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AFTER SCHOOL VOCAL GROUPS & NEMS THEATRE COMPANY: Rehearsals: Tech week is here for Music Man Jr.!  This week’s rehearsals are as follows:

*Saturday, February 25th:  Music Man rehearsal from 9 AM until 2 PM.  Christmas City is coming to take pictures.  Come to rehearsal with your hair and makeup ready to go…we will be in costumes tomorrow!

*Monday, February 27th:  Music Man rehearsal from 3:10-6:00

*Tuesday, February 28th:  Music Man rehearsal from 3:10-6:00

*Wednesday, March 1st:  Morning in school performance, after school rehearsal from 3:10-6:00

*Thursday, March 2nd:  Morning in school performance, no after school rehearsal, EVENING PERFORMANCE at 7 PM

*Friday, March 3rd:  Morning in school performance, no after school rehearsal.

*Saturday, March 4th:  Afternoon performance.

The specifics of report times and more are on your information paper, which will be brought to you today during either HR or 2nd period.  Please get this paper home to your family so that they are in the loop. Thank you for your time and talent! Ticket orders are being taken as well…it is $5 for each ticket. If you have any questions, please see either Mrs. Klose, Miss Thomas, or Mrs. Parker. Please be sure to have your academic classes in order…use your time wisely…bring your homework to rehearsal so that you can work on it when you have a few moments of down time. MAKE US NORTHEAST PROUD!  Thank you for your time and talent!

DISMISSALAll students are to leave the school building upon dismissal at 3:05PM unless you are signed up and participating in an after school activity.  Students MAY NOT wait in school or on school property for friends or siblings that are attending an activity.  All students who participate in after school activities must also leave the building as soon as their activity is over.  Students are not allowed to be in the building unsupervised!

STUDENT LEADERSHIP COUNCILStudent Leadership Council would like to remind you that you can be a leader, and not a litterer!  Please help us keep Northeast clean! Remember to use the garbage cans located outside of your morning entrance each day instead of the ground.  Thanks! 

SPORTSAttention all Northeast Soccer Players. There will be an Open Gym after school until 4pm for Monday Feb. 27th and Thursday March 2nd. This is not try-outs. If you have any questions, please see Coach Spieker in room A108 during homeroom.

*There will be open gym for any 7th or 8th grade girl interested in trying out for softball, any position, next Wednesday, March 1st in the main gym.  It will be over at 4pm.

BOXTOPSBox Tops! Box Tops! Box Tops! Student Leadership received our check for over $700 from Box Tops. Let’s try for $500 more by March 1.  Please fill in a sheet and bring it in. Notice the Box Tops are trimmed and attached. Do not use staples. We will have another raffle in March. The prize will be afternoon admission to the Proud-A-Thon! 

WHAT’S SO COOL ABOUT MANUFACTURINGGood morning Northeast! A team of 8th graders participated in the What’s So Cool About Manufacturing video contest. In a moment you will see their video entry. We hope that you will take the opportunity to vote and support our school’s team. Online voting is FEBURARY 22-24. Voting starts at 12:01AM Wednesday and goes until 11:59PM Friday *** You can vote an unlimited amount of times by refreshing the page.*** To vote, use the link on the Northeast website. Thank you!