back to Liberty.  No pillows or blankets will be allowed on the bus. Bottled water will be provided for you on the bus.

Please communicate any medical concerns with the Liberty school nurse’s prior to Friday, May 10 so they can plan for your individual medical needs.

Please note: We will be on a bus and a boat, so motion sickness may occur.  The Liberty nurses and staff CAN NOT provide any medication to help with this.  PLEASE address this issue previous to our departure.

If any violations occur on the trip to the Prom, you may lose the privilege of attending the Prom and will stay on a bus with a chaperone.

Although the Prom is offsite, ALL of the BASD/ Liberty “Code of Conduct” rules and expectations will be in effect.