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Teaming: The goal of teaming is to provide a more personalized learning experience for students—i.e., to ensure that students are well known by adults in the school, that their learning needs are understood and addressed, and that they receive the social, emotional, and academic support from teachers and staff that they need to succeed academically. The team is built around core-subject-area teachers in English language arts, math, reading, science, and social studies.

6th Grade Counselor: Ms. Jessica Davies

ESL Teachers:

Ms. Tracy Diefenderfer

Ms. Danielle Frank

Ms. Traci Millheim

Support Teachers:

Ms. Marianne Briggs

Ms. Courtney Cunic

Ms. Hayley D’Angelo

Ms. Catherine Papagni

Mr. Daniel Spieker

Ms. Molly Tandy

Ms. Jennifer Yasso

Team Purpose: 

Mr. Brian Heller

Ms. Laura Maderasteam leader

Ms. Caitlin Partridge

Mr. Adam Soto

Team Impact:

Ms. Vanessa Bernardo

Ms. Catherine Jewel

Ms. Andrea Torres

Mr. Thomas Wills

Team Leaders Rock 2.0:

Ms. Julie Braidoteam leader

Ms. Shelly Craven

Mr. Ken Force

Mr. Craig Katynski