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Extracurricular Activities An extracurricular activity shall be defined as any and all student organizations and activities which meet in the name of Northeast Middle School and are not part of the regular school curriculum. This policy shall include, but not be limited to, the following: academic activities; athletic teams (varsity sports, cheerleaders, intramural tournaments); music organizations (bands, choruses, auxiliary marching unit); student council, and theater.

It is our hope that a student can fully participate in as many activities as he/she wants, and to which he/she makes a meaningful contribution. Due to conflicting schedules for different activities, however, it may be impossible for a child to be in two activities that meet at the same time. The advisors of the activities may at their discretion be willing to make arrangements for alternate participation dates; however, if the activity is one for which a team depends on the student, the student will have to make a choice to participate in only one of the conflicting activities.

In keeping with the PIAA standards of academics, all organized sports, clubs, and units will be held to the same standard of academic excellence. Students with two or more F’s will not be eligible to participate in the programs. This includes practices, performances, games, and trips.

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