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Mr. David Horvath, Principal email: Mr. Horvath
Mrs. Regina Braun, Assistant Principal email: Mrs. Braun
Mr. Patrick Tannous, Assistant Principal email: Mr. Tannous

Mrs. Sheila Reinert, Secretary to the Principal email: Mrs. Reinert
Ms. Amy Howey, Secretary to the Assistant Principal email: Ms. Howey
Mrs. Carol Pena, Attendance Secretary email: Mrs. Pena
Mrs. Alexandra Cruz, Guidance Secretary email: Mrs. Cruz

Guidance Staff
Mrs. Gina Limpar, 7th Grade Counselor email: Mrs. Limpar
Mr. Ron Leon, 8th Grade Counselor email: Mr. Leon
Ms. Tara McGoff, 6th-8th Grade Counselor email: Mrs. McGoff
Mrs. Megan Morgan, 6th Grade Counselor email: Mrs. Morgan

Mrs. Katharine Albright, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Albright
Mr. James Asbury, Grade 8 email: Mr. Asbury
Ms. Victoria Bartkus, Grade 7 email: Ms. Bartkus
Mr. Aaron Bilby, Grade 8 email: Mr. Bilby
Mrs. Amanda Burkhardt-McGoff, Grade 6 email: Ms. Burkhardt
Mr. Adam Carpenter, Grade 7 email: Mr. Carpenter
Mrs. Kristen Cavey, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Cavey
Mr. Brant Chruscial, Grade 8 email: Mr. Chruscial
Mrs. Paulina Collazo, Technology email: Mrs. Collazo-Matos
Mr. Larry Court, Art email: Mr. Court
Mr. John Coyle, Grade 7 email: Mr. Coyle
Mr. Shaun Cramsey, Grade 7 email: Mr. Cramsey
Mrs. Christy Davies, Band Director email: Mrs. Davies
Ms. Michele DeDona, Grade 6 email: Mrs. DeDona
Ms. Victoria DePaulo, Grade 7 email: Ms. DePaulo
Mrs. Amanda Dennis, Librarian email: Mrs. Dennis
Mrs. Heather Dutt, Special Education email: Mrs. Dutt
Mrs. Shannon Ferry, Health, Physical Education email: Mrs. Ferry
Mrs. Renee Fritzinger, Grade 7 email: Mrs. Fritzinger
Mrs. Elizabeth Glase, Grade 6 email: Ms. Glase
Mr. Ross Glase, Grade 6 email: Mr. Glase
Mr. Richard Goodge, Health, Physical Education email: Mr. Goodge
Mrs. Lauren Graner, Grade 6 email:Mrs. Graner
Mrs. Carol Hausman, Special Education email: Mrs. Hausman
Mrs. Eva Howells, Family/Consumer Science email: Mrs. Howells
Mr. Eric Ihling, Grade 7 email: Mr. Ihling
Mr. Joseph Kenney, Grade 6 email: Mr. Kenney
Mrs. Mona Koury-Elias, Grade 7 Counselor email: Mrs. Koury-Elias
Mrs. Elizabeth Kreidler, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Kreidler
Mrs. Rosemarie Labarre, Family/Consumer Science email: Mrs. Labarre
Mrs. Amanda Petko-Landino, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Petko-Landino
Mr. Russell Leinbach, Grade 8 email: Mr. Leinbach
Ms. Clarissa Louw, French email: Ms. Louw
Ms. Jennifer Maholick, Spanish email: Mrs. Maholick
Ms. Carla Majczan, Art email: Ms. Majczan
Mrs. Deborah Marek, Special Education email: Mrs. Marek
Ms. Quay Matyus, Grade 7 email: Ms. Matyus
Ms. Kristen Maurer, ESOL email: Ms. Maurer
Ms. Kelsey Mazurek, Grade 7 email: Ms. Mazurek
Mrs. Tammy McDonald, Gifted Seminar email: Mrs. McDonald
Ms. Maggie McGinley, Grade 7 email: Ms. McGinley
Ms. Sharon Micolochick, Grade 6 email: Ms. Micolochick
Ms. Jacqueline Mohap, Grade 6 email: Ms. Mohap
Mrs. Peg Moncavage, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Moncavage
Mrs. Aileen Morgan, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Morgan
Ms. Janysa Morales, Grade 8 email: Ms. Morales
Mr. Matthew Nawrocki, Grade 6 email: Mr. Nawrocki
Mrs. Kelly Norton, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Norton
Mr. Jeffrey Oyer, Spanish email: Mr. Oyer
Ms. Mary Prudente, Special Education email: Ms. Prudente
Mr. Keith Quelet, Music email: Mr. Quelet
Mrs. Joie Rainville, Special Education email: Mrs. Rainville
Ms. Kimberly Remaly, Music email: Mrs. Remaly
Mrs. Emily Repsher, Health, Physical Education email: Mrs. Repsher
Ms. Colleen Richards, German email: Mrs. Richards
Mrs. Stefanie Rizk, Grade 7 email: Mrs. Rizk
Mr. Jordan Rocchino, Grade 7 email: Mr. Rocchino
Mr. Michael Roseman, Industrial Technology email: Mr. Roseman
Mr. Matthew Senneca, Computer Technology email: Mr. Senneca
Ms. Megan Shea, Special Education email: Ms. Shea
Mr. Troy Shuman, Industrial Technology email: Mr. Shuman
Ms. Leah Simendinger, Grade 8 email: Ms. Simendinger
Mr. William Sparks, Health, Physical Education email: Mr. Sparks
Mrs. Heather Stamm-Fulkersin, Grade 6 email: Mrs. Stamm-Fulkersin
Mrs. Katie Steger, Art email: Mrs. Steger
Ms. Carol Stella, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Stella
Mrs. Amanda Stephan, Special Education email: Mrs. Stephan
Mrs. Sandra Thomas, ESOL email: Ms. Thomas
Mr. Josh Tosado, Grade 8 email: Mr. Tosado
Mrs. Jolanda Veseli, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Veseli
Mrs. Lisa Weiss, Literacy Development email: Mrs. Weiss
Mrs. Karen Wilmore, Grade 7 email: Mrs. Wilmore
Mr. Jeremy Williams, Grade 8 email: Mr. Williams
Mr. Shawn Wydrzynski, Music email: Mr. Wydrynski
Mrs. Jennifer Zelena, Grade 8 email: Mrs. Zelena
Mrs. Angela Zemek, Grade 7 email: Mrs. Zemek

