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On Friday, March 24th, Moravian College, in conjunction with the Bethlehem Area School District, will be providing a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to Liberty High School senior Damian De Los Santos Suriel. De Los Santos Suriel is the 7th senior from Liberty High School to achieve this award.

Damain came to the Bethlehem area from Puerto Rico when he was 8 years old, speaking only Spanish and having a hearing disability.

 “I was placed with all of the deaf or hard-of-hearing students in the area. I was also placed in mainstream classes for part of the day with hearing students and was assisted by interpreters and signing paraprofessionals. I learned American Sign Language in elementary school, and when I changed schools I continued to learn and use Sign Language to assist in my communication.” wrote De Los Santos Suriel in his essay.

Domain wrote, “Getting an education is extremely important to me and in my family because it signifies hard work and dedication. No one in my family has ever attended college and I would like to be the one that ends this cycle and graduates college.“

Bethlehem Area School District Superintendent Dr. Joe Roy and  Moravian College President, Bryon Grigsby presented the Moravian College Superintendent’s Scholarship to De Los Santos Suriel in Liberty High School’s Art Gallery before a large audience of friends, family and supporters.