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Mr. David Horvath, Principal email: Mr. Horvath
Mrs. Regina Braun, Assistant Principal email: Mrs. Braun
Mr. Patrick Tannous, Assistant Principal email: Mr. Tannous

Mrs. Sheila Reinert, Secretary to the Principal email: Mrs. Reinert
Mrs. Amy Howey, Secretary to the Assistant Principal email: Mrs. Howey
Mrs. Cyre Rodriguez, Attendance Secretary email: Mrs. Rodriguez
Ms. Rory Ford, Guidance Secretary email: Ms. Ford

Guidance Staff
Mrs. Gina Limpar, 6th Grade Counselor email: Mrs. Limpar
Mr. Ron Leon, 7th Grade Counselor email: Mr. Leon
Ms. Ashley Cortes, 6th-8th Grade Counselor email: Ms. Cortes
Mrs. Megan Morgan, 8th Grade Counselor email: Mrs. Morgan

Mrs. Katharine Albright, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Albright
Mr. James Asbury, Grade 8 email: Mr. Asbury
Ms. Megan Babinsky, Grade 8 email: Ms. Babinsky
Ms. Victoria Bartkus, Reading Specialist email: Ms. Bartkus
Mrs. Serena Calario, Computer Technology email: Mrs. Calario
Ms. Rachel Capuano, Grade 6 email: Ms. Capuano
Mr. Adam Carpenter, Grade 7 email: Mr. Carpenter
Mrs. Kristen Cavey, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Cavey
Mr. Brant Chruscial, Grade 8 email: Mr. Chruscial
Mr. Shawn Collier, Grade 6 email: Mr. Collier
Mr. Larry Court, Art email: Mr. Court
Mr. John Coyle, Grade 7 email: Mr. Coyle
Mr. Shaun Cramsey, Grade 7 email: Mr. Cramsey
Mrs. Christy Davies, Band Director email: Mrs. Davies
Ms. Michele DeDona, Grade 6 email: Mrs. DeDona
Mrs. Amanda Dennis, Librarian email: Mrs. Dennis
Ms. Victoria DePaulo, Grade 7 email: Ms. DePaulo
Mrs. Heather Dutt, Special Education email: Mrs. Dutt
Mrs. Shannon Ferry, Health/Physical Education email: Mrs. Ferry
Mrs. Elizabeth Glase, Grade 6 email: Ms. Glase
Mr. Ross Glase, Grade 7 email: Mr. Glase
Ms. Jessika Gort, Music email: Ms. Gort
Mrs. Lauren Graner, Grade 6 email:Mrs. Graner
Mrs. Carol Hausman, Special Education email: Mrs. Hausman
Mrs. Eva Howells, Family/Consumer Science email: Mrs. Howells
Mr. Kyle Hummel, Music email: Mr. Hummel
Mr. Eric Ihling, Grade 7 email: Mr. Ihling
Mr. Joseph Kenney, Grade 8 email: Mr. Kenney
Ms. Katrina Kern, Grade 6 email: Ms. Kern email: Ms. Kern
Ms. Mona Koury-Elias, Grade 7 Counselor email: Ms. Koury-Elias
Mrs. Amanda Petko-Landino, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Petko-Landino
Mr. Russell Leinbach, Grade 8 email: Mr. Leinbach
Ms. Clarissa Louw, French email: Ms. Louw
Ms. Jennifer Maholick, Spanish email: Mrs. Maholick
Ms. Carla Majczan, Art email: Ms. Majczan
Mrs. Deborah Marek, Special Education email: Mrs. Marek
Ms. Quay Matyus, Grade 7 email: Ms. Matyus
Ms. Kelsey Mazurek, Grade 7 email: Ms. Mazurek
Dr. Tammy McDonald, Gifted Seminar email: Dr. McDonald
Ms. Maggie McGinley, Grade 7 email: Ms. McGinley
Ms. Sharon Micolochick, Grade 6 email: Ms. Micolochick
Ms. Jacqueline Mohap, Grade 6 email: Ms. Mohap
Mrs. Peg Moncavage, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Moncavage
Ms. Janysa Morales, Grade 8 email: Ms. Morales
Mrs. Aileen Morgan, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Morgan
Mr. Matthew Nawrocki, Grade 6 email: Mr. Nawrocki
Mrs. Kelly Norton, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Norton
Mr. Jeffrey Oyer, Spanish email: Mr. Oyer
Mrs. Leah Pokiniewski, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Pokiniewski
Ms. Mary Prudente, Special Education email: Ms. Prudente
Mrs. Joie Rainville, Special Education email: Mrs. Rainville
Mr. Thomas Reiss, Grade 8 email: Mr. Reiss
Ms. Kimberly Remaly, Music email: Mrs. Remaly
Mrs. Emily Repsher, Health, Physical Education email: Mrs. Repsher
Ms. Colleen Richards, German email: Mrs. Richards
Mrs. Stefanie Rizk, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Rizk
Mr. Jordan Rocchino, Grade 7 email: Mr. Rocchino
Mr. Michael Roseman, Industrial Technology email: Mr. Roseman
Mrs. Karen Rupp, Family/Consumer Science email: Mrs. Rupp
Mr. Matthew Senneca, Computer Technology email: Mr. Senneca
Ms. Megan Shea, Special Education email: Ms. Shea
Ms. Nishi Sheth, ESOL email: Ms. Sheth
Mr. Troy Shuman, Industrial Technology email: Mr. Shuman
Mr. William Sparks, Health, Physical Education email: Mr. Sparks
Mrs. Heather Stamm-Fulkersin, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Stamm-Fulkersin
Mrs. Katie Steger, Art email: Mrs. Steger
Ms. Carol Stella, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Stella
Mrs. Amanda Stephan, Special Education email: Mrs. Stephan
Mr. Peter Sukanick, Health/Physical Education email: Mr. Sukanick
Ms. Emma Thomas, Grade 6 email: Mrs. E. Thomas
Mrs. Sandra Thomas, ESOL email: Mrs. S. Thomas
Mr. Josh Tosado, Grade 8 email: Mr. Tosado
Mrs. Jolanda Veseli, Grade 7 email: Mrs. Veseli
Mrs. Lisa Weiss, Reading Specialist email: Mrs. Weiss
Mr. Jeremy Williams, Grade 8 email: Mr. Williams
Mrs. Karen Wilmore, Grade 7 email: Mrs. Wilmore
Mrs. Angela Zemek, Grade 7 email: Mrs. Zemek

