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Dr. Peter J. Mayes

About Me:

Dr. Mayes has been a public school educator since 1997. He began his education career as a 5th grade teacher at James Buchanan Elementary School in 1997. He has also served as a 6th grade teacher at Nitschmann Middle School and a 5th grade math teacher at the BASD Regional Academic Standards Academy. Dr. Mayes has also served the Allentown School District as a principal and assistant principal before coming to Nitschmann Middle School to serve as principal in 2013.

Dr. Mayes is a proud West Bethlehem resident, husband, and father of two girls.

Dr. Mayes enjoys spending time outside with his family, traveling, biking, watching the Philadelphia Phillies, reading, and spreading the word around Bethlehem about the amazing learning community of Nitschmann Middle School!

Have a question about Nitschmann Middle School? Email Dr. Mayes at pmayes@basdschools.org!