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Students in the sixth grade will rotate through their core academics as a cohesive section. Teams are configured as a group of two teachers with an average class size of approximately 28 students. Students core content includes Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics. Students see all academics every day. Team leaders are in place to assist in curriculum and logistical support.


Team Dream Squad: (@ehmsdreamsquad6)
Mr. Eric Ihling – Team Leader – Teacher Website
Ms. Jackie Mohap

Team GK Incredibles:
Mrs. Lauren Graner
Mrs. Betsy Kreidler – Team Leader

Team LIT: (@EHMSTeamLIT)

Mrs. Jane Longyore
Mr. Joseph Kenney – Team Leader
Mr. Ross Glase
Teacher Assistant – Joseph Trovato

Team MicShaffer:
Ms. Sharon Micolochick
Mrs. Pamela Shaffer – Team Leader

Team Naw-brights Dream Catchers:
Mrs. Katharine Albright
Mr. Matthew Nawrocki – Team Leader

Team Opportunity: (Click here for Team Webpage)
Mrs. Amanda Burkhardt-McGoff – Team Leader
Mrs. Elizabeth Glase 
Mrs. Heather Dutt
Mrs. Mary Dectis – Teacher Assistant

Team Pride:
Mrs. Kristen Cavey – Team Leader
Mrs. Aileen Morgan