Tier Five: Online Middle School Instruction Overview

Online middle school instruction will begin on March 30, 2020 and will continue throughout the period of school closure.

The BASD middle schools’ online instruction will be asynchronous —meaning that the teacher and student interaction is not dependent on traditionally-scheduled time. Teachers at each grade level will provide common weekly assignments that will drive the core instruction for the week. Teachers will provide online instruction in support of the weekly assignments (in Schoology) and communicate (using established communication tools) directly with students and parents each week. Core subjects will use BASD online curriculum resources such as EnVision, StudySync, and Discovery Techbook accessed through the Clever portal. During online instruction, the window of time for completing core assignments (available online, as well as in hard copy at BASD meal distribution sites for students without home internet access) will be one week, starting on Monday at 9:00 AM and continuing through the following Monday at 12:00 Noon when assignments are due. Encore teachers will support academic continuity in their subjects with activities (not graded) that will review and enrich class topics taught prior to the closure. The Bethlehem Area School District will continue to provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) consistent with the need to protect the health and safety of students with disabilities and those individuals providing education, specially designed instruction, and related services.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of East Hills Middle School to provide a safe and supportive environment for each student. In partnership with parents and the community, the staff will strive to give each student an experience in excellence, providing opportunities to attain the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable lifelong personal growth as a learner and productive citizen.

Recognizing our culturally diverse student population, we believe each student deserves individual attention and recognition in an atmosphere developing critical thinking, self-discipline, cooperative learning and responsible decision making skills.

We are committed to the beliefs that all students can learn to achieve increased levels of academic success, social responsibility, appreciation of their own unique abilities and those of others.