Hello, East Hills Middle School Chargers and families! I hope you are enjoying your summer
vacation and are beginning to gear up for the start of the 2022-2023 school year! Soon August
29th will arrive, and it will signal the start of another school year. Hopefully, you have had a
restful summer and have had the opportunity to unwind, travel, and share in many memorable
experiences. As we embark on a new school year, I look forward to seeing all of our returning
students and to meeting all of our incoming 6th graders and other new students. Our incoming
class of 6th grade students is currently comprised of approximately 370 students who will make
up fourteen sections and four teams. In conjunction with all of the BASD middle schools, we
will continue to place a strong emphasis on our teaming initiatives and planning as we work to
achieve goals outlined in our district road map and action plan. Please mark your calendars to
attend our Open House on Thursday, September 8 th , to gain insight about how our students will be involved this year.
Many of our students have already begun their fall activities including athletics, band, orchestra,
and chorus practices. If you are not involved in an activity or school offering, I encourage you to
familiarize yourself with the many extra-curricular offerings provided at East Hills, find
something that you enjoy, and get involved! We have many opportunities including: PIAA sports
for 7th and 8th graders, theatre, 6th grade chorus, 7th and 8th grade choir, guitar ensemble, Charger Records, student leadership groups, service learning opportunities, homeroom government, stagecrew, Reading Olympics, Mathcounts, yearbook, newspaper, Girls on the Run, National History Day, National Junior Honor Society, various after-school programs, as well as many others. Our school and your school experiences will be what you make of them. Whatever it is that you decide to do, let’s work together to make your experiences enjoyable!
Our 6th grade classes/schedule will be arranged to allow one teacher on the team to teach
mathematics; one teacher will teach English; one teacher will teach science; and one teacher will teach social studies to all students on the team. Our 7th and 8th grade students can look forward to having academic teams consisting of primarily four teachers. As part of this structure, teachers will be responsible for teaching one of the core subjects to students on the team. All of our students can look forward to continuing their English learning through the use of StudySync. Our Discovery Education social studies and science curriculum will be taught in all grade levels along with EnVision mathematics. Schoology will once again be utilized as the learning management system for all middle school students. For students/parents who are not familiar with Schoology, there is no need to worry. Your child will be up to speed in no time!
Chromebooks have been assigned to students and will be utilized daily in all grade levels. All
students will take home their assigned chromebooks each evening. The BASD Empower initiative will continue to promote student-centered learning and creative thinking. Students will utilize these district-provided computing devices to access blended, anywhere, anytime learning resources. You can learn more about this initiative by visiting https://www.basdschools.org/empower. As access to and usage of technology continue to grow,
so does the need to monitor learning opportunities and appropriate usage. While students are
responsible for following School Board Policy Number 815 – Computer, Network, and Internet
Use, their BASD chromebook use will be monitored and filtered both at school and at home. It is
important that only the assigned student uses the chromebook and its accessories. Go Guardian will once again be used to assist teachers in managing and monitoring student access and chromebook usage.
Our normal school day begins at 8:05 am and concludes at 3:05 pm. For the first day of school,
all 6th grade students will report at the normal start time of 8:05 am while all 7th and 8th grade
students will report three hours later at 11:05 am. This three-hour delayed start will provide 6th grade students and teachers the opportunity to focus attention on many transitional items that
sometimes cause 6th graders to become nervous and uneasy. Students will have the opportunity to meet with their teachers and teams, read schedules, visit classrooms, tour the building, engage in getting acquainted activities with peers and staff, open lockers, and attend orientation meetings.
Due to the structure of the first day of school, we will run a modified schedule on this day.
Busing will be provided to all students who qualify to receive transportation on a modified
schedule for the delayed start for 7th and  th graders.
We will continue to utilize our Charger Pride Expectations to recognize and reward positive
behaviors and academic achievement. Our Charger Pride Expectations Program is a tiered
reinforcement effort that focuses on acknowledging students for good behavior while being
Prepared, being Respectful, showing Integrity, showing Determination, and displaying
Enthusiasm. Our tiered system has allowed students the opportunity to win numerous prizes,
brunches, lunch rewards, trips, and activities. Donations of prizes to help promote this program
are welcomed whenever possible. We sincerely thank the many parents, community members,
and local businesses who have supported our efforts in this program. Please feel free to contact
the school if you would be willing to help us in this endeavor.
Our school theme last year was Back Together. Better Connected. Stronger Than Ever! This year we will be continuing with a similar theme as we return to what will hopefully be a school year similar to what we have always been accustomed to. The theme for this school year will be
“Together. Connected. Strong!” with an increased emphasis on rigor, respect, and relationships.
As the school year nears and energy and enthusiasm build, please make it a point to discuss
getting involved with activities at school with your children. Besides the wide and varied
academics that East Hills offers, many other opportunities exist for students to become active
participants in the school community. At East Hills, there is something that is certain to be
appealing to everyone’s interests and likes. Please speak to your child and keep current with our website (https://basdwpweb.beth.k12.pa.us/easthills/), Twitter (@EastHillsMSbasd) and
Facebook (East Hills Middle School BASD) to learn more about these opportunities and what is
happening at the school. Also, be sure to view our Charger Channel news and announcements
recorded daily on YouTube.
Finally, I sincerely hope your children have a wonderful experience at East Hills Middle School.
I wish them success as they responsibly pursue knowledge, engagement, goals, friendships, and school community membership. Your children make East Hills who we are, but without your
continued support and hard work at home, our jobs would be much more difficult. I am excited
to welcome everyone back on Monday, August 29th. I wish you a fantastic end to your summer
and look forward to seeing all of you soon!
David Horvath

Information for Parents/Guardians on Logging into Schoology

Mission Statement

It is the mission of East Hills Middle School to provide a safe and supportive environment for each student. In partnership with parents and the community, the staff will strive to give each student an experience in excellence, providing opportunities to attain the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable lifelong personal growth as a learner and productive citizen.

Recognizing our culturally diverse student population, we believe each student deserves individual attention and recognition in an atmosphere developing critical thinking, self-discipline, cooperative learning and responsible decision making skills.

We are committed to the beliefs that all students can learn to achieve increased levels of academic success, social responsibility, appreciation of their own unique abilities and those of others.