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Athletics: Intramural (grades 6, 7, 8) and interscholastic sports (grades 7 and 8) are available to all students. Football, soccer, boys basketball, wrestling, girls basketball, cross country, girls volleyball, girls softball and girls field hockey are the competitive sports between middle schools. PIAA rules apply to all interscholastic sports.

In order to participate, a student must meet specific standards in academic courses, and in citizenship, during the previous grading period. In cases where a student’s performance in any preceding grading period does not meet the standards as presented above, such students shall be on probation fifteen days of the next grading period. If the eligibility standard is not attained, the participant will be ineligible for the activity for the remainder of the quarter. In the case of athletic teams, students may attend practice but not compete or perform. Eligibility sheets, indicating the names of all ineligible participants on a varsity team (basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, softball, volleyball, cross country, and field hockey) shall be completed by teachers.

Coaches’/Advisors’ Standards Various rules and regulations may be added by the coach or advisor with the approval of the principal. Guidelines listed in the middle school coaches handbook will be followed along with the PIAA rules.

Students who participate in the extracurricular program must keep good sportsmanship in mind. They are always in the public eye and their personal conduct will always be subject to the scrutiny of other students, fans, and opponents. Students have an obligation to serve as positive role models for others by demonstrating the following:

• showing respect for authority and property
• maintaining academic eligibility and following rules
• emphasizing the ideals of sportsmanship, loyalty, ethical conduct, and fair play;
• understanding that trying one’s personal best is important in every facet of life.

Any display of unsportsmanlike behavior toward an opponent, official, or spectator during the season may result in discretionary discipline by the coach and possible suspension/termination from that activity.

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Northeast Athletic Director: Mr. Daniel Spieker