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The BASD middle school fall sports programs have been cleared to begin on Wednesday, September 16th. In order for students to participate, they must have a completed, 2020-21 physical on file. As a reminder, any student (Hybrid, e-Classroom, BASD Cyber) can participate in extracurricular activities.

Fall sports include cheerleading, cross country, field hockey, football, and girls’ volleyball. Tryouts/practices will begin on Wednesday, 9/16/20, and will be held in the following locations:
– Cheerleading (eketner@basdschools.org): Students can change in the eighth-grade lavatories, if necessary. Coach Ketner will meet students interested in cheerleading on the front lawn by the Main Entrance for practice.

– Cross Country (jaayre@basdschools.org): Boys can change in the boys’ small gym locker room and girls can change in the girls’ gym locker room. After changing, cross country runners will meet Coach Ayre on the softball field located behind the school for practice.

– Field Hockey (cinnarella@basdschools.org): Field hockey equipment can be stored in the Parent Center which is located by our school store. Girls can change in the girls’ gym locker room. Coach Innarella will meet students on the field hockey/soccer field located behind the school for practice.

– Football (rgoodge@basdschools.org): Football equipment can be stored in the boys’ gym locker room. Students will change in this same locker room after school. Coach Goodge will meet students on the football field located behind the school for practice.

– Girls’ Volleyball (jrocchino@basdschools.org): Girls should meet in the gymnasium at the conclusion of school. Once nets are set up and the field hockey and cross country teams have exited the locker room, the volleyball team will be permitted to change. Coach Rocchino will meet students in the gymnasium after school for practice.

Some items ALL parents/participants should be aware of:
– If dropping students off for practice between 3:05 and 3:25, students MUST be dropped off on Chester Road and will walk to their practice location. If dropping students off at or after 3:25, students can be dropped off in either the main parking lot or gymnasium parking lot (whichever is closest to their practice location.)
– At no time will more that 25 people be permitted in a changing/equipment storage/locker room area at one time. Six feet of space will always be encouraged and maintained. Coaches will oversee this each day.
– All participants and coaches will wear face coverings and maintain safe social distancing following CDC guidelines. This includes while participants/coaches are in transit to and from practice locations, locker rooms, games, etc.
– If you are sick, please do not report to practices/games.
– If you have had any of the following symptoms in the past two weeks, please refrain from coming to practices/games: fever of 100.4 or higher, new worsening cough, shortness of breath or trouble breathing, sore throat different than your seasonal allergies, new loss of smell and/or taste, nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting.
– Students who have at-home learning (Hybrid, e-Classroom, BASD Cyber) and who are coming to a practice/game, should arrive at their designated field/gymnasium at the time given by the coach and should be dressed and ready to practice/play.
– BASD transportation will be used for all away games. Departure times will be given to players/parents by head coaches.
– Post workout, all participants should leave facilities immediately and return home to shower and change. Clothing should be washed after each workout session.
– Once practices/games conclude, students will not be permitted back in the school. All equipment will be taken home each day. In the event of inclement weather, head coaches will have a plan for safe storage of school belongings.
– A late bus will only be available at 4:15 each day.
– If you are picking a student up from a practice/game, please be sure to be on time as we do not want students waiting for rides.
– Participants must bring their own labeled water bottle(s) for hydration and must not share them with others. Be sure to bring enough to stay hydrated.
– The head coach listed above should be the main point of contact for each designated sport.
– Once teams are selected, head coaches will communicate practice/game schedules with players and parents.
– For the fall season, we will only play other BASD middle school teams (Broughal, Nitschmann, and Northeast) at one of our BASD schools.
– Competitions are due to begin the week of October 5th.
– All competitions will be held during the week M-F with most beginning at 4:00 pm.
– Details about spectators being permitted at competitions will come from either the head coach, athletic director, or building administrators.
– We will have a trainer at school each day during practices/games. John Leddie (john.leddie@sluhn.org) is our assigned trainer. If you are in need of a physical and cannot see your family doctor, please reach out to our trainer for assistance.
– Mr. Chruscial (bchruscial@basdschools.org) is the athletic director at East Hills. Please refer all general questions to him.

Physical questions
Trainer – Madison Molfetto   Madison.Molfetto@sluhn.org

Click here to link to the calendar of events for game dates for each sport.