Mrs. Devon Dectis, Speech email: Mrs. Devon Dectis
Mrs. Keri Haas, School Psychologist email:Mrs. Haas
Officer Costas Alestas, School Resource Officer email: Officer Alestas
Mrs. Wendy Costanzo, School Nurse email: Mrs. Costanzo

Teacher Assistants

Mrs. Mary Brezinsky, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Brezinsky
Mrs. Meredith Dougherty, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Dougherty
Mrs. Yvonne Garza, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Garza
Mrs. Deborah Karwacki, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Karwacki
Mrs. Melissa Lake, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Lake
Mrs. Dana Neuffer, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Neuffer
Mrs. Kelly Savitski, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Savitski
Mrs. Jean Sisson, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Sisson

Mr. Matthew McClure, Head Custodian email: Mr. McClure
Jason Dion, Custodian
Marcos Mejia, Custodian
Paul Holecz, Custodian
Scott Solosky, Custodian
Sean Wentz, Custodian
Donna Wagner-Dougherty, Custodian
Scott Yurkonis, Custodian

Mrs. Mujda Tajdar, Head Cook

IU 20

Ms. Ashley Carrington, Teacher email: Ms. Carrington
Mrs. Shae Mingora, Teacher email: Mrs. Mingora
Ms. Skylar Slough, Teacher email: Ms. Slough
Mr. Kyle Whiteman, Teacher email: Mr. Whiteman