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Students in the sixth grade will rotate through their core academics as a cohesive section. Teams are configured as a group of three teachers with an average class size of approximately 28 students. Students core content includes English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics. Students see all academics every day. Team leaders are in place to assist in curriculum and logistical support.


Team Impact:
Mrs. Kristen Cavey – Team Leader
Mr. Ross Glase
Ms. Sharon Micolochick
Mrs. Heather Dutt
Ms. Rachel Capuano

Team Tidal Wave:
Mrs. Elizabeth Glase / Follow on Instagram @MrsGlase
Mrs. Elizabeth Kreidler – Team Leader/Website

Team MAK:
Mrs. Katharine Albright
Mr. Joseph Kenney – Team Leader
Mrs. Aileen Morgan
Ms. Carol Rufe

Team Baby Yodas:
Mrs. Amanda Burkhardt-McGoff
Ms. Jacqueline Mohap
Mr. Matthew Nawrocki – Team Leader
Ms. Carol Rufe

Team Opportunity:
Mrs. Lauren Graner- Team Leader
Mrs. Heather Stamm
Ms. Michele DeDona
Mrs. Heather Dutt