Mrs. Devon Dectis, Speech email: Mrs. Devon Dectis
Mrs. Keri Haas, School Psychologist email:Mrs. Haas
Officer Costas Alestas, School Resource Officer email: Officer Alestas
Mrs. Wendy Costanzo, School Nurse email: Mrs. Costanzo

Teacher Assistants

Mrs. Yvonne Garza, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Garza
Mrs. Melissa Hudak, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Hudak
Mrs. Deborah Karwacki Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Karwacki
Mrs. Luciana Moll, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Moll
Mrs. Dana Neuffer, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Neuffer
Mrs. Kelly Savitski, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Savitski
Mrs. Jean Sisson, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Sisson
Mrs. Mariheli Suarez, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Suarez
Mrs. Laura Sylvestru, Teacher Assistant email: Mrs. Sylvestru

Mr. Ro Faulkner, Head Custodian email: Mr. Faulkner
Marcus Mejo, Custodian
Paul Holecz, Custodian
David Rhoads, Custodian
Scott Solosky, Custodian
Cindy Turtschanow, Custodian
Sean Wents, Custodian

Mrs. Sandra Cruz, Head Cook

IU 20

Mrs. Lauren Culp, Teacher email: Mrs. Culp
Mrs. Shae Mingora, Teacher email: Mrs. Mingora
Mrs. Susan McCollian, Teacher email: Mrs. McCollian