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*Friday, March 3rd:  Morning in school performance, no after school rehearsal.

*Saturday, March 4th:  Afternoon performance 3pm.

*Come to Iowa and enjoy Northeast Middle School Theatre Company’s production of Music Man Jr.!  

Our story is set in July 1912, when a traveling salesman, “Professor” Harold Hill, arrives in River City, Iowa. Intrigued by the challenge of swindling the famously stubborn natives of Iowa, Hill convinces the townspeople of River City to buy instruments and uniforms for their youngsters in order to save them from getting into trouble.  As the story unfolds, chaos ensues as Hill’s credentials are questioned by Marian Paroo, Mayor Shinn, and others.  As Hill begins to develop feelings for Marian, he faces a difficult decision about leaving town.

Remember the classic songs from this musical…Ya Got Trouble? Shipoopi‘Til There Was YouWells Fargo Wagon?  These and many more will be performed by our talented students! NE’s last performance will be held in our auditorium, Saturday, March 4, 2017 at 3 PM…admission is $5.  Come out and enjoy the students who make us NORTHEAST PROUD!

DISMISSALAll students are to leave the school building upon dismissal at 3:05PM unless you are signed up and participating in an after school activity.  Students MAY NOT wait in school or on school property for friends or siblings that are attending an activity.  All students who participate in after school activities must also leave the building as soon as their activity is over.  Students are not allowed to be in the building unsupervised!

STUDENT LEADERSHIP COUNCILStudent Leadership Council would like to remind you that you can be a leader, and not a litterer!  Please help us keep Northeast clean! Remember to use the garbage cans located outside of your morning entrance each day instead of the ground.  Thanks! 

BOXTOPSBox Tops! Box Tops! Box Tops! Student Leadership received our check for over $700 from Box Tops. Let’s try for $500 more by Wednesday.  Please fill in a sheet and bring it in. Notice the Box Tops are trimmed and attached. Do not use staples. We will have another raffle in March. The prize will be afternoon admission to the Proud-A-Thon! 

LHS BAGPIPES INFORMATIONWhen: Every Monday. Where:​ In the LHS band room #620. What:​ Lessons are offered to students who are interested in auditioning for the Liberty bagpipes High School Bagpipe Corps. You will need a practice chanter to begin lessons. During your studies you will learn proper breathing, notes, and basic technique for playing the bagpipes. You will have fun and learn what it takes to be an LHS Bagpiper. ***YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE ANY MUSICAL BACKGROUND***

How to purchase a practice chanter: You may buy one at Donegal Square or you can also purchase one online

BOOK FAIR: The Spring Book Fair is now OPEN! We have the latest in teen reads as well as some familiar favorites. There really is a GREAT selection! The fair runs from March 3-March 10. Check with your world language, reading literacy, and math literacy teachers for the day your class is scheduled to visit the fair. You can buy the day you visit or come back a second time with money! See you there!

HOMEWORK CLUB: Team Explorers & Team Investigators next Homework Club meetings will be on Monday, March 6th and Wednesday, March 8th.

SPORTSThere will be practice for any 8th grade girl trying out for the softball team on Friday, March 3rd from 3:05 – 4pm.  7th grade girls should report on Monday, March 6th for tryout from 3:05 – 4pm.  All girls trying out for the softball team should report to the gym on Tuesday for tryouts from 3:05 – 5pm.

THANK YOU: Dear Northeast students and staff, Thank you all who donated to Cops ‘n’ kids. We had a blast seeing how many books that have been donated. The class that donated the most to the book drive is Mr. Heller, and his class donated 171 books. We also had three elementary schools participating in the book drive with us, and in total with them, we have 4,642 books! Once again thank you to all of the people who donated.