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Welcome to Nitschmann Middle School! 

Nitschmann Middle School is a community middle school of 900 students in West Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Nitschmann is within walking distance of much of Bethlehem’s historical, residential, and recreational areas.

Our school believes that all members of our school community must support our school through our three school values: Be respectful, Be responsible, and Be a focused learner. Nitschmann Middle School emphasizes high expectations, but balances those expectations with appropriate levels of support from our staff, parents, and community partners.

I welcome you to learn and engage our school in our critical mission of fostering our community’s children into respectful, responsible, and focused learners.

Lions LEAD the Way!

Dr. Smith

Our Collective Vision
Nitschmann Middle School is committed to cultivating a respectful community of innovative learners who are socially competent citizens ready to meet the challenges of their future.
Our Alma Mater
Hail to Nitschmann Middle School,
Let our banners reach the sky,
May our hearts be true to thee,
Faithful to our school we’ll be.
Alma Mater, sing thy praise,
To thy honor we will raise,
voices ringing loud and clear,
For our Alma Mater dear.