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Dear Parents & Guardians, this is a message from Dr. Mayes, Principal of Nitschmann Middle School.

I regret to share with you that we are grieving at Nitschmann Middle School today. Our dear teachers, friends, & colleagues Mrs. Dawn Mendez and Mrs. Lara Ellis both passed away last evening after their long battles with cancer.

Today, we will be providing counseling support for our students and staff throughout the school day. Students may report to the Library for assistance after checking in with their teacher and guidance counselor for a pass.  We will continue on with our planned events today in honor of Mrs. Mendez and Mrs. Ellis.

Often when a death occurs at a school with a teacher or staff member, students and staff grieve for the teacher and for others they may have lost at the same time. I know when I struggle with helping our staff and students through this, it is also deeply emotionally connected to the loss of my father 20 years ago.

Service information has not been posted yet online. When they are available, I will share it with you and with students.

Please contact me or child’s guidance counselor immediately directly by email or phone if there is anything we can do to support your